Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 37

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“Hehe, is there anything else?” I asked.

“En, there is! This Chen’s Corporation is very close with the Hong Kong’s local Azure Gang, apparently, their Chen’s Corporation gave a lot of financial help to the Azure Gang behind the scenes!” Guo Qing said.

“Oh? So, this means that this Chen’s Corporation is rather powerful?” I said.

“En. You can say that, but that was before. Now, us, the Three Rock Gang is the largest Gang in Hong Kong, the Azure Gang’s boss have to do stuff depending on my reactions! Haha, it is funny now that I mention it he’s a f.u.c.king forty something years old geezer, and he has to call me Guo-ge!” Guo Qing laughed.

I didn’t say anything, I knew that within the underworld that Guo Qing was in, there was no seniority based on age, if you have the power, even if you are only ten, you’re the boss, if you don’t, even if you’re eighty years old, you’re nothing. That was a society of survival of the fittest, there is only strict levels, there was no seniority of age.

“In other words, if we were to make a move on Chen’s Corporation, the Azure Gang will not get involved, right?” I asked.

“About this… It’s hard to say! Since Chen’s Corporation is the Azure Gang’s financial income, a dog would jump across a wall when it’s pushed against the corner! I’m worried that if we push them too much… But it’s no big deal, since the Azure Gang does have their own business now, even if Chen’s falls, it won’t have too much of an impact for them, they will just lose a backing on the surface!” Guo Qing said.

“Alright then! Let’s just leave it like that, I’ll go to Hong Kong within these few days!” I said.

“Boss, you’re going to come in person?” Guo Qing exclaimed.

“En, that’s right! I’m going to make them, the Chen family, know, the consequence of hurting my wife!” I said.

“Alright, boss! Since we haven’t met in so long, we have to go out and have a good drink!” Guo Qing said excitedly.

“You brat, you’re still like this! Why aren’t you like a boss at all!” I laughed.

“In front of you, boss, I’m the subordinate, haha!” Guo Qing also laughed.

“Alright, that’s that, I’ll call you before I go!” I said.

After I hung up, Liu Yue asked, “You’re going to Hong Kong in person?”

“Yeah! I’m going to make this Chen Zelong lose convincingly, and let him know that he p.i.s.sed off someone he can’t ever afford to p.i.s.s off!” I stood up, walked to Zhao Yanyan’s side and said while gazing at Zhao Yanyan, who was in deep sleep.

Liu Yue stuck out her tongue after saying that, “Your appearance was so scary just now, just like a… En… like an emperor of the past that was going to kill someone!”

“Hehe, how am I that scary! But that brat, Chen Zelong, truly needs a beating too much, this type of people were born to be beaten up!” I said.

“Hehe! How can you say that, but this Chen Zelong does look like he’s asking to get beaten!” Liu Yue said.

When I went back to school, my bros from the room all ran over and asked, “Boss, where did you go? Didn’t you know, our cla.s.s’s instructor is completely p.i.s.sed, you didn’t come starting from the first day, did you know that there is an examination at the end of the military training, if you don’t pa.s.s it then it’ll affect your grades!”

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Only then did I remember, I didn’t go back to school for three days due to busy being with Zhao Yanyan’s situation. The military training for the new first year students had already begun during this time.

“Say, bros, others don’t know, but don’t you guys know, with my body condition, isn’t military training just a piece of cake?” I said.

“That’s true! However, boss, I think that our cla.s.s’s instructor isn’t so easily dealt with, he’s a tough nut, I’m afraid that he will trouble you!” Huang Wenjing said worriedly.

It truly was as he expected, when I went to the military training the next day and saw the instructor. When he called out my name, he said, “Liu Lei, did he not come again?”

I quickly answered, “I came!”

That instructor looked at me sideways and said, “You have to say “report sir” before you speak! Why were you missing these few days?”

“Report sir, something happened at home!” I said.

“Something happened at home? What’s so important, could it be as important as military training? Did you ask for leave?” The instructor said in dissatisfaction.

I got more and more angry upon hearing that, what do you mean is it as important as military training? Zhao Yanyan was the most important in my mind, she was something that nothing could take the place of. Originally, I wanted to give this instructor some face, since I was a student of Huaxia University, yet he just had to push my bottom line. Thus, I said coldly, “Military training isn’t anything important from my perspective, it cannot be compared to my issues!”

“What did you say? You said that military training is useless?” The instructor was a deputy company commander, the soldiers underneath him listens to him all the time, just when has he been retorted. Thus, he immediately said with an angry expression, “What kind of thinking is that? From your perspective, if university students don’t need military training, then who’s going to protect our country?”

“There are a lot of ways to protect our country, joining the military is naturally one of the, but there are a lot of other ways, you don’t have to save the country by picking up a gun and going to war, developing technology and developing the economy are also ways to protect the country. Furthermore, these methods are more important during peaceful times!” I said mercilessly.

“You! What did you say! Heng, do you look down on us soldiers?” The instructor was so angry that he started to get unreasonable.

“I don’t mean to look down on you, in fact, I respect soldiers a lot, but I don’t agree with your method of doing things!” I said calmly. “Everyone has their way of repaying the country, university students going to military training is to improve their fitness, to university students, studying new knowledge is the most important.

Seeing that I was arguing with him word for word, he cleared up quite a bit, he couldn’t help but admit that my view in some areas were correct. Yet, as a stubborn soldier, he wasn’t willing to lose face.

Thinking that, he couldn’t help it anymore, “I don’t know how you got into Huaxia University, but looking at you, your family condition is definitely not bad. However, I don’t care what your family does, since you came to this school and to military training, you have to listen to my orders! This is the rules of the military training, as well as the rules of the army!”

My bros from the room nearly laughed out loud hearing the instructor’s words, other cla.s.smates that knew me couldn’t help themselves either! How did I come to Huaxia University? They couldn’t be even more clear, I was the first place of the science exams in the national matriculation examinations!

I chuckled and said, “If you have doubts towards me, then I can tell you. First of all, I got into Huaxia University with the total school of seven hundred and forty five in the national matriculation examinations. Secondly, my parents are both normal works in a factory, so your guess does not work! However, since I came to military training, I will naturally listen to you. Yet, even if I didn’t attend military training on the first day, you don’t need to be so spiteful towards me. You can say how you want to punish me.”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 37

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