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I saw everything clearly in the dark, yet I did get rather anxious as well! I think that any man would feel uncomfortable seeing their crush get hurt!

Call the police? I quickly dispelled the thought! By the time I run to the police station or run to school to make the call, Zhang Guodong would have already defiled Yu Ting!

Rush up and save the damsel in distress? I fear that before the beauty is saved, I already got beaten to a pulp!

“My dad is Yu Ruizhong!”Without any other choice, Yu Ting could only reveal her background.

Hearing “Yu Ruizhong” Zhang Guodong momentarily blanked! However, his l.u.s.t got the better of him, as he said like a beast, “Haha! Good, that’s even better! I’ll f.u.c.k you first, then I’ll be Big Boss Yu’s son-in-law, when that happens, it would be hard for me not to become important!”

Under the seduction of beauty and his future, Zhang Guodong became even more insane!

“No! My dad will definitely kill you!” Yu Ting shouted.

“Kill me? Heng heng, when you become mine, how could your dad bare to kill me!” Zhang Guodong said with a lewd smile.

Hearing Zhang Guodong’s insulting words, I instantly felt my temper rise! Although I was introverted, I wasn’t weak! No one would be able to bare to see their crush get bullied!

I knew that if I rush up to stop him like this, it would definitely be of no help, and would even get beaten up by Zhang Guodong! Yet, I would feel terrible if I didn’t’ go!

Just as Zhang Guodong’s sinful hands reached towards Yu Ting, I made up my mind. Then I rushed over after picking up a brick on the side!

Seeing that someone come, Yu Ying immediately felt a sense of joy. However, her momentary change in expression raised Zhang Guodong’s suspicion, this brat wasn’t stupid, since he probably did too much bad stuff and thus got rather vigilant.

Zhang Guodong turned around following Yu Ting’s gaze, and saw me, who was rus.h.i.+ng up with a brick.

At that moment, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, I had already rushed over. There was no helping it, I could only forcefully continue. It was fortunate that Zhang Guodong momentarily blanked after seeing a young man with a brick behind him, and at the moment he was blanking out, my brick already smashed on Zhang Guodong’s forehead.

With a “pa” sound, the brick broke, and Zhang Guodong’s head started bleeding.

I blanked as well! This was my first time fighting with others, and it was the first time I caused someone else to bleed, so I couldn’t help but be scared.

Seeing that I hurt Zhang Guodong, then blanked out after words, she shouted at me, “What are you waiting for, run!”

Only then, did I react, I quickly threw away the brick in my hand and wanted to escape. I never would have thought that Zhang Guodong, whose face was covered in blood, actually grabbed my collar from behind and shouted, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dared to hit me, do you want to die!”

I had thought that even if I didn’t hit Zhang Guodong unconscious, it would be a lot for him to bare, yet it didn’t seem to affect this fellow much. As expected of a fighting master, still so awesome even when his head is covered in blood.

Looking at Zhang Guodong whose face looked even more sinister due to the bleeding, I felt a bit disturbed. f.u.c.k, this is too powerful. I knew that I couldn’t run, since it was obvious that this guy was faster than me from all his muscles, instead of wasting my stamina pointlessly, I might as well try and face him head on.

There’s no helping it, I have to go head on! Since it has become like this, that person looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y gourd that was really p.i.s.sed off. Even if I don’t resist, I would be beaten until I became disabled.

“Err… Zhang Guodong, right?” I pretended to be calm and said. “I already called the police…”

“Called your mom, are you tricking a kid?” Zhang Guodong clearly didn’t believe me. He was already really p.i.s.sed and immediately reached his hand towards me.

Seeing that I couldn’t dodge it, I could only face him head on! At the time, I was too naïve, if I had smashed him a few more times with the brick at the heat of the moment, and then run off, I could completely escape! Since it was the crossroads outside of the alleyway, and there was a traffic police there, although he’s only a traffic police, he’s still a police! No matter how amazing Zhang Guodong was, I don’t believe that he would dare to beat me up in front of the police!

Yet, I didn’t think that much at the time!

Zhang Guodong slapped towards me, and I didn’t show any weakness! f.u.c.k, I had no experience in fighting, but who doesn’t know how to fight with their line on the line!

I had heard a lot of rumors back then, such as students from the First Middle School were merciless and killed a lot! Therefore, I thought that even if I didn’t die, I would get heavily wounded.

Thus, I ignored Zhang Guodong’s slap, and directly went up to him with a punch!

Zhang Guodong had beaten countless people, but he has never met anyone like he did that day, there was actually someone who would go up for him to beat them! Just as Zhang Guodong was happy with his slap, he felt a pain in his stomach, causing him to nearly cough up blood!

“I. f.u.c.k. YOUR. MOM. YOU. b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Zhang Guodong was in tremendous pain! Ever since he started hanging out in the underworld, he has never gotten hit like that, it was always him that was beating on people, who would dare to hit him!

Zhang Guodong got really annoyed, thus, he just ignored the pain in his stomach, and rained punches towards me like meteors, causing my entire body to feel numb. I couldn’t care about that much, if you’re that amazing, then kill me, if you can’t then laozi will fight with you, even if I die, I have to drag someone down with me!

I supposed that dying in front of the beauty I had a crush on was some sort of honor as well? I had thought idiotically at the time, if I die, would Yu Ting remember me for a life time and never get married…

Zhang Guodong also got worried, he has never seen anyone fight like that, only attacking and not defending. The other person didn’t care how he hit him, and just kept on rus.h.i.+ng forward, causing his mind to feel really messed up. Unknowingly, he had also gotten hit quite a few times.

Zhang Guodong was really p.i.s.sed, he normally only needed a few hits to deal with this sort of fellows, since when would he have so much trouble!

Yet, the more anxious he got, the fiercer the other person got, the other person completely looked like he was fighting with his life on the line!

Even Zhang Guodong, who got used to fighting started getting scared! If he continued fighting endlessly like that, both sides would be severely hurt! This was like the fights of those martial masters, if it came down to a compet.i.tion of stamina, then any moves were useless! That’s the thoughts that Zhang Guodong had, moves were completely useless since the other person didn’t move regularly, he completely did it randomly and fiercely!

If Zhang Guodong was really a master at martial arts, he would definitely find it very easy to deal with someone that fought with their life on the line like me, but Zhang Guodong wasn’t! He merely used his superior experience at fighting compared to others of the same age. He wasn’t much stronger than others of the same age in terms of power and stamina, causing the dangerous situation for both sides!

As Zhang Guodong got anxious, he couldn’t help but try to use some more hurtful moves. At the start, he was still worried that he would hurt the other person too much!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 13

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