Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 238

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I, who was sitting at the back, couldn’t help but be a bit shocked, so the two of them are brothers, and they seem to have the same father, but different mothers. It seems like the two of them were fighting over the inheritance that their old man left behind.

I felt a bit of despise for him, I thought the young man that rushed up was being a samaritan, I didn’t think that the two were brothers with grudges. I had no interest with these fights between rich second generations for money, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, I didn’t think that I would actually met these two good for nothing young man in City S, and they will become two of my greatest enemies in City S.

City S Su’s Corporation. Recently, Su Yuanchao has been super busy, ignoring the fact that someone randomly put explosives in front of his home, the things at the company also troubled him. The cost of microwave magnetrons that they improved from j.a.pan kept on rising, the business their used the fact that they had their unique patent to casually raise the price of half-finished products, and made it sound as if the cost of the materials raised!

Although Su Yuanchao swore at them in his heart, he still couldn’t help but continuously place orders. The Magnetrons were all imported and their microwave products were all sold all over the country through exhibitions, so he couldn’t get the money back immediately. Adding onto the fact that the research into the magnetron for Su’s Corporation also entered the key stages, and needed a lot of research funds. If they stop the project right now, then all their hard work before was useless. Furthermore, Su’s Corporation’s liquid a.s.sets pretty much have nothing left, if they continued like this, Su’s Corporation will fall into a trouble very easily.

At this time, Feifan Corporation’s chairman, Li Tienan, once again found Su Yuanchao.

“Director Su, your recent business has been great right?” Li Tiannan smiled and said.

“Director Li, you are laughing at this one right, how can Su’s small business compare to yours!” Su Yuanchao said in self-mockery.

“Director Su, I won’t hid it, I came here for two things. The first is still my son’s and your daughter’s marriage, my elder son says that he will only marry Xiao Zi, so an old man like me couldn’t help but come and ask!” Li Tienan said.

“Director Li, there isn’t a hurry for this. The children are still young, let the young people make their own decisions. Let us old bones not get involved, hehe,” Su Yuanchao tried to avoid it.

“What do you mean it isn’t a hurry? How old is your family’s Xiao Zi, nearly twenty right? Girls are no longer young past twenty!” Li Tienan chuckled.

“Hehe, Director Li, let’s take our time talking about that later, it’s not that era where we would decide on the wedding and everything, we have to consider our children’s thoughts!” Su Yuanchao chuckled and said.

“Fine, but could us as their elders hurt them!” Li Tienan continued. “Director Su, the main reason I came this time is to cooperate with Su’s. My two son went to Songjiang city and used special means to get parts of Shuguang Corporation’s design on microwaves.”

“Shuguang Corporation?” Su Yuanchao momentarily blanked, then said happily, “ Really?” You have to know, Shuguang Corporation has already gotten a press conference and showed samples of a series of products they will introduce soon, it was the more advanced in the world, and owning this technology was the dream of any electronic company in the world.

However, what made Su Yuanchao confused was that Feifan Electronics was rather powerful, if they really gotten the data for the research, they didn’t have to work with others at all, and could completely produce it themselves. Thus he asked strangely, “Director Li, let’s not speak in corners, with Feifan’s power, you don’t need to find partners right?”

“Hehe, whether we can cooperate is up to Mr. Su’s will, isn’t that right, qinjia?” Li Tiannan said with a smile.

Now that the other person has made it that obvious, Su Yuanchao naturally understood their meaning! Li Tienan wanted to use him to use his daughter’s marriage as a chip to exchange for business cooperation.

If it was normally, Su Yuanchao might have already refused! But it was an extreme period of time for Su’s, although Su Yuanchao promised his daughter to not mention this again, right now a single decision of Su Yuanchao might be enough to decide Su’s Corporation’s fate, causing Su Yuanchao to fall into deep thoughts.

A lot of leaders of large corporations would have done these kind of business-based marriage alliance, but these kind of marriage based on interests would often have sad endings. Su Yuanchao was really in an awkward position. He has seen Li Tienan’s eldest song, Li Xiangdong, a few times, and the impression wasn’t bad, it’s just that his daughter didn’t like him, and Su Yuanchao didn’t feel right to force his daughter to marry him! After all, that is his own daughter, but isn’t Su’s Corporation like his child as well!

Seeing Su Yuanchao’s look, Li Tienan didn’t hurry him, and just said, “Director Su, think about cooperation more, there’s only advantages! When we become qinjia, there’s no more you and me, when you earn, it’s like me earning!”

Su Yuanchao hesitated, the seduction of profit was too great! Su Yuanchao’s heart couldn’t help but be slightly moved, however he couldn’t immediately make a decision about these sort of things either, thus he said, “Alright, I’ll think more about it!”

“Then I won’t disturb you any longer, I have a meeting later, Director Su, think more about it!” With that, Li Tienan looked at his watch, “It’s about time, I’ll leave first. No need to send me off, Director Su.”

“Okay. Director Li, take care!” Su Yuanchao stood up and said.

“Xiao Zi, Dad wants to discuss something with you,” During dinner, Su Yuanchao said to Su Yinzi on the dinner table.

“What is it, Dad?” Su Yingzi put some food in her mouth, her mood today wasn’t bad, that bodyguard is finally coming over to protect her, but he actually made her wait so many days, hehe, see how she scolds him when he arrives.

“Xiao Zi, Feifan Corporation’s Li Tienan came to find me again, it’s still because of Li Xiangdong’s marriage…” SU Yuanchao didn’t finish before he was interrupted by Su Yingzi.

“What does that have to do with me!” Su Yingzi said unhappily.

“Xiao Zi, Li Tienan wants us to become qinjia…” Su Yuanchao said awkwardly.

“Not listening, not listening, I’m not listening! No matter what, I won’t marry him!” Su Yingzi’s slightly better mood fell bad down again.

“Xiao Zi! Let dad finish first!” Su Yuanchao frowned and said.

“Then say it,” Su Yingzi lowered her head, and said after putting her chopsticks on the table.

“Xiao Zi, although Su’s is the second largest electronics manufacturer in the country, there is already severe financial issues inside! It is very likely that we might fall once and never get back up, there is no better choice than cooperating with Feifan right now, according to Li Tienan, they have already gotten parts of the core technology from Shuguang Corporation’s microwave manufacturing, if both companies research together, we might very easily become the head of the industry, and escape from the situation of getting our key component controlled by j.a.pan!” Su Yuanchao said.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 238

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