Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 240

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The moment he said spar, he immediately felt like he said the wrong thing! The moment he said this, it clearly meant that he knew their ident.i.ties! And didn’t treat them as trespa.s.sing enemies! Towards enemies, it was impossible to use the term spar!

However, I didn’t point it out, I guessed the purpose of these people ages ago, what’s the different between whether they admitted it or not! On the other hand, the black s.h.i.+rted person in the lead thought I didn’t hear his slip up and chuckled in self-mockery.

After receiving confirmation, Li Quan immediately stood out excitedly. He started rubbing his hands eagerly.

“Make your move!” Xiaowei said impatiently.

After hearing that, Li Quan acted like he was stimulated, and started to rush over while waving his fist. His speed was incredible fast, clearly a master at external kongfu. If the opponent wasn’t Xiaowei, and a normal character, this punch might very possible cause that person to become disabled.

I couldn’t help but frown at this person’s fierceness! This person concentrated the power in his entire body onto his first, even I would be in pain for a long time after getting hit by that!

Xiaowei did not have a good view of Li Quan’s action of making a killing move the moment they started, since they had said it was just a spar, yet the opponent was going full on! Xiaowei lightly dodged the hulk’s fist, he had wanted to trade a few blows, to make him lose not too terribly, but Xiaowei didn’t think that anymore. He immediately leaped behind Li Quan’s back. Since Li Quan was too huge, he clearly was not as nimble as Xiaowei, and before he reacted, the back of his neck received a severe blow, and without making a sound, he fell onto the floor.

The expression of the black s.h.i.+rted person in the lead was kind of bad, but no matter what, it’s his subordinate’s mistake. He silently blamed Li Quan for making a killing move from the start, but what’s the use of not making killing move, the other person’s power was clearly stronger than this side by not just once. Was he supposed to go and fight him one by one in a role, it’s still useless even if they did that, one of them had already fallen, and there was an opponent that didn’t make a move yet! If he insisted on it, if Mr. Su blames him, he will definitely be in deep trouble. Thus he said with a terrible expression, “Why did you hurt him?”

“You treated us as enemies, he already got lucky that I beat him unconscious! If it was normally, he would have turned into a disabled already,” Xiaowei said.

“…” The black s.h.i.+rted person in the lead was a bit annoyed, but didn’t know what to say. It was fortunate that someone came over right now and helped out, “Okay now, Zhang Mengjun, all of you stop. These two people are bodyguards that Master hired, they are not enemies.”

“Yes, Butler w.a.n.g,” The black s.h.i.+rted person in the led stood respectfully to the side after hearing that.

“Mr. Liu and Mr. Du, right, I am the butler of this mansion, this lowly one’s surname is w.a.n.g, the bodyguards of the mansion weren’t clear about it at the start, and so there were misunderstandings, I hope you will overlook it!” Butler w.a.n.g said.

I snorted coldly in my heart, it would be weird if you didn’t know. You most likely ordered them right. But I still said, “It’s alright, we were too impulsive and hurt your people.”

Butler w.a.n.g’s expression was a bit unnaturally after hearing that, but he instantly returned to normal and just said calmly, “Please come in, Mr. Su is already waiting in the living room.”

I didn’t say anything, and followed Butler w.a.n.g through the inner door of the mansion, we saw Su Yuanchao sitting on the sofa in the living room the moment we entered, on the security screens on the tea table on the side was the entrance where we just fought.

“The two of you are good, it’s Su’s mistake,” Su Yuanchao said with a smile on the sofa. He did not have the intention of standing up to greet us at all.

I felt a bit disgusted in my heart, and said lightly, “If Mr. Su doesn’t trust us, we’ll just return the payment.

Su Yuanchao’s expression changed and said, “Mr. Liu, don’t mind it, Su is only…”

“Dad! Since you hired them, you shouldn’t distrust them!” With that, a sweet voice sounded out from the top of the stairs. The owner of the voice was Su Yingzi.

Then there were a sound of going down the stairs, Su Yingzi instantly appeared in the living room. Su Yingzi without make up brightened my eyes, the first two times I saw her was her in formal clothes after careful make up, and now, Su Yingzi only wore a casual tracksuit, and naturally clipped her hair at the back, giving people a refres.h.i.+ng feeling.

“Hehe, it’s dad’s mistake,” Hearing his daughter come to help him out, Su Yuanchao said with a smile.

Du Xiaowei and I were put into guest rooms down stairs, the Su home was rather generous and gave us separate guest rooms.

I called Zhao Yanyan at night and asked about the situation at school.

“Is there still no news of her?” I stayed silent for a while and asked.

“No, that day Ye-bobo come to grandpa’s home to play go with grandpa, I tried to ask him, he seemed to not really know what happened between you two, he only knows that Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly decided to stay her masters,” Zhao Yanyan sighed and said.

“Never mind, we’ll meet one day, I don’t believe that she won’t go back her entire life,” I said.

“How can you be like that, don’t you know to go and find her?” Zhao Yanyan questioned.

“Find her? How?” I laughed wrly, was I supposed to go ask at Ye-bobo’s home? It would be weird if they don’t get suspicious! You have to know that it’s me that xx’d their darling daughter, wouldn’t they murder me if they found out!

“Hehe, that depends on whether you want to look or not!” Zhao Yanyan said mysteriously.

“Could it be that you have a way?” I asked weirdly.

“Of course, didn’t you look at who your wife, I, am, of course, as your legal wife, I have the job of knowing the actions of your mistresses,” Zhao Yanyan said proudly.

“Yanyan, tell me quickly, do you know where she is?” I said excitedly. After all, this thing has been weighing down on my heart the entire time like a huge rock.

“Hehe, look at how anxious you are, is she very important?” Zhao Yanyan said sourly.

“Yes…” Just as I answered, I noticed something wrong with what I said, isn’t this putting me on the spot! Thus I quickly added, “Of course all of my women are very important to me, but you are the most important one.”

“Heh, I’ll treat it as you knowing how to speak,” Zhao Yanyan said in a satisfied tone after hearing that. “Giving that you’re so honest, I’ll give you a hint, I’ll tell you her phone number, record it properly, it’s 139x.x.xx.x.xx, ten digits in total, repeat it once.”

“139x.x.xx.x.xx, okay, I understand,” I actually I didn’t need to use a pen to record it down, my memory was astonis.h.i.+ng right now. This is the result of my random powers.

“But how did you know?” I was a bit confused.

“I told Ye-bobo that I miss Ye-laos.h.i.+ quite a bit, and wanted to talk with her,” Zhao Yanyan giggled and said.

I momentarily blanked, even that’s fine! It looks like it was easier for girls to do stuff.

Then only after talking about some cliché words about how we missed each other did I hung up.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 240

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