Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 246

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“Xiaowei, give me the intercom!” I said.

“What intercom?” Xiaowei didn’t understand.

“The internal intercom you used to contact Zhang Mengjun and them!” I explained.

“Oh, Liu-ge, you’re talking about this!” Xiaowei unhooked an intercom form his waist and handed it to me. When there wasn’t anyone, Du Xiaowei still called me martial great-uncle, but in front of others, he called me Liu-ge.

I received the intercom, there were a few b.u.t.tons on it, 1 represented Zhang Mengjun. I pressed it, waited a while, the Zhang Mengjun’s voice pa.s.sed out form within, “I’m Zhang Mengjun, please speak.”

“Zhang Mengjun, I’m Liu Lei, the situation is terrible at our end, a lot of Miss Su’s fans are surrounding the car…”

“I see it, but I can’t do anything about it, there isn’t enough people, I had already asked Master for him to send more people over,” Zhang Mengjun said.

“There’s no need! Do as I say now…” And thus, I ordered.

Hearing that, Zhang Mengjun immediately arrived beside the two police, and whispered to them. The police that asked Su Yingzi for her autograph hesitated, but still nodded. He walked over towards the crowed with Xiao Li, we could hear Xiao Li scold loudly, “The people in the front, please move aside! Don’t get in the way of us police handling a case!”

“Handling a case? Handling what case! We want to see Su Yingzi!” A lot of people still shouted in the crowd.

“We suspect that the people on this car pretended to be superstar Su Yingzi to con people! So, everyone, please move aside, we have to do our job!” The other police said.

“Fake? Impossible, how could she be fake! If she’s fake, then why is she hiding from us?” Someone in the crowd immediately retorted.

“They are con artists, they will naturally hide from you! We had just spoken with Su Yingzi-xiaojie’s manager, Su Yingzi-xiaojie is casting in a movie right now, it’s impossible for her to appear her!” Xiao Li said very seriously, making it hard for people to get suspicious of him.

“Ah? Fake?” One of the crowd said with some suspicion.

“f.u.c.k, so it’s a con artist, causing laozi to waste so much time waiting here!” Another person complained.

“I knew she didn’t look like Su Yingzi at all, I said that and you didn’t listen! Look, that’s great now right?” A young man said shamelessly. Little did we know that he shouted the loudest just now.

“Ai, pointless! Let’s go, I might as well go home and look at my wife…” A slightly older man said.

“Yeah, yeah,” As long as there is a person in the lead, the crowd would naturally disperse.

Su Yingzi looked at everything that happened outside the window in shock and asked in confusion, “Even this is fine?”

“What’s not fine with this, haven’t you heard of three people can become a tiger! People are like this, they are very curious, when their curiosity is crushed, people naturally will not be interested anymore!

“I really didn’t think that you are so smart, I thought you were just good at martial arts!” Su Yingzi praised.

However, why did this sound so weird? Was my original image in her mind is just a simple minded person with developed limbs?

I said in annoyance, “Who told you that those who are good are martial arts are stupid?”

“I just think that!” Su Yingzi argued.

“You really haven’t heard that a large fellow has big wisdom?” I said.

“What? What large fellow? Big wisdom?” Su Yingzi said in confusion.

“…” I just remembered, the movie wasn’t shot yet.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across my mind. Oh yeah! I’m someone reborn, just how many cla.s.sic movies and cla.s.sic songs have I seen and heard in my previous life.

If I write out everything in my memory, I might even create countless stars! This doesn’t count as my plagiarizing right? But, ever since I was reborn, the amount of stuff I have plagiarized is not little, for example Microsoft’s operating system and some of Intel’s CPU technology, however, time seems to have changed, some of the stuff that had happened in another world didn’t, so I didn’t need to worry about people saying that I plagiarized.

“Hey, what was the thing you said just now? Did you go dumb?” Seeing that I suddenly sat there idiotically and laughed, Su Yingzi decided to ask.

“You’re an idiot! I’m thinking of how to earn money!” I said.

“Earn money? Be careful of me deducting your money!” Su Yingzi glared at me and threatened.

I thought in my heart, I really don’t care about this little amount of money, if it wasn’t to protect you, I wouldn’t have come, and you have started using deducting my wage as your catchphrase! But I didn’t end up saying any of that.

At this moment, Zhang Mengjun, Li Quan and co. also walk over, I don’t know how they spoke to the traffic police, but the two truck drivers were taken away, yet Zhang Mengjun and then did not follow. However, I didn’t feel surprised at it, with the power of the Su family right now, they didn’t need to go to the hospital, they can just casually find a lawyer to deal with it, all that’s left is to wait for the compensation from the insurance company.

Zhang Mengjun and Li Quan didn’t get on the car, they over came over to greet us, meaning that they would be fine taking a cab to follow from behind, although the business car had a lot of s.p.a.ce, it couldn’t hold that many people.

This time, with Du Xiaowei on the side, this honorable mission of driving was hand to him, while Su Yingzi and I sat at the back.

Seeing that I didn’t speak, Su Yingzi ignored me, and turned around like she was mad. After a while, seeing that I still didn’t speak, she had the urge to speak, but still restrained herself.

I felt it hilarious in my heart, this girlie, although she’s already a superstar, she’s still too tender compared to me, trying to pretend to be deep with me? Laozi’s acting of deep with my subordinates in my previous life was already G.o.dlike!

As expected, under my expressionless and cold tactic, Su Yingzi finally surrendered.

“Ai! You can’t be this petty right? Every time I say that I’m going to deduct your salary, you always have a troubled expression!” Su Yingzi said as she pretended that she didn’t care, but her eyes kept looking over, wanting to see my reaction.

“You are a rich family’s daxiaojie, of course you don’t know the expensive cost of living!” I said coldly.

“Heng, money fanatic, stingy person! Look at your appearance! At worst case I’ll tell father to increase your salary a little!” Su Yingzi said.

“No need,” I said.

“Hey! What’s with you!” Hearing me say that, Su Yingzi got really angry! She thought in her heart, why did this person not care? She had offered to increase her salary in goodwill, yet he actually said no need!

He even showed a stupid face, and an expression like he didn’t care at all! Which gongzi-ge doesn’t fight over the chance to flatter her normally!

Yet, he clearly had the chance to take her, he decided to use some random method to force out all the aphrodisiac in her body! Under that sort of situation, even if something happened, she wouldn’t blame him!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 246

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