Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 222

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“Then where’s my dad now?” My heart jumped after hearing that, I know my dad’s temper, the moment his temper arises, even ten oxen can’t pull him back, this wasn’t even the key problem, what I was worried about is that since my dad just went, if he really found Jia Daguo, it wouldn’t be of any use. That person is just a s.h.i.+tty rascal, you can’t talk logic with him, the moment my dad’s anger arises, he was definitely going to get screwed!

“Your dad just called a cab and left, we wanted to follow, but your dad wouldn’t agree no matter what!” Although my mom was an adult, this is still the first time she ran into something like this, and so instantly wasn’t sure, without any other way, she could only call me to discuss about it.

“Mom, wait for me at home, I’ll be right there,” With that, I hurriedly hung up and ran back to cla.s.s.

After returning to cla.s.s, I explained the situation to Zhao Yanyan simply, causing her to asked worriedly, “Do you need me to call Secretary Zhang?”

“No need for now, if I don’t teach that Jia Daguo a lesson, it’s hard to vent out my anger! Sometimes, I must use some other methods,” I caressed Zhao Yanyan’s cheeks and said.

“Hubby, then you be careful!” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Don’t worry, don’t you know my ability, what’s more, I don’t need to handle these sort of people in person,” I said.

Isn’t this Jia Daguo doing things illegally, then I’ll be even worse than him!

I started the Jetta, and flew towards the direction of my home, during so, I called Guo Qing. Even since Guo Qing took over Yu Wenfeng’s territory, he rarely came to school and just stayed out.

“Hey, is it Guo-zi?” I asked.

“I am, you are?” Where Guo Qing was, was really loud, it seemed to be some place like a bar.

“f.u.c.k, you already forgot about me in such a short time! f.u.c.king find a quieter place, I can’t hear you!” I roared into the phone.

“Oh, it’s Boss! You were looking for me?” Guo Qing smiled dryly and said. “Wait a bit, I’m going to change locations!”

After a while, the other side quieted down quite a bit as I heard Guo Qing say, “Boss, I’m in the toilet, what is it?”

“Find a few bros and wait for me underneath my home!” I said.

“For what? When?” Guo Qing asked.

“To go to another county! Yanhe Village! Now, immediately, at this moment!” I said.

“Yanhe Village? Go to that kind of place for what!” Guo Qing asked.

“Of course it’s to do stuff! Could it be to take you to travel!” I said angrily.

“Bring how many people?” Guo Qing immediately understood.

“Decide by yourself! Okay now, that’s that, hurry!” I said.

When I hurried back to Huaxin Compound, where we lived, Guo Qing was waiting for me underneath already, this brat was pretty swift when doing things, he was actually quicker than me!

“Not a bad speed!” I praised.

“f.u.c.k, since something’s up for you, can I not be quick!” Guo Qing jumped down from a Buick and said to me. Beside Guo Qing, stood Sanhouzi, Ding Baosan, who immediately shouted awkwardly after seeing me, “Ancestor!” Perhaps it’s because of the incident last time, his expression as a bit unnatural.

“f.u.c.k, can you use something else! This name is too terrible! Even calling me grandpa is better than ancestor!” I swore.

“Yes, grandpa!” Ding Baosan quickly said.

I faint, I nearly sent him flying with a kick! Does this person have any intelligence at all!

I looked at the current Guo Qing, I haven’t seen this brat for a while and now he is more stylish, he was dressed from head to toes in famous brands, and the car he drives was far more expensive than mine, it looks like this brat made quit a bit of money after taking over Yu Wenfeng’s territory.

“Did you bring people?” I looked at Guo Qing’s Buick, there wasn’t anyone else apart from Ding Baosan.

“Of course! Of course I brought them!” Guo Qing pointed at the three military trucks and said. “Aside from the few people that can’t get up in the hospital after getting slashed, I brought all the remaining lackeys, there are a few that I pulled up from a woman! There’s three hundred something people, is that enough?”

I sweat! This brat really is awesome now, he already has 300 lackeys! Is he bringing so many people to emigrate or do get stuff done! Thus I said, “Ten odd people is enough, just how much would it cost for so many people to eat and sleep!”

“You don’t need to care about them, they will find food themselves,” Guo Qing smiled sinisterly.

“f.u.c.k, that kind of rural place is famous for being simple, they can’t afford you messing around! If after you guys leave, their economy goes back ten years, then we really will be sinners!” I said.

“That’s true, leave one car, Sanhouzi, tell them to bring their own food and water, everyone else can go back!” Guo Qing ordered Ding Baosan.

I told Guo Qing what to do, then went up stairs. Just as I entered the door, I saw He Xiyuan and my mom in the living room, anxiously pacing around. Seeing I return, my mom said, “Leilei, what should we do! Let’s call the police!”

“It’s alright, mom!” I could only comfort her. To be honest, I was also very worried, I was really afraid of my dad getting into a heated argument with Jia Daguo and them due to his temper.

I know it would be useless even if we called the police, even if we called the police now, the police here can’t immediately get to Yanhe Village, they would definitely notify the security officer in Yanhe Village, and the security officer there will definitely be biased towards the village chief’s son!

“Mom, you and Xiyuan pack up a bit, we’ll immediately go to Yanhe Village!” I said it without allow room for any hesitation. My mom was already dead worried now, and hearing me say that, she couldn’t think properly and just nodded. On the other hand, He Xiyuan was very clear about what I’m capable of, so trust me very much.

Since we were going far, the two of them didn’t bring much, they just changed into warmer clothes, since the temperature in the county was much colder than in the city, so this was a must.

When the three of us left the apartment, my mom was so nervous that she even forgot to lock the gate, only after my reminder did she hurriedly take out the keys and turned it around once. Although my mom often complained about my dad being useless, earn very little money, claims that she doesn’t like my dad, and marrying him was just unlucky, it would have been better to marry Xiao Zhao or something, but I knew that my mom still cared about my dad a lot, this moment was a perfect example.

“Mom, get on the car,” I opened the Jetta’s car door. The front of my Jetta had a large concaved section from b.u.mping into Wu Yingying’s Lamborghini last time, but I didn’t have a chance to go out and buy a new car, so I got Zhao Junsheng to find someone to bring my car to the factory to spray it with silver paint, making it look very stylish, so much better than the dark gren it was before, now it was very eye catchy when I drive it on the streets!

“Leilei, this car…?” My mom pointed at the new-looking Jetta and asked in confusion, “Why do you have a car? Where did this car come from? You have a driver?”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 222

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