Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous – The Prequel Chapter 161

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“Alright, then we’ll tell you. Just how amazing is it to be like this, there are girls that are interested in us as well. We want to be like the legendary Big Boss Guo Qing of the Songjinag underworld to control the entirety of Songjiang’s underworld!” The third delinquent said proudly.

“You said it as well, Guo Qing is the boss of the underworld in Songjiang. How are you guys going to take over?” I asked.

“Uncle, you’re behind on the times. Guo Qing already left Songjiang!” the first delinquent said with disdain.

I shook my head. Left? He left, but Sanhouzi is still here. However, these kids truly thought too simply, it isn’t bad to let them face some hurdles, so that they won’t just learn bad things.

“Then I hope your dream comes true,” with that, I entered Shaoniangong.

Shaoniangong’s display window still held the copies of Zhao Yanyan, Xu Ruoyun and my certificates when we got the prizes, as well as our photographs. However, I had handed a normal nerdy photograph to Geezer Xu, since I didn’t want too many people to know about me.

“Sir, these people were once students in our Shaoniangong’s computer cla.s.s. Does someone in your home want to study here?” Although we haven’t met in several years, I could tell that it was Xu Jinde just from the voice.

“Xu-laos.h.i.+,” I turned around and smiled towards Xu Jinde.

“You are…” Xu Jinde looked at me for a long while, then realized. “You’re Liu Lei!”

“Yeah, Xu-laos.h.i.+, I’ve come to see you,” I said with a nod.

“Hehe, it’s great that you can still remember your teacher!” Xu Jinde was very happy when he saw me. After all, I was his best student, and helped to bring honor to Shaoniangong.

“How could I forget Xu-laos.h.i.+, this is the place where my dream begun,” what I said wasn’t exaggerated at all. My first project, Shuguang Input Method, was coded on Shaoniangong’s computer. It isn’t wrong to say that this is the place where my dream started.

“Haha, your teacher is very happy to hear that! You should be in university now, right? Why did you suddenly come to find me?” Xu Jinde asked in surprise.

“It’s like this, something happened at home, so I came back to deal with it. So I also took the chance to visit you, sir!” I said.

“So it’s like this!” Xu Jinde nodded.

“Oh yeah, Xu-laos.h.i.+, have you finished teaching? I didn’t eat dinner yet, so I want to treat you to a meal. Let’s chat and eat at the same time,” I said.

“You’re my student, how could I let you treat me?” Xu Jinde shook his head. “I just finished teaching. Ruoyun isn’t home, so I didn’t want to cook. Let’s go, I’ll treat you!”

“Hehe, how’s that okay! Don’t forget, I, your student, is a little rich person already!” I smiled.

“Oh, right, I already forgot. You already wrote programs and sold it back then! Shuguang’s Director Zhao came to visit me a few times, his company is getting bigger and bigger!” Xu Jinde exclaimed.

“Yeah, back when I sold him the software, he was still a small company,” I nodded.

“Mm, I heard. Your input method sold for quite a lot of money. Ruoyun told me about it, back then, that chick was really jealous! She would mention you every day. I had thought that if you guys were older, Ruoyun might have fallen for you,” Xu Jinde joked.

From my point of view, this wasn’t funny at all. Only I was clear about what happened back then. Xu Ruoyun and my difficulty can’t be described.

I forced a smile, “Yeah, Xu Ruoyun was a little beauty. Back then, she was the school beauty of our school as well. If she was willing, I really wanted her to be my girlfriend.”

Xu Jinde and I found a street-side restaurant near Shaoniangong. Since Xu Jinde was determined to come here, I didn’t refuse. It was nice occasionally enjoying the liveliness like in these sorts of places.

“Owner, give us a Sichuan Boiled Fish, a plate of fried peanuts, a quarter of a kilogram of dry tofu in chicken sauce and two mugs of beer!” I said to the owner of the store.

“Alright! Coming right up! It’s twenty eight yuan in total! “said the owner.

Xu Jinde quickly paid the money first, while I didn’t fight for the bill. It was if we went to a large hotel, since I could pay by card. However, I could only pay cash here, but I’ve given all my cash to the three brats earlier.

“The Sichuan Boiled Fish here is very traditional. I would often eat here after teaching. It’s really spicy!” Xu Jinde pointed to the Sichuan Boiled Fish that was brought over.

“Good, I can eat spicy ones!” I took a bite of the fish, it seemed pretty good! When I had my second bite, I felt like I didn’t want to put down my chopsticks!

“How have you been these few years? Are you still with your little girlfriend?” Xu Jinde started to talk more after having a few mouthfuls of beer.

“I’ve been pretty good after designing some products, since I earned a bit of money,” I smiled. “I’m still with her. Oh yeah, Xu-laos.h.i.+, you might not know, there was a story between her and I back then!”

“Oh? What story?” Xu Jinde became interested.

Thus, I told him about the incident of me going to Uncle Zhao’s company to sell the software, then got shouted at by Uncle Zhao for whether I knew Zhao Yanyan.

“You said that chick is Zhao Junsheng’s daughter?” Xu Jinde was very surprised. “That’s too much of a coincidence! Too much, you two are truly fated to be together!”

“Hehe, thank you, Xu-laos.h.i.+,” I also smiled.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Liu, you’re studying in Yanjing, right?” Xu Jinde finished his mug of beer, then asked for another one. Meanwhile, his face also turned slightly red, clearly indicating that he was drunk.

“Yeah, I’m in Huaxia University,” I nodded.

“Recently, did you see the chick, Xu Ruoyun?” Xu Jinde asked with a slightly strange expression.

I was shocked, did Xu Jinde know about something?

“Xu-laos.h.i.+, why are you asking this?” I didn’t answer the question directly.

“Ruoyun haven’t mentioned you to me for several years, but would intentionally or unintentionally mention your name recently. Xiao Liu did you guys meet?” Xu Jinde took another sip of beer.

“I…” I wasn’t sure of what to say.

“No need to lie to me. This old man is someone that experienced it before. From the chick’s tone, she has most likely already fallen for you!” said Xu Jinde.

“About this… Xu-laos.h.i.+, I won’t hide it from you. That’s right! I met with Xu Ruoyun, what’s more, not only did we confirmed our relations.h.i.+p, we’ve already moved in together! The reason I came to find you is to talk to you about this!” I clenched my teeth and told him the entire truth.

Xu Jinde looked up and glanced at me through his squinted eyes, causing gooseb.u.mps to cover my body.

After a while, Xu Jinde suddenly chuckled, “You truly aren’t bad! Xu Ruoyun didn’t misjudge you! Laddie, daring to admit is very impressive!”

I sweat! So this geezer wasn’t drunk at all!

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous – The Prequel Chapter 161

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