Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 265

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“Sir, our best room here is the presidential suite, would you like it on an hourly basis or in terms of days?” The lady at the front desk asked very professionally.

“I’ll have it for a day first!” I said. “Can I use a card?”

“Yes!” The front desk lady received the bank card I handed her, “Please wait a moment sir, I’ll help you check in.”

The front desk lady thought to herself, it’s another rich person, he didn’t even ask for the price, a day for the presidential suite here is a thousand eight hundred! However, she handled the procedures very quickly, then gave me the room card, “Sir, here is your room card! The price of the presidential suit is a thousand eight hundred a day, there is also five hundred yuan of deposit. However, when you check out, we can only return the deposit to you in cash, and cannot return it to your card!”

“It’s alright, treat that five hundred kuai as tips, you don’t need to return it!” I said.

I received the room card, then went up the elevator with Su Yingzi.

“Are you really rich! You actually give people tips!” Su Yingzi said angrily. “How much did you save up from being a bodyguard, are you still going to be a bodyguard for others in the future? If I leave the entertainment circle, what are you going to use to feed us?”

“Hehe, you’re already starting to control the financial problems at home!” I smiled.

“I’m not kidding with you! I’m serious! You can’t make the child and I to have nothing to eat, right?” Su Yingzi flipped a white eye at me and said. “I really don’t know how I set my eyes on you, ai!”

“Relax, if we really can’t make it, then your hubby, I, can be a male prost.i.tute!” I chuckled.

“With your body, and you’re still going to be a male prost.i.tute!” Su Yingzi glared at me and said.

“What’s wrong with my body, your hubby’s ability is amazing! You’ll know later!” I smiled evilly and said.

“Heng! Here you go again!” Su Yingzi sighed. “Never mind, I did save up some money in the entertainment industry, it is several million, if we limit our spending, it can last a lifetime!”

Hearing Su Yingzi say that, I couldn’t be any more moved in my heart. This girl… Ai! Never mind, I’ll help my dad-in-law on her count, I’ll get Zhao Junsheng to cooperate with Su’s.

When Su Yingzi came out of the bathroom without anything on, I was a bit shocked! This was my second time seeing Su Yingzi’s body, she was still wearing her undergarments the first time. This time I saw everything.

Su Yingzi’s jade white skin and perfect body caused my heart to itch!

I put her lightly onto the bed, and caressed her skin that was as smooth as silk, then kissed her lips.

“Liu Lei… You have to treasure me…” Not long later, Su Yingzi started to get aroused and murmured.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be your bodyguard for a lifetime,” I said softly.

After the joyful actions, Su Yingzi stuck tightly onto my body and said a bit absent mindedly, “First time… So this is a girl’s first time… Liu Lei, will you always love me?”

“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll go and ask your dad for your hand in marriage in a moment!” I said to the beauty in my embrace.

“You won’t free that I’m very frivolous right… From us confirming our relations.h.i.+p to having s.e.x, it’s been less than a day…” Su Yingzi hesitated and said. “I’m not that kind of star that would casually have s.e.x with someone…”

“Of course, I know, or else why would there be bloodstains on the bed sheets!” I patted Su Yingzi’s back and said.

“Hmmph!” Su Yingzi covered her head with the blanket…

When I came out from the bathroom after a shower, I saw that Su Yingzi had already gotten dressed, the proof of a girl’s first time that was on the bed had already disappeared. With Zhao Yanyan’s example, I knew that the chick Su Yingzi definitely put it away for collection. Since the bedsheets of presidential suites like these were all brand new, meaning that the hotel will throw it away after the customers left anyways, there was no need to pay extra.

After we checked out, the front desk lady felt very surprised, this person clearly only stayed for a few hours before checking out, yet he paid the money for an entire day. Furthermore, he also gave her five hundred kuai of tips, causing her to sigh, they really are rich!

“Liu Lei… I’m a bit scared, what do you think we should do if dad is determined on refusing about us being together?” On the way, Su Yingzi stayed in my arms. She didn’t care whether I could drive or not, making her seem like a completely different person from before us going to the motel.

“He won’t! With you hubby, I, it will definitely be dealt with easily!” I was naturally fearless! If Su Yuanchao knew my ident.i.ty, he definitely would yearn for me to be his son-in-law. Compared to Shuguang Corporation, Feifan Electronics is nothing!

When Su Yingzi and I intimately appeared in the living room of the Su family’s mansion, everyone, including Su Yuanchao were shocked. I did not let go of the hand I had on Su Yingzi’s waist, and walked directly into the living room.

“Xiao Zi… You…” Su Yuanchao stood up from the sofa, and looked at the two of us in disbelief.

“Dad, we want to come clean with you today!” Su Yingzi already made up her mind, so she didn’t have much hesitation when she spoke, instead, she was very calm.

“Come clean? Come clean about what?” Su Yuanchao also noticed that something wasn’t right, and so he asked nervously.

“Dad, actually Liu Lei and I were together… ages ago!” Su Yingzi said.

“Xiao Zi, what did you say? You’re with him? No! I absolutely will not agree!” Su Yuanchao said angrily. “s.h.i.+tty brat, I got you to come to protect my daughter, you actually come to chat her up, you are pretty daring!”

“Dad, we have real feelings for each other, just give us your blessing!” Su Yingzi said.

“What real or fake, Xiao Zi, what did this brat drug you with to cause you to be so infatuated by him! You really are p.i.s.sing me off!” Su Yuanchao yelled.

“Mr. Su, you don’t need to be angry, Xiao Zi and I are sincere towards each other, I will be good to her in the future!” I stood up and said.

“You’re going to be good to her? What are you going to be good to her with, f.u.c.k off, immediately f.u.c.k off! You’re fired!” Su Yuanchao shouted. “You are a mere bodyguard, what right do you have to say these words! Don’t you know the distance between your ident.i.ty and our family’s Xiao Zi? Can you feed her?”

“Dad, I don’t care!” Su Yingzi said.

“Heng! Xiao Zi, you still young, you don’t understand the importance of money! Being with him, are you supposed to just starve!” Su Yuanchao roared.

“Dad, I do have several million of savings these years! Even if the child in my womb and I have to starve, that’s my life!” Su Yingzi couldn’t help it, and could only pull out her last resort.

“What did you say? Child?” Su Yuanchao immediately got angry. However, looking at Su Yingzi’s body, he calmed down again, and ordered a servant, “Butler w.a.n.g, go and find the doctor here and check her pulse!”

Su Yingzi became very nervous and looked at me uneasily. I gave her a smile, signaling her to not worry.

Not long later, a doctor in a white coat walked in.

“Mr. Su, what are you orders?” The doctor said respectfully.

“Take xiaojie’s pulse! See if there’s any abnormality,” Su Yuanchao said.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL Chapter 265

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