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The reason that Guo Qing didn’t spread the gang’s influence to Yanjing city was because someone spoke out for the Situ family from above, causing the two sides to ignore each other.

It’s not that Guo Qing didn’t want to make a move, it was because he had always lacked a reason, a reason that would cause others to be unable to say anything!

And now, the chance had arrived.

Although Yu Ting has never seen me fight with anyone before, she was not worried when I faced three knives at all. However, Yu Ruizhong was unable to stay so calm, since three knives did rush towards us.

“Situ Bo, have you thought through the consequences of you doing this?” Guo Qing did not treat the knives as a big deal as he said coldly.

Situ Bo clenched his teeth and said to Situ Liang, “Kill them!”

I smiled evilly, does he think that he’s the Celestial Emperor or an alien? He isn’t using his brain when he speaks at all. He’s still so even though I’m definitely s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g them over today.

I didn’t need to make a move at all, with Guo Qing’s current strength, he could completely deal with these three people.

The moment Situ Bo had said “kill them”, Guo Qing had already moved.

Since Situ Liang was a key figure, Guo Qing immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed away the knife his hands.

Just as Situ Liang was acting super and preparing to slaughter everyone, he suddenly felt that the knife in his hands disappeared, causing him to instantly get confused. Just as he wanted to ask, Guo Qing’s knife arrived, stabbing onto Situ Liang’s stomach, causing a stream of blood to flow out.

Liu Kesheng had originally come to act, but when he saw that his boss actually got his knife s.n.a.t.c.hed away without knowing how, and was stabbed with that knife, he was extremely shocked, causing him to run out of the room. Liu Kesheng understood after so many years that protecting his life was the most important, so he quickly escaped after failing to act As long as he was alive, he could continue to get pretentious in the future.

When he saw the brat running away so quickly, Guo Qing asked me with a look whether he should go and chase. I waved my hand. There was no value in chasing after this sort of people, he can’t do anything even if we leave him be, because some people were born to get beaten up.

Situ Bo did not think that his son would get stabbed right at the start, so he was dumbfounded. He didn’t think that Guo Qing was a master. He was very clear about how strong his son was, although he wasn’t as strong as his eldest son, Situ Kong, he was much stronger than normal people. Thus, he quickly said to Zhang Niao, “Send Situ Liang back first, I’ll deal with it here!”

Just as Zhang Niao wanted to carry Situ Liang, I said coldly, “No one is leaving today!”

“What a joke! Do you think you’re so amazing? Three Rock Gang, Boss Guo, I admit that you’re pretty strong, but no matter how strong you are, you are just a normal person!” Situ Bo laughed coldly.

With that, killing aura started to gather on his body. Guo Qing and I looked at him in confusion, after about five minutes, a small ball of fire suddenly appeared in Situ Bo’s right hand.

“Hehe, do you understand what sort of person you are opposing! Normal people cannot fight against me!” Situ Bo laughed maniacally.

“Hubby, is he r.e.t.a.r.ded? Is he putting on a show? Hahahaha!” Yu Ting laughed loudly in an uncaring manner, “This is too hilarious. He thinks that he’s no longer human with a fireball in his hand!”

Yu Ting has already seen my prowess, so she wasn’t scared about Situ Bo’s power at all.

Situ Bo’s face turned pale. He could have never have imagined that the super power that he is so proud of was unable to even scare a little girl! Normally speaking, humans had a natural fear for things they didn’t know about. Previously, when Situ Bo showed this in front of others, they would have already p.i.s.sed themselves, and now, he was actually treated as a clown!

“Idiot, aren’t you scared of getting burnt?” Looking at the fireball in Situ Bo’s hand, Guo Qing asked with interest.

Situ Bo felt like he was going to faint as he said angrily, “I was born with fire superpower, all of the fires are mine to use. Today, I’ll burn you all!”

“Your fire is too little, right. It seems to a lot of trouble if you want us burn us to death!” I said without any hint of care.

“It’s enough to burn you all to death!” Situ Bo didn’t understand, was the three people in front of him actually not afraid, or were they acting like idiots!

“Not enough! Definitely not enough!” I said.

“It’s enough!” Situ Bo roared.

“Not enough!” I said.

“It’s enough!!” Situ Bo nearly flipped his eyes in anger.

“Do you think it’s enough?” I asked Yu Ting.

“It doesn’t seem to be enough. Hubby, can you help him increase its size?” The girlie Yu Ting truly understands my thoughts!

“Sure!” I said, then casually pointed.

At that moment, Situ Bo was getting confused our conversation, he felt a large fireball suddenly pop out from his hand. Situ Bo looked at his right hand in disbelief. Then after a while, he shouted loudly, “All of the flames in the world, are mine to use!” However, even after repeating it for a long time, the fire didn’t listen to him, and instead started burning brighter and brighter.

Situ Bo shouted weirdly as he tried to extinguish the fire on his right hand, but the fire merely spread towards his body.

“Impossible! How is this possible! I can control all flames!” Situ Bo yelled loudly. He didn’t believe that the person in front of him was a master of superpowers as well. However, he didn’t think carefully either, since I can sit on the head of the table, then I am naturally the main character here. That was impossible without truly strong power. Yet, Situ Bo had ignored this and placed all his attention onto Guo Qing.

“Let’s go!” I waved my hand at Guo Qing and said. “Let the heavens decide his fate.”

“Hubby, do we need to call the police and tell them that someone was self-immolating here?” Yu Ting said sweetly as he looked at Situ Bo who ran all over the place.

“Hehe, we should call a firetruck!” I smiled and walked out of the room while holding Yu Ting in my arms. Isn’t getting pretentious with me just suicide?

“Just wait, I definitely won’t let you go!” Situ Bo’s loud voice rang out from behind us.

“Whatever, don’t think that I’m scared of you just because I didn’t kill you. I don’t want to kill in front of my woman,” I replied.

I told Guo Qing to go back first and organize things, then watch the Situ family’s att.i.tude these few days. If it’s bad, then just get rid of them completely.

Just when I walked out of Yanjing Hotel, my phone rang.

When I looked at it after taking it out, I instantly blanked momentarily&h.e.l.lip; The call was actually from Zhao Yanyan!

Recently, Zhao Yanyan would pretty much habitually look downstairs after waking up. Zhao Yanyan didn’t know why, she was clearly very angry, yet she couldn’t help but look. Only when she saw the familiar figure would her heart be at ease.

Why didn’t he come today? Zhao Yanyan looked at the crowd downstairs and muttered to herself.

He might have gone to eat? He’ll come later! Zhao Yanyan comforted herself in her heart. Yet, even after dinner time pa.s.sed, she still didn’t see him.

Does he not want her anymore? Zhao Yanyan frowned with sadness in her heart.

That must be it, he has so many girlfriends, an extra her isn’t going to make a difference!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 93

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