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A bit more than two hours later, I received Guo Qing’s call. Although my parents know that I’m rich, they were still very shocked after seeing me hold this advance technology, and my dad was clearly a bit jealous and said sourly, “Our factory’s Director Zhang also have a big fellow like this, but that doesn’t seem as high cla.s.s as this!”

I found it rather funny! So my dad does have his vain moments! I thought he only knew how to design stuff! I said with a smile, “Dad, if you like it, I’ll buy one that’s even higher cla.s.s for you!” Since from my experience the cla.s.sic Nokia series is about to get released.

My mom immediately glared at my dad and said, “Son, don’t listen to you dad! What’s the use of buying this thing, I heard it’s several tens of thousands! How good is it to keep the money in the bank instead!

After my dad got scolded, my dad immediately said awkwardly, “I’m just saying, even if our son really buys it for m, I can’t take it!”

“Alright, dad, mom, stop arguing, isn’t it fine if I buy one for each of you!” To me, buying two mobile phones wasn’t anything.

Just as my dad was about to speak, my mom said, “Don’t buy it! How about this, give the money to mom, mom will save it for you, to be used when you marry future!”

Marry? I smiled wryly, how is this amount of money enough to marry, what’s more, it seems like I don’t need to worry about finding a wife right?

“Yeah, yeah, saving it is good! Saving it is good!” In front of the family authority, my dad didn’t dare to have any objections.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but in this era, saving the money in banks was the most common thought and actions!

I only picked up the phone when I walked to somewhere where others couldn’t hear me and said quietly, “h.e.l.lo.”

“Boss, why did you take so long to pick up the phone? I thought you were there,” Guo Qing complained loudly, shocking my eardrums.

“You found him?” I went straight to the topic. I had to end the call quickly, or else my parents would get suspicious again.

“Yeah, Boss, guess where I found him?” Guo Qing said strangely.

“f.u.c.k, just spit it out, don’t talk in circles! You can’t have found him on a woman right?” I said casually.

“En?” Guo Qing momentarily blanked, then said. “How did you know? You followed me?”

“What do you mean I followed you… It can’t be? Did you really find him on a woman?” I said in shock.

“Yeah! My people looked around for a long time, and in the end we found this brat f.u.c.king a prost.i.tute in a shady brothel! f.u.c.k, going to such a low leveled place, is he not afraid of getting STD! And I thought he was some kind of awesome dude, even the most normal lackeys of mine don’t go to that sort of place,” Guo Qing said in contempt.

I sweat! In my previous life, Guo Qing was such a pure and innocent boy, he actually became like this.

“Then where are you guys now?” I asked.

“In a shady brothel in Zhendong Town, there’s three prost.i.tutes, an old madam and two fighters, they’re all under the control of my people, since we’re afraid of news leaking out,” Guo Qing said.

“Send a person to wait at the entrance of Yanhe village, I’ll be right there,” I hung up, then going back to the courtyard, I said to my parents and Uncle He, “I’m going out to do some stuff! Wait for me for dinner at night!”

“What are you going to do?” My mom asked in suspicious. “Are you going to find Jia Daguo by yourself?”

“Yes,” I didn’t hide it.

“No! Let your dad go with you!” My mom said.

“Mom, I’m going to do some stuff!” I said. “It’s not good if you let dad go! The less people doing this stuff, the better!”

“Never mind, let him go himself, our son has grown up now! I believe he can deal with this sort of stuff! We don’t need to worry for him!” My dad waved his hand and said.

“Then Leilei, be careful, just leave the money if it’s really not okay!” My mom hesitated and said.

“Okay, I understand,” I said.

Just as Guo Qing and his subordinates was about to give up after searching through all of the entertainment places in Zhendong Town and the places where Jia Daguo after appeared at without finding anyone, they heard a few rascals at Zhendong Town say that there are a few shady brothels here, Guo Qing didn’t treat it as a big deal at the start, yet since he had searched such a wide area already, so those might as well check there one or two places out as well, he never would have thought that he really found Jia Daguo there!

When Guo Qing and them arrived, Jia Daguo was lying with his b.u.t.t naked on a prost.i.tute whose appearance was really bad for the audience, while panting and moving like a pile driver.

When Guo Qing rushed into the brothel, an old madam immediately came over and asked with a small, “Misters, we still have two girls here, do you need to discuss and take turns?”

“Take turns your a.s.s!” Guo Qing said angrily.

“If misters would like to play several p, together is fine as well,” The old madam smiled lasciviously.

“f.u.c.k off!” Guo Qing pushed away the old madam and said to his subordinates, “Go and search!”

‘What are you doing! Come! Someone is trying to smash laonian’s place!” The old madam shouted.

With the shout, three topless muscular men rushed out from the house beside and shouted, “What’s going on!”

In the end, before they figured out what was going on, they were beaten up by Guo Qing’s lackeys.

“Boss, we found Jia Daguo!” One of the subordinates shouted at the doorway of one of the rooms. Hearing that, Guo Qing immediately rushed over, and since Jia Daguo saw that the situation wasn’t right, he didn’t even bother to put on his clothes before pus.h.i.+ng the prost.i.tute away to run.

“Ai? You still didn’t pay!” That prost.i.tute pulled Jia Daguo and said while glaring at him.

“f.u.c.k you b.i.t.c.h, f.u.c.k off!” Jia Daguo slapped her.

“Ya! You dare to hit me, I’m going to fight with you!” That prost.i.tute leaped over crazily.

Guo Qing ignored her, and went directly over to grab Jia Daguo’s hair, pushed him over onto the floor, then started kicking him without saying anything.

Only now did that prost.i.tute realize what was going on! So many people actually suddenly rushed into the room, causing her to start screaming in terror.

Guo Qing frowned, and a bright subordinate immediately ran over to slap that prost.i.tute and swor, “Stop f.u.c.king shouting, if you shout anymore, then laozi will kill you as well!”

After getting hit, the prost.i.tute calmed down quite a bit. Although she was terrified, she didn’t dare to scream anymore. Looking at the situation, these people definitely came for the fellow on the floor, if she was obedient, these people might not do anything to her.

Yet when Jia Daguo hear “kill you as well”, he immediately freaked out! Did these people want to kill him? He asked while shuddering, “This boss, what… what did you find me for?”

“Do what?” Guo Qing didn’t know what I found him for, it’s just that Boss had ordered him to teach this person a lesson. Thus he said, “Do you not know who you p.i.s.sed off?”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 228

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