Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 65

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In order to not cause any awkwardness, I quickly gave Liu Yue a cue for her to watch Zhao Yanyan as I drag Zhao Junsheng out and tell him the current situation.

“It can’t be, Xiao Liu, why is it so much of a coincidence! Ai, this time I can’t help you either!” Hearing my troubles, Zhao Junsheng said helplessly.

“I’m trying to think of a way, but Yanyan doesn’t believe what I’m saying at all!” I shook my head and said.

“This is easy to deal with!” Zhao Junsheng suddenly said.

“What, Uncle Zhao, you have a good plan?” Hearing Zhao Junsheng say that, I quickly asked.

“Mhmm. What I mean is that you can pursue her again!” Zhao Junsheng gave two dry coughs and said.

“f.u.c.k!” I’m going to faint, I thought it was some kind of amazing plan, he’s actually telling me to pursue Zhao Yanyan again! However, this might be a good method! But, can I succeed?

“You pursued her once and have the experience, so it’ll definitely be easier!” Zhao Junsheng drove me on and said.

“What easy, she was young then, so it was easier. Don’t you see how protective she is of herself, how am I supposed to pursue her!” I complained.

“Hai hai! So you tricked my daughter like that, you finally admitted it!” Zhao Junsheng smiled evilly and said.

“Ugh&h.e.l.lip; Let’s not talk about this for not. Talk about how I’m supposed to pursue her! Uncle Zhao, you don’t want Yanyan to find another boyfriend, right!” I quickly changed the topic.

“Of course I don’t hope so, you’re my boss, of course I want to marry my daughter to you!” said Zhao Junsheng.

“Say, Uncle Zhao, why are you getting less and less serious the older you get. Can you say something useful? Zhao Yanyan has no more relations.h.i.+p to my, then the shares under her name can be yours now. Doesn’t that mean that it’s more beneficial for Zhao Yanyan not to be with me?” I shrugged and said.

“About this&h.e.l.lip; Aren’t I just making a joke to relax the atmosphere!” Zhao Junsheng said in self-mockery. “However, I will teach you an ultimate move. For pursuing girls, you just have to be thick skinned, pester her shamelessly, you’ll succeed ninety percent of the time!”

“Shamelessly? Pester? Does that actually work?” To be honest, I really didn’t like this sort of bad ideas.

“Why doesn’t it work! I tried it out myself! Look, Yanyan’s mom is pretty, right? At the time, she was very tsun, but ever since I failed pursuing your mom, I concluded that you have to be brave to pick up girls, and be shameless!” Zhao Junsheng said proudly.


“Of course!”

“Are you sure?”

“Very sure!”

“Then I’ll try!”

“I hope you succeed, I’m waiting for my grandchild!”

After listening to Zhao Junsheng’s shocking advice, I stayed in Zhao Yanyan’s ward the following day. I just don’t believe that I can’t move her!

Yet, Zhao Junsheng’s att.i.tude towards e also turned from disgust to the current&h.e.l.lip; beyond contempt! I even wondered if Zhao Junsheng’s idea actually worked, if I didn’t know that he didn’t dare to screw over his own boss behind the scene, I would have gone to take his company apart in anger! Wait, it seems like that is my company!

In the end, I couldn’t help but dial Zhao Junsheng’s number.

“Uncle Zhao, the method you taught me didn’t work!”

“What’s Yanyan’s att.i.tude towards you right now?”

“Beyond contempt!”

“That’s right!”

“That’s right? What’s right? It’s right when she’s beyond disgusted with me?”

“Now, you don’t understand. Understanding a woman’s heart is like trying to find a needle in the ocean! The more she dislikes you, the more it means that you are in her heart, it’s only bad if she’s emotionless towards you!”

“Is that so? Then I’ll try again!”

“Kay, then call me again when she slowly starts to not dislike you! I’ll tell you what to do!”

“Okay! I understand!”

I hung up the phone, and couldn’t resist laughing. There is actually a father that teaches other people to pursue his daughter, haha!

Since Zhao Yanyan got into a car crash not many days after reporting in, most students didn’t remember her. Although Zhao Yanyan was unusually beautiful, most people wore camouflage clothing and a military cap, so they couldn’t tell at all.

When Zhao Yanyan returned to Huaxia University to go to school, she immediately brought about a commotion in Huaxia University! Even students in the second and third year ran over to the entrance of the first year’s Computing cla.s.sroom to have a look at this beauty that had a chance to become the new school beauty of Huaxia University.

Yet, a shameless fellow would always appear at this beauty’s side. Regardless of it being cla.s.s time, or lunch time, this fellow was always around her. Initially, a lot of the male students were very angry and wanted to teach this shameless fellow a lesson, but they were often beaten to a pulp but this fellow. As time went on, n.o.body went to cause trouble for him, they would only despise him in their hearts.

Of course, this fellow was definitely me! How could I possibly let other people appear at Zhao Yanyan’s side!

At the start, Zhao Yanyan ignored me always pestering her, and continued to act as she please. Yet, as time pa.s.sed on, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t handle it any more.

“Say, what exactly do you want to do! You’re always behind me!” Zhao Yanyan finally could not resist it, and spoke to me.

“Of course it’s to pick you up!” I said shamelessly. My purpose was already crystal clear, it would be bad if I actually tried to say it in other ways.

“You&h.e.l.lip;” Zhao Yanyan didn’t think I would be so direct either, and so didn’t know what to say.

“What about me, isn’t it better if I’m honest. Am I supposed to say that I’m just going the same way as you? You wouldn’t believe me even if I said that!” I shrugged an dsaid. I understood Zhao Yanyan too well, I knew exactly what she was thinking.

“&h.e.l.lip;” Zhao Yanyan became completely speechless, then finally said. “Then just follow&h.e.l.lip;”

Every lunchtime, I would go and fight with Zhao Yanyan to buy her meal. At the start, this chick wouldn’t agree no matter what, but in the end, she couldn’t defeat me, so she tried to give me the lunch money. Of course I wouldn’t accept it!

In the end, Zhao Yanyan just stopped arguing. After cla.s.s every noon, she would go to the canteen with me and find a way to seat to wait for me to buy the meal.

I snickered in my heart, was I not far away from success? At least Zhao Yanyan didn’t despise me as much as she did at the start. However, I still had a self-conscience, I knew that although Zhao Yanyan didn’t despise me, she was still far from liking me!

She just felt rather helpless towards me, since I wouldn’t go away no matter what she did, she might as well just let me be. At least this way, she had someone caring for her every day. The felling wasn’t bad. When Zhao Yanyan watched me walk in front every time school ends, and help her open a path, there was an indescribable feeling in her heart, it seemed very familiar, but she wasn’t willing to think about ti.

On the other hand, I would sit by Zhao Yanyan’s side every lesson. Of course, at the start, in order to be lazy, I chose the computing faculty. Ignoring that fact that I already studied it once during my previous life in university, I was also in the computing industry in my previous life, and so the computing knowledge I had was deeper than ones I learnt now by several times!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 65

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