Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 96.5

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I kissed Zhao Yanyan’s lips lightly, then moved my hands across her twin peaks and continued downwards&h.e.l.lip;

“Ah! No! It’s dirty!” I caused Zhao Yanyan to be completely aroused, since she said anxiously. “I’ll go and wash&h.e.l.lip;”

I ignored her and continued my actions. Meanwhile, Zhao Yanyan grabbed my hand tightly and continuously moaned.

As I looked at Zhao Yanyan, who was in heat, I was also really h.o.r.n.y. I swiftly took off the clothes of my body and familiarly entered Zhao Yanyan’s body.

After a while of rumble in the sock, Zhao Yanyan lied in my arms with a thoughtful expression as she quietly listened to my heartbeat.

“Why do I feel that it is so familiar?” Zhao Yanyan said in confusion.

“What’s so familiar? Have you did it with others before?” I asked intentionally.

“You’re terrible! Of course I haven’t&h.e.l.lip;” Zhao Yanyan suddenly stopped there as she blanked out while staring at the white bedsheet.

“What happened?” I asked.

“There’s no blood!” Zhao Yanyan pointed at the bedsheets as she shuddered. As she looked at it, her tears begun to flow, while she said in a wronged manner, “Did you already notice since you asked me like that just now? Were you suspecting that it wasn’t my first time?”

“I&h.e.l.lip;” I can’t exactly say that ‘you were from the start’, right!

“You truly did think so!” Zhao Yanyan started crying in depression. “Why is it like this!”

“Yanyan! Listen to me!” I immediately pulled Zhao Yanyan into my embrace and lightly caressed her air, while I said slowly. “Yanyan, you’re right, it isn’t your first time!”

Hearing that, Zhao Yanyan’s body shuddered as she said frantically, “What happened&h.e.l.lip; I don’t remember, I really don’t remember, I don’t remember me&h.e.l.lip;”

“Yanyan, let me finished! Of course you didn’t do it with other people, your first time was actually with me as well. It was three years ago, also in Yanjing city, when the two of us entered the National Teenage Computing Compet.i.tion!” I continued. “Yanyan, I told you before, you are my girlfriend from before. However, due to the car accident, you ended up with a memory loss!”

“This is&h.e.l.lip; real?” Hearing me say that, Zhao Yanyan calmed down quite a bit. She had thought that she randomly had s.e.x before.

“We already have that level of relations.h.i.+p, is there a need for me to make up a story to trick you!” I said with a wry smile. “What I said is all real!”

“But&h.e.l.lip;” Zhao Yanyan wanted to say something else, but I interrupted her.

“Okay now, Yanyan, don’t think about the past, it’s enough as long as you are happy now!” I said.

“En!” Zhao Yanyan nodded obediently. After a while, she suddenly looked up and asked me, “Liu Lei, you can tell me about your situation now, right? The gold card just now isn’t one that normal people can have, right?”

I considered it slightly, then said with a nod, “Okay! Then I’ll start from the beginning!” I finally decided to tell Zhao Yanyan everything about me without hiding anything.

Thus, I told her about how we first met, as well as how I met her father later and established Shuguang Corporation etc. I hid nothing from her at all, and I even told her all about Xia Jing, Xu Ruoyun, Ye Xiaoxiao and their relations.h.i.+p with me.

I didn’t hide anything from her except the fact that I had been reborn.

Zhao Yanyan got completely emerged in what I said. Only after a long while did she reply, “So there was so much between us&h.e.l.lip;” Then she raised her head and said with determination, “I believe you! I believe that this is all real! Sorry, hubby! I made you pursue me once again!”

“Hehe, what does that count as! You are the most important. If I had to choose between you and Shuguang Corporation, I would choose you without any hesitation! What’s more, which couple doesn’t have to go throw tons of things. I even feel like we were too easy!” I laughed.

“Oh wow! Do you mean that I am easy to pursue! Hmph!” Zhao Yanyan said deliberately.

“When did I! I nearly died from all the work these few months! Oh yeah, my mom already gave me the final deadline, she said that I must bring you back this Chinese New Year, now I can finally face her!” I said.

“So Weier-jiejie and you were brought together by me! Luckily, I didn’t do anything bad that day, otherwise, it would be too embarra.s.sing!” Zhao Yanyan giggled. “I didn’t think that I was so generous, actually giving my hubby to someone else!”

“It’s your hubby that’s too excellent&h.e.l.lip; Oh yeah, how about I call Chen Weier over right now. The three of us haven’t been together for so long&h.e.l.lip;” I chuckled.

“Let’s not&h.e.l.lip;” Zhao Yanyan said a bit shyly. “I haven’t gotten used to it! What’s more, today does count as my first time&h.e.l.lip;”

“Hehe! You’ll get used to it!” Before Zhao Yanyan said anything else, I quickly took out my phone from the pocket of my clothes.

When Chen Weier and Yu Ting arrived, both of them carried bags of stuff in their hands, since they just finished shopping, causing me to be really surprised.

“Weier-jiejie, sorry!” Zhao Yanyan said quietly.

Chen Weier momentarily blanked, then looked towards me in confusion. I shook my head in response. I understood what Chen Weier meant, she was asking me if Zhao Yanyan remembered stuff from the past.

“I just told her about what happened before,” I shook my head and said. “It’s all because I was too busy back then. If I knew this would happen, I really should have took more photos, this would also help Zhao Yanyan in remembering the past.”

“Idiot! Not only photos, you can also go to some place with memorable memories, or try to think of if there is anything that is particularly meaningful?” Yu Ting reminded on the side. Chen Weier had already told Zhao Yanyan and my situation to her.

Meaningful things? Although I gave Zhao Yanyan quite a lot of things, but what are the truly meaningful ones?

“Oh yeah, are you guys hungry? Xiao Ting and I are starving, we didn’t eat much just now in that sort of atmosphere. Adding onto the fact that we went shopping for so many hours, our stamina is completely used up!” Chen Weier complained, while she sat on the side of the bed.

“I’m&h.e.l.lip; also a bit hungry!” Zhao Yanyan said shyly. She had just finished intense actions, so it was hard for her not to lack in stamina.

“How about we call for delivery! How about eating lunch boxes?” Chen Weier suggested. “I know a fast food restaurant that tastes pretty good!”

“Please, my Weier, you don’t need to save up on money like this even if you were going to, right? You’re in Yanjing Hotel, staying in the presidential suite, and you’re going to call for lunch boxes?! The waiters downstairs might think that we’re lunatics!” I quickly said. “There’s a restaurant below, just call them to make some food and bring it up here!”

“But that fast food restaurant’s lunch boxes are really very delicious!” Chen Weier pouted.

An idea flashed across my mind, but when I tried hard to capture it, I couldn’t get it at all! I know that this must be something very important, but, what exactly was it?

I frowned, but still got nothing.

“What’s wrong with lunch boxes, I’ve seen that girls in tv shows all make lunch boxes for the boys they love!” Chen Weier muttered quietly. “Oh yeah, hubby, let’s buy a mansion in Yanjing city. This way I can make food for you every day. It’s all like that in Korean films, it’s both money-saving and clean!”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 96.5

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