Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous – The Prequel Chapter 150

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“Tell me, then I’ll leave,” I said.

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything,” Xia Jing shook her head.

I let go of Xia Jing’s hand. The reason I was so certain was because there was a faint mark on this Xia Jing’s neck. If I didn’t look carefully, I wouldn’t be able to tell at all.

If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t think of it as an issue if they noticed this tiny flaw. But I was different! Ouyang Tianqi had once mentioned to me while we were chatting that there was something called “Human Skin Masks” in some of the ancient renowned families in Huaxia. It looked extremely real, and the wearer would look exactly like the real person.

That’s why I was sure that this Xia Jing was fake!

It seems like I came for nothing! I don’t know where the real Xia Jing went! However, what I could be sure of was that Xia Jing did not like this sort of disappointing rich second generation!

I pulled down the human skin mask on the girl’s face, revealing a rather plain face underneath.

“Lil’ Yu, why is it you!” A middle-aged woman exclaimed.

“Mistress, sorry, Young Mistress forced me to pretend to be her and come here…” Lil’ Yu dipped her head and said.

“What! Then were did Jingjing go!” The middle-aged woman asked anxiously.

“I don’t know either… Young Mistress didn’t tell me…” Lil’ Yu shook her head.

It seems like there wasn’t going to be any rewards from today. The clearly planned wedding rubbering turned into a clown fiesta and ended without any gains.

I indicated towards Du Xiaowei, who was beside me. Du Xiaowei immediately understood and said to the transmitter, “Prepare to retreat.”

The people holding guns all immediately returned to the helicopter in a trained fas.h.i.+on. When Du Xiaowei and I also boarded the helicopter, it finally left in a slow pace.

The police did not appear from start to end.

This was the result of David informing them beforehand. Although David was powerful, he still couldn’t blatantly do some sort of terrorist attack like this. However, he had a good reason for it. He was shooting a tv show!

David did control several media companies, so this reason was very normal.

If anyone really investigates later, David could just say that he didn’t know someone was holding a wedding there, causing the misunderstanding.

Since n.o.body was hurt, David could easily deal with it using his influence. That was the advantage of a capitalist country, money and power means that you’re amazing.

In a lot of western countries, mobsters had already turned into a special existence that was allowed to exist…

“Sorry everyone! I caused everyone to be frightened…” Lei Fubo comforted everyone with a pale expression.

“Ha! Interesting, what do you think, Jack?”

“Yeah, it was great, it’s comparable to Hollywood films!”

“Thank G.o.d someone told us to come here to watch beforehand. Otherwise, we would have missed such a show!”

“Someone told you guys as well? Same for us, haha!”

“Yeah, the h.e.l.l is Lei’s Corporation, how could they have the right for me to come here in person. If it wasn’t for someone giving me a heads-up, I wouldn’t have come!”

Those guests, who sat on the side like nothing happened, started to speak mockingly.

Lei Fubo finally understood, someone messed with him!

These amazing people didn’t come to the wedding sincerely, it’s merely because someone gave them the heads-up, telling them to watch a show and mock him!

Now, not only was the wedding ruined, even the bride was fake. Lei Fubo didn’t dare to get mad at the guests, so he could only get angry at Xia Jing’s mother.

“What’s going on! Is our Lei family not good enough for your family’s Xia Jing! You’re only the chairman of a national corporation, no matter how amazing you are, your company isn’t yours! Our Lei family can let your daughter enjoy all extravagance! Look, where is she now!” Lei Fubo roared angrily at the middle-aged woman who spoke earlier.

“How do I know? Did your Lei family offend someone! They actually destroyed the wedding to this degree! Thank G.o.d my daughter didn’t come, otherwise, she might have already been taken away by bad people!” The middle-aged woman was also angry as she argued loudly. “Since it’s like this, then my daughter isn’t getting married!”

“Not getting married? That’s simple. Our Lei family already announced to the media that there’s an engagement with your daughter and we’re holding a wedding today. They’re not going to marry just because you said so?” Lei Fubo roared.

My phone ran not long after I boarded the helicopter.

“Son, we saw it through satellite tv. You looked great, but wasn’t it too over the top?” My dad said both excitedly and a bit worriedly.

“It was just a bit over the top, but sorry for not finding Xia Jing,” I said a bit helplessly.

“Haha, no worries. Then so be it if you didn’t find her, it doesn’t matter!” My dad continued.

“What do you mean ‘then so be it’?” I asked in confusion.

“My turn… Son, I’m your mom. Your performance just now moved someone to no end… She called you Dagege as she cried…” My mom’s voice came over the phone.

“Ganma… Why are you saying that… It’s too embarra.s.sing…”

f.u.c.k! It was actually the voice of little beauty Xia!

“Dagege, I didn’t think that you still cared about me…” Little Beauty Xia spoke on the phone now. “Originally, I had thought that it was a bit sudden and rash for me to go to Songjiang to find you, and I was afraid that you would have already forgotten about me… You really still remember me…” Little Beauty Xia choked.

“Xia Jing, of course Dagege remembers you, how could I forget… Dagege is in the US right now, I’ll go and find you after I get back to the country. Nothing’s going to be wrong with your home, right?” I asked worriedly.

“Hehe, thank you Dagege. I just saw the live broadcast, after Dagege went and messed up the wedding, mom and Uncle Lei already got into an argument… My mom probably wouldn’t make me marry Lei Xiaolong anymore…” Xia Jing said happily.

“Ha! I really didn’t expect such a result would happen! So that middle-aged woman is your mother…” I exclaimed silently. What a coincidence! My actions actually caused the Xia family and Lei family’s relations.h.i.+p to turn tense!

“I just feel bad for Lil’ Yu… Ai!” Xiao Jing sighed. “But this is for the best, if Dagege didn’t appear, then Lil’ Yu might have been defiled by Lei Xiaolong…”

“Lil’ Yu… wouldn’t get punished, right?” I felt rather apologetic towards Lil’ Yu, since I ripped off the mask.

“It should be fine, Lil’ Yu is a child my family adopted, she has been with me since I was young, mom shouldn’t trouble her…” said Xia Jing.

“That’s good. Otherwise, I really would have harmed her. This is good as well, so Lei Xiaolong wouldn’t treat her as you, and cause any other trouble!” I said in agreement.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous – The Prequel Chapter 150

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