Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 104

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Hearing that, Liu Yue immediately blushed. However, what surprised me was that she actually did not deny it and showed a rare look of a little woman.

Actually, how could I not know Liu Yue’s thoughts in my mind, but I already took one woman away from Situ Liang, taking another one away&h.e.l.lip; It seems a bit wrong, right? Wouldn’t the Situ family go insane?

However, then I thought, just who have I been scared of. f.u.c.k him! The f.u.c.k does Situ Liang count as!

Thus, I said, “Liu Yue, actually, the reason the Situ family doesn’t dare to do anything and instead just surrenders everywhere is because I am the owner behind the scenes for the current largest gang in Huaxia, the Three Rock Gang!”

“So that’s why, no wonder the Situ family would invite you for the dinner just now. It seems like they also know this, it’s just that neither of you made it clear!” Liu Yue said like she suddenly understood anything,

“Now you should tell me about you, right? What exactly is going on? Why did you become Situ Liang’s fiancé?” I asked. “Also, what Liu family was he talking about afterwards? Are you a child of the Renowned Families as well? Don’t tell me that you were bored with nothing to do when you got me to invest into your car shop. You don’t seem to lack that bit of money with your ident.i.ty, right?”

“Of course not! But you can see it as a type of training for me! Actually, I have always been hiding it from you, my family is also one of Huaxia’ Six Renowned Families. It is the Liu family of Songjiang&h.e.l.lip;”

Before Liu Yue finished, I immediately blurted out, “Liu Zhenhai!?”

“You know grandpa?” The moment Liu Yue said this, all of us had an extremely weird expression aside of Yu Ting.

“What is it?” Yu Ting asked weirdly.

“I nearly got killed by your grandpa back then!” I said with a shrug.

“Killed you? Ah! So you are the young man grandpa talked about!” Liu Yue also looked at me with a weird expression. “You seem to still have some things that you are hiding from me, right? The Situ family is different from other Renowned Families, all of their family members have a certain level of supernatural power&h.e.l.lip;”

I understood that there was no way to hide it any more, since Liu Zhenhai must have told my non-human actions back then to Liu Yue, so I replied, “That’s right, I am also a manipulator of paranormal abilities. You can also call me an esper!”

“Hmmph! You clearly treated me as an outsider! If you didn’t mention it, you wouldn’t have said it! Yanyan, just look at him!” Liu Yue pulled on Zhao Yanyan’s hand and shook it.

I sweat! This Liu chick really is smarter than others, she knew that I adored Zhao Yanyan the most out of my women, and that I usually listened to her. I never would have thought that she would use this sort of roundabout way to help herself.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan’s caring expression, I would only submit!

“Okay, I admit I was wrong just now! Continue!” I quickly told her to continue, otherwise, my secrets would all be revealed! You have to know, I didn’t tell anyone about my alien technology base and East Asia Motion outside of my parents.

“The Liu family only has me in my generation, and as a woman, from grandpa’s point of view, I am unable to shoulder the burden of revitalizing our family. That’s why grandpa wanted to find a good husband for me, so that we can revitalize the glory of the Liu family. Grandpa has two types of people as his choices, the first is someone without any backgrounds and have the talent or ability that others, allowing the Liu family to truly walk towards glory, but it is very hard to find this sort of people&h.e.l.lip;” Saying that, Liu Yue looked towards me, causing me to feel a bit guilty, and not dare to continue after her. Then, Liu Yue continued, “The second is children within the Six Renowned Families that are not entrusted with important tasks, so they could not be successors. This way, even if the ability of the person isn’t very outstanding, it will at least serve the purpose of not letting the Liu Family fall due to their family. An example would be Situ Liang. His older brother, Situ Kong, had already been secretly decided as the successor of the Situ family’s third generation, and if Situ Liang becomes the son-in-law of the Liu family, we would be able to use the Situ family’s resources to revitalize the Liu family!”

“Then isn’t your grandpa scared of bringing a wolf into the home, causing the Liu family to be swallowed by the Situ family?” Yu Ting asked in confusion.

“Hehe!” I laughed. “Liu Zhenhai’s move is truly amazing! Ting Ting, think about it, if you are the number one within the Liu family, and you made the decisions, would you still merge it all back with the Situ family and lower yourself to second place?”

“So that’s why!” Yu Ting nodded.

“Hehe, Liu Lei, you really are not normal! I only understood the logic behind it after thinking about it for a long time, I didn’t think that you would have point it out so easily! Grandpa also chose Situ Liang for this, and that’s why he wanted me to marry into the Situ family!” Liu Yue’s praise gave me a slight fever&h.e.l.lip;

“But you there is no feelings between you and Situ Liang at all, how can your grandpa do this?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

I don’t know if this chick did it on purpose, but once she said it, I shouted “c.r.a.p” in my heart! It seems like I’m going to be forced to care about this.

“Sometimes, family interests stand above everything! Isn’t it very pitiful?” Liu Yue said in self-mockery. “That’s why, grandpa and I made a deal that if I can use my own ability to earn a hundred million yuan, then it means that I have the ability to carry the burden of the family! At that moment, grandpa will not force me to marry Situ Liang. However, from the looks of it, the chances of this wish being fulfilled is slim. Although selling cars enough a lot of money, I only saved up thirty million or so!

“So that’s why! I was wondering why you got me to cooperate with you in opening a car shop!” I said after suddenly understanding everything. “Since it’s like that, I don’t want my share of interest any more, I’ll leave it for you to hand it in!”

“How can that be okay, that wouldn’t be something I got with my own ability, so I would feel bad! What’s more, I already promised grandpa to definitely not fake anything!” Liu Yue sighed.

“Then wouldn’t you have to marry that bad guy?” Yu Ting said a bit anxiously. “You’re so pretty, how can you marry that bad guy Situ Liang!”

“Hehe, isn’t there still another way?” Zhao Yanyan said with a wink. “Didn’t Liu Yue say it, he has to find a capable hubby. Ting Ting, what do you think about our hubby?”

Yu Ting had a more innocent mind. Hearing Zhao Yanyan say that, she immediately replied, “Oh yeah, Liu Yue, how about you also marrying hubby!”

Liu Yue and I immediately showed awkward expressions&h.e.l.lip; We never would have thought that the intricate relations.h.i.+p between us was ripped apart so easily, causing both of us to feel embarra.s.sed.

Zhao Yanyan pretended to yawn, “Ya! It’s already twelve, I’m so sleepy. Ting Ting, Weier-jiejie, let’s go up and sleep.

Ting Ting was still a bit confused, while she was pulled upstairs by Chen Weier, “Go quickly, a woman would get black circles around their eyes if they stay up too late. When that happens, be careful of hubby not spoiling you anymore!”

I know that Zhao Yanyan was deliberately creating a chance for Liu Yue and I, but sometimes things are like this, although Liu Yue and I have some feelings for one another, we stayed together like nothing happened. Sometimes, a woman that’s too smart would be unable to get a grasp on her own feelings.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Vol 2 Chapter 104

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