Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 234

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On the letter, it was written:

Liu Lei,

When you received this letter, I’m already on the train. I think you must know the news about me quitting my job as the cla.s.s tutor. Yes, I cannot face our relations.h.i.+p, so I couldn’t help but choose to escape.

Ever since that night, I could never have a good night’s sleep, I keep on thinking about the thing between us, yet never found an answer that satisfied myself. I’m a bit lost, a bit helpless… It’s just, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it’s been so many days, don’t you know to call me once?

Where did you die off at, I really should have called the police for them to arrest you and throw you in jail! Oh, no, it should be that I will always have the right to pursue legal responsibilities from you, hehe, how is it, scared, then pray that I don’t regret it, or quickly run before I regret it, hehe.

Do you still remember that little secret between us? Perhaps you have already forgotten, if it wasn’t for this, I might not even think about that little stuff, but when I thought back, I found that some things were engraved into my heart like it was yesterday.

Although I am your cla.s.s tutor in name, I always felt like you were not like a high school student, it’s just like you said, a good friend, perhaps you have never treated me as your cla.s.s tutor, sometimes I even feel that you are even more mature than me…

Do you still remember I caught you with the tt (I sweat, what is this? Only after reading the rest, did I judge that it should be talking about the rubber) at school? I was beyond angry at the time, I didn’t even know what came over me at the time, but only now did I finally understand, I was jealous, perhaps it sounds very funny, I actually got jealous because of you!

Although this sounds outrageous, I seemed to have accidentally fallen for you!

How is it? Are you very happy about a beauty liking you? But you already have two girlfriends, this xiaojie have no interest in getting jealous with them.

I thought about it for a long time, then finally decided, I’m going to leave, I chose to leave, although running away is a very irresponsible action, I have no other choice.

Don’t try to find me, I will naturally come and find you when I thought it through, don’t worry, I won’t go and like other men, since I’m your woman already, even though I was forced! (There was an emoji behind it)

Oh yeah, my parents don’t know about this, don’t blame them, they didn’t mean it, from their perspective, you’re just a child, they never thought that this would happen. I told them that I wanted to continue studying and improve myself.

Take care of yourself, I hope when you’re free, you would think of me, there is still a girl that loves you from afar.

Ye Xiaoxiao.

After that was the date, I looked at it, it was just yesterday.

I took a deep breath, the melancholic feeling in my heart would not calm down no matter what. I knew, I knew, I left behind another debt, although I don’t know what Ye Xiaoxiao’s final decision is, I should still carry this responsibility.

I folded up the letter, and put it back in the envelope. I used my key to open the middle drawer of my table. I had kept some important stuff to me inside, including the contracts with foreign companies and that not which little chick Zhao wrote when she gave me the lunch box of love, although I couldn’t fold it back into a heart shape after I took it apart, I still carefully put it away. I put Ye Xiaoxiao’s letter on top, then locked the drawer again.

Although the situation has ended, my heart felt like there was a huge boulder weighing a ton on top of it.

Yet, there were some things I couldn’t not do, Su Yingzi’s phone call came once again to hurry me, Su Yuanchao’s att.i.tude towards me also turned from the initial howl to a neutral tone, because a lot of explosions happened near their mansion recently, although the explosions weren’t if a large scale, it was enough to terrify the Su father and daughter, seven bodyguards have been heart by the explosions already, four bodyguards were attacked by unidentified people. Su Yuanchao finally realized the severity of the issue, the other side has gone crazy, not only that, they also have masters!

Under helplessness, Su Yuanchao thought of that ace that was like a G.o.d, Azure Dragon’s Du Xiao Wei, and that Liu Lei that’s even stronger than Xiao Wei.

If Ye Xiaoxiao was a debt I can’t avoid, isn’t Su Yingzi the same? No matter what, I had already touched all over her, although I don’t know what this beauty star thought, I cannot just watch her die. I treat it as compensation. However, I was dead certain that this superstar wouldn’t have her heart moved by a little bodyguard like me, but this was good, I’ll go bye bye with her after I finish what I should do.

After returning to school, Zhao Yanyan asked me the reason that Ye Xiaoxiao left, I didn’t hide it either, and told her everything.

“So, Ye-laos.h.i.+ is actually Ye-bobo’s daughter?” Zhao Yanyan said, suddenly understanding everything.

“Yeah, so this isn’t good to deal with at all! Yanyan, you’re not angry right?” I asked carefully.

“I’ll be an idiot if I don’t get angry!” Zhao Yanyan glared, then pouted, “Ever since Xia Jing appeared, I knew that I would have a lot to get angry about, instead of angering myself to death and letting those little kitsune get lucky, I might as well be the better person, this way I have the initiative, and all of those latecomers have to call me jiejie!”

“About this… Yanyan, sorry,” I said awkwardly.

“It’s okay!” Zhao Yanyan smiled and said. “I’m kidding, I know, I don’t want my loved one to be an irresponsible man.”

“Thank you, Yanyan,” I said graciously.

“Okay now, don’t say such sour things, we’re an old couple now!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said. “What are you doing to do about Ye Xiaoxiao? You’re just going to let her leave?”

“What else can I do! Didn’t Xia Jing, Xu Ruoyun leave as well!” I shrugged and said.

“Xia Jing is different, I can help you with Xu Ruoyun, but you have to deal with Ye Xiaoxiao yourself, no matter what, something actual happened between you and her,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Ai!” I sighed. “Let nature take its path/”

“I’m going to have another meimei now!” Zhao Yanyan emphasized on meimei.

I could only smile wryly.

“Oh yeah, the new teacher seemed to have suddenly changed, you skipped an entire day of lessons, yet she didn’t ask about it at all,” Zhao Yanyan said weirdly.

“It’s better that she doesn’t ask, so I don’t have to ask her for leave this time I go out either,” I said.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 234

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