Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Thief

“What is it?” the girl called Ruo Yun asked

“Give me a copy of TC2.0,” Xu Jinde immediately said his purpose.

“Grandpa, what do you want this for? Don’t you normally use Basic? Ruo Yun asked in confusion.

“Errr, I’m copying it for a student in the computer cla.s.s!” Xu Jinde explained.

“The computer cla.s.s at Shao Nian Gong? There is actually a student that understand C languages?” Ruo Yun revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Yeah, look at whose student that is!” Xu Jinde said proudly.

“Heh, according to what I know you only just had a lesson with that cla.s.s right? How does them knowing it have anything to do with you?” Ruo Yun pointed out Xu Jinde’s fatal weakness without leaving any room for him.

Xu Jinde laughed embarra.s.sedly, “Even if it’s a Chollima, you still need Bole to discover it!”⌈[^1]⌋

Ruo Yun didn’t want to debate with her grandfather, who was really vain, anymore, thus made a copy of TC2.0 with a floppy disk and handed it to him.

Yu Jinde took the floppy disk, turned and walked out of the room. When he reached the door, the turned back around, “Ruo Yun, you’re really not entering the computer compet.i.tion?”

Ruo Yun said in annoyance, “Grandpa, how many times did I tell you, I’m not entering!”

Xu Jinde was unwilling to give up, “But you’re so good at programming, can’t you help make your grandpa look good?”

Ruo Yun shook her head, “What good is the compet.i.tion? Only people without a high level of skill would want to use a compet.i.tion to prove themselves, the real masters are always silent without a sound.”

Xu Jinde suddenly thought of something, and laughed cunningly, “I don’t think that’s the case! That student of mine can type three hundred something letters per minute, and also knows programming, he also entered!”

“What? Three hundred something letters?” Ruo Yun exclaimed, even she couldn’t reach that speed.

“Is that person really that good?” Ruo Yun suddenly became curious about the person her grandpa was talking about, she pretty much knew all the computer masters on her level in Songjiang city, but she never heard about anyone reaching that level?

Xu Jinde saw that the goading worked, and was extremely happy. However he still retained a serious tone as he spoke, “Why would I lie to you! From my point of view, even you might not be able to reach his level!”

Ruo Yun fell for it as expected, and raised her fists confidently, “Who said I can’t compete with him! Fine! I’ll enter that something compet.i.tion, I want to see who’s better!’

Xu Jinde immediately left before Ruo Yun went back on her words.

On the station.

“Achoo!” I sneezed, who was talking about me!”

I took a look at my watch, what’s the chick Zhao Yanyan doing, we said we’ll meet the station for Bus 6 near her home at eight, it’s five past eight already, why isn’t she coming.

Just as I was thinking that, a pair of little cold hands covered my eyes from behind me, “Guess who?”

Heh, little kid’s tricks, I laughed coldly in my heart. But I still wanted to tease her.

“You’re Beibei?” I asked.


“Then Yangyang?” I said after a ponder.


“Oh, you must be Lili!” I intentionally thought about it for a long time, and said with a.s.surance.

“Humph! I’m Yanyan! I don’t care about you anymore!” Zhao Yanyan let go of her hands, and said angrily, “Tell me quickly, what Beibei, Yangyang, who are those people?”

I looked innocently at Zhao Yanyan, “When did I say they were people?”

Zhao Yanyan didn’t think I would say that, momentarily blanked, then asked, “Then what are they?”

I chuckled, “I was talking about the neighbors’ puppies!”

“Wow, you said I’m a puppy!” Zhao Yanyan reached over and pinched me.

“Aiya! Someone’s murdering her husband!” I screamed and ran.

At this moment, a Bus 6 drove over, Zhao Yanyan and I got on.

There were a lot of people on the bus, Zhao Yanyan and I managed to find a place near the door and sat down.

“Didn’t your grandpa get Secretary Zhang to take you to school?” I asked.

“How not, I spoke to him for a long file, before he finally agreed to let me go myself —— Ai. What are you doing?” Zhao Yanyan didn’t finish, before she suddenly screamed.

At that moment, I also noticed that behind Zhao Yanyan, stood an aggressively faced man, one of his hands was reached into Zhao Yanyan’s backpack.

I immediately reacted, my first thought was that we met a thief!

The man didn’t think that he would be discovered, and hurriedly took out a sharp knife form his pocket and shouted, “Don’t move, the one who move dies!”

A wave of screams rang out in the bus, people immediately moved to the sides,

“I. AM. ROBBING! Take out all your cash and valuables!” that aggressively-faced man also torn his face after seeing the situation being revealed.

The people on the bus backed off a few more steps, all of them terrified beyond help.

“What are you looking at, call the police quickly!” Zhao Yanyan said after seeing the people not only not help, but went away as far as possible.

No one moved, of course, I’m not eliminating the possibility that none of them have a cellphone.

“Shout for what? If you shout any more, then I’ll have my red knife enter, and clean knife out!” the aggressively-faced man placed the knife at Zhao Yanyna’s throat and shouted.

“Puchi”. A lot of people couldn’t help but laugh after hearing that sentence.

“Laugh your a.s.s! f.u.c.k!” the aggressively-faced man became more anxious.

I remembered a cla.s.sic quote from a movie in my previous life, and so I said, “I hate robbers like you, you have no technique at all!”

After people on the bus heard it, no one could hold it in anymore, and everyone started laughing.

The aggressively-faced man angrily raised the sharp knife, and said with a pale face, “Who’s laughing, I’ll stab the person who laughs to death first.”

The reason I provoked him, was to wait for this chance. That split-second, when the aggressively-faced man raised his knife, I dashed over and sent the knife in his hand flying with a punch, then used my knee to hit his lower body.

This all happened in a fraction of a moment, the aggressively-faced man howled as he clutched his lower body and squatted onto the floor.

“Call the police quickly!” I looked at the people that all momentarily blanked out.

Hearing my words, one of the people that looked educated finally took out a cell phone and prepared to call the police. Out of them all, most likely he was the only one who has a cell phone, you have to know, this was in 1994, only the really rich or the power with a lot of status would have cell phones.

Before he could dial, three fearsome men squeezed through the crowd, one of them said c.o.c.kily, “Let’s see who dares to call the police?”

The educated man immediately put his cell phone away. I shouted not good in my heart, this thief actually has comrades!

“Hehe, brat, aren’t you awesome? You messed up our plan! I didn’t think that you are pretty savage, striking Laosan’s d.i.c.k!” said Comrade A.

“Today, us three bros will avenge Laosan, we have to beat you until you are a second-tier disabled!” Comrade B also shouted angrily.

During the half a month which I have been reborn, due to having trained following a plan, my body’s capabilities raised quite a bit, in addition to the sanda techniques I grasped in my previous life, it wasn’t difficult to deal with these lowly rascals, but I’m just scared that Zhao Yanyan or other innocent pa.s.sengers will be hurt accidentally.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 24

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