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During this period of time, Guo Qing and Yu Ruizhong took the chance to nearly take away half of the underworld power in Yanjing city. Currently, Yanjing city’s underworld forces had split into two opposing factions, one in the north and one in the south.

Right before Chinese New Year, I received a surprising invitation sent by the Situ family’s family head, Situ Dashan. I didn’t know how he guessed that I was the mastermind behind the scenes, but he invited me to have a meal with the Situ family with Yu Ting.

“Son-in-law, just don’t go, that old geezer, Situ Dashan, is not just a little strong. Although you are also very strong, none of us have ever seen Situ Dashan’s true power! Apparently, Situ Dashan is also an esper and knows how to manipulate a person’s heart, turning people into his puppets!” Yu Ruizhong felt a bit worried as he looked at the invitation in front of him.

“Hehe, no worries. I do want to see what the Situ family been plotting recently!” I said as if I didn’t care. “Not only am I going to go, I’m going to bring Ting Ting along! Father-in-law, don’t worry, there won’t be any issues!”

Yu Ting was very obedient after getting with me, she would do whatever I say. She would feel calm as long as she was with me.

February 8th 1999, which was also the 23rd day of the last month, was the Preliminary Eve of Chinese New Year in Huaxia. On that day, Yu Ting and I went straight towards the Situ family’s mansion on an extra-long Bentley Red Label.

As for the Land Rover, I gave it to Liu Yue, since it was pretty cool for girls to drive this sort of open-top sports car. The reason was that I had a sudden interest in this sort of retro cars. Of course, the engine of this car used East Asia Motion Corporation’s Huaxia No.2 engine.

“Please show your invitation!” The two guards at the mansion entrance stopped out car. I could faintly see a bulge under the guard’s coat, which should be firearm.

Du Xiaowei was the one driving for me. The mercenary company in South Africa had already been stabilized and Du Xiaowei had already trained up a trustworthy successor, so this brat could also chill. Due to this, he insisted on returning to my side, and was even willing to be my driver.

Du Xiaowei was rather unhappy after hearing that I was about to go to the family dinner of the leader of a small mobster family. Just what kind of person was his martial great uncle, and he was going to a little fry’s family dinner! Du Xiaowei had seen all sorts of stuff during missions in South Africa, so he didn’t treat this Situ family as a thing at all.

Seeing that someone was actually blocking the car, Du Xiaowei naturally got p.i.s.sed off. He immediately grabbed the s.h.i.+rt of one of the guards and picked him up from the car window. Just picking someone up from within the car window naturally required a tremendous amount of strength!

Seeing this situation, another guard wanted to take out a gun, but fortunately, another person walked out of the mansion. Otherwise, this guard that wanted to take out the gun would definitely be eliminated by Du Xiaowei first.

“It’s Mr. Liu’s car, right!” said the person that came. “I’m very sorry, my subordinates were disrespectful, please forgive them! This lowly one is the Situ family head’s eldest grandson, Situ Kong!”

I was shocked after hearing that! The Situ family has really done it, they actually got the Daxing Gang’s leader, Situ Kong, to come out and receive me! All of a sudden, I couldn’t understand what the Situ family was thinking.

When Du Xiaowei drove my car into the Situ family’s parking lot, I surprisingly found that my original Land Rover was actually not far away.

I didn’t think too much at that moment, since I thought that Liu Lei, the money-hungry girl, had sold it for a high price.

When Yu Ting and I arrived at the place of the Situ family dinner, I found that there weren’t a lot of people inside. Only twenty something people were sat around a large table. I think that they were probably all chiefs in the Situ family.

What surprised me was that Liu Yue was also present! Furthermore, she sat beside Situ Liang. Seeing that, my expression immediately sullen. Why did the brat, Situ Liang, get with Liu Yue? It seems like that car in the parking lot outside is Liu Yue’s.

Seeing my sudden arrival, Liu Yue’s expression turned very awkward. There was an indescribable ambiguity between the two of us, and now that we met under such circ.u.mstances, it was natural for it to feel unnatural.

I turned around and sat that a very energetic seventy something old man with white hair sat on the head of the table. I think he must be Situ Dashan.

The moment Situ Dashan and my eyes met, I instantly felt a pressure that caused me to wish to sleep!

Hypnosis! A power that I heard Jiaoyazi talk about before instantly popped up in my mind. This was also a sort of mental power, it was a power that used your own mind to control someone else’s.

However, this kind of mental power was nothing compared to me. It was as if a drop of water had entered the vast ocean.

I smiled lightly and said, “Old Mister Situ, is this your way of treating guests?”

n.o.body else understood, only Situ Dashan and I, who were involved, knew what I meant.

Situ Dashan was silently shocked in his heart, at the start, when he heard Situ Bo said this young man wasn’t simple, he just smiled. He didn’t think that the young man would be able to avoid his hypnosis! Situ Dashan couldn’t help but feel like it was really close! It was fortunate that he stopped Situ Bo from doing any reckless actions, otherwise, he would have caused a huge trouble for the Situ family!

If the Three Rock Gang and the Daxing Gang actually fought, it wasn’t something that could end quickly. The final result would be both sides getting severely wounded. However, he couldn’t be sure if there were any masters behind the Three Rock Gang. Hearing Situ Bo say that to him the other day, Situ Dashan thought that this person was definitely a mastermind behind the scenes for the Three Rock Gang. He was at least someone that was equal to Guo Qing! If the other side also had a master at superpowers, then their chances of winning was even lower. That was the reason why Situ Dashan didn’t allow Situ Kong to make any reckless actions, and instead asked him to silently watch then find a chance to get me to come out. Firstly, to see my true strength, and the second was to ask for peace if I was very strong, or take the chance to get rid of me if I wasn’t.

“Brother Liu’s arrival truly brings light to my pitiful home!” Situ Dashan stood up and said to me.

The guests in the living room and the family members of the Situ family all looked at me with a very confused look. They didn’t understand why Situ Dashan was so courteous towards me! You have to know, even if Yanjing city’s officials came, Situ Dashan rarely stood up to receive the guest.

“Old Mister Situ exaggerated!’ I silently swore. Old fox, he immediately started to change after seeing that he wasn’t as capable as me. However, since he was so pa.s.sionate despite my cold demeanor, there was no reason for me to cause trouble.

“Hehe, what Old Mister Situ, I’m merely a few years younger. If you don’t mind, then just call me Big Brother Situ!” Situ Dashan said with a smile.

“Grandpa! How could you&h.e.l.lip; with a junior&h.e.l.lip;” Situ Liang shouted out since he was finally unable to stand it.

“Shut your mouth! Isn’t it just because of you, quickly go and apologize to Mr. Liu!” Situ Dashan roared.

Situ Liang looked at me hatefully, then looked reluctantly at Yu Ting, who was sticking to my side. Then he used an emotionless voice that could barely be heard, “Sorry!” With that, he just sat down in annoyance.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 101

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