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“Hehe, it was because we didn’t book the tickets in advance. When we went to buy the tickets, only first cla.s.s was left,” I smiled.

Xia Jing wanted to say something, but a small commotion occurred at the entrance of the VIp lounge. A young woman wearing a small yellow jackets and entered the VIP longue under the protection of two black-s.h.i.+rted people. Meanwhile, the ones causing the commotion were blocked outside the longue by the airport employees.

“Hmm? This person is so familiar,” Xia Jin looked over at the young woman.

I couldn’t help but smile wryly, she wasn’t just familiar! This person was one of my secret girlfriends – Su Yingzi.

At this moment, there weren’t many people in the VIP Longue. Aside from Xia Jing and I, only a few foreigners and old people were left. That was why Xia Jing and I were rather eye-catchy within the room. Su Yingzi clearly saw us as well, as she happily waved towards me.

Seeing Su Yingzi wave towards us, Xia Jing said in a bit of confusion, “Dagege, do you know her?”

After arriving in the VIP Longue, Su Yingzi no longer held herself back as much as when she was outside. She took off her with a smile, and directly walked over to sit in the seat beside me.

“You’re Su Yingzi!” Xia Jing exclaimed. For girls her age, the teenage star, Su Yingzi, had a pretty big impact on her.

Su Yingzi nodded with a smile, “h.e.l.lo, I’m Liu Lei’s… friend.” However, her tone was clearly a bit jealous. Su Yingzi didn’t feel good in her heart when she saw her boyfriend sit with other women.

“Ah! Dagege, you actually know superstar Su Yingzi!?” Xia Jing exclaimed. “Su-jiejie, can I call you that…”

“Of course,” Su Yingzi smiled. Although Su Yingzi was a bit envious, but this girl was clearly leaning on Liu Lei, so that meant that they were very close, so the girl calling her jiejie wasn’t wrong.”

“That’s great!” Xia Jing clapped happily. “Can I have a photo with you?”

Su Yingzi nodded, and asked for a digital camera from her bodyguards. I couldn’t help but find it funny when I saw the Shuguang and Su’s logo on the camera. It seems like Su Yingzi truly supports her family’s business! Even the camera she is using is the product of her hubby and dad’s company.

“What are you laughing at?” Su Yingzi was already slightly displease. Despite acting calmly towards Xia Jing, she let out all her anger on me after seeing me smile like an idiot.

I pointed at the logos on the camera.

“What’s funny about that!?” Su Yingzi glared at me. “Are you saying that Su’s isn’t as famous as Shuguang?”

“I didn’t mean that…” It seemed like Su Yingzi still didn’t know that Shuguang Corporation was something of our family as well. She seemed rather displayed after products of her family’s factories sticking on another company’s logo.

Xia Jing looked at Su Yingzi and I in confusion, “Dagege, Su-jiejie doesn’t seem very friendly towards you?”

Su Yingzi smiled after hearing that. However, she thought to herself in her heart, I’m unfriendly towards you. If you weren’t here, G.o.d knows how friendly I would be with him! Yet, she still spoke up, “C’mon, let’s take a photo.”

Xia Jing only felt satisfied after happily taking many photos with Su Yingzi. After that, she looked over them on the digital camera over and over again.

“Wow! Now my cla.s.smates are going to be so jealous of me. They show off all the time with Su-jiejie’s autograph, let’s see what they’re going to say now!” Xia Jing said excitedly. “Hmm? Who is this man? Is this Su-jiejie’s boyfriend?”

Xia Jing pointed to the camera screen.

“Ah!” Su Yingzi took over the digital camera to have a look, then tried frantically to turn it off.

However, I already saw the photo. A large-bearded man was dipping his head and saying something to Su Yingzi. The two sat very closely with each other, and the mouth of the guy with a large beard was pretty much touching Su Yingzi’s face.

My expression immediately darkened.

Su Yingzi felt rather frantic when she saw me turn angry.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere between us turned rather intricate.

Xia Jing looked at the two of us in confusion, “Dagege, what happened?”

“Nothing,” I smiled. I thought about it and immediately understood. From the angle the photo was taken at, it was clear that someone had snapped the picture in secret. That’s why Su Yingzi probably didn’t know beforehand. From Su Yingzi’s slightly frowning expression, I could also tell that she didn’t have much feeling for the bearded guy.

However, Su Yingzi did not think so. When she saw that I suddenly smiled, she got even more frantic as she thought that I laughed because I was angry. Thus, she explained in a hurry, “There’s nothing between him and I, seriously, I…”

It was fine when Su Yingzi didn’t explain it. However, Xia Jing merely got more confused by the explanation, “Su-jiejie, what are you saying? You and dagege…”

“I… Ah… Actually…” Su Yingzi didn’t want Xia Jing to know our relations.h.i.+p, but her explanation had instead exposed it.

“Alright, Xiao Zi, it’s fine if you tell her,” I said as I looked at the blus.h.i.+ng Su Yingzi, and found it rather funny.

Xia Jing was no idiot. When she heard that I called Su Yingzi “Xiao Zi”, then linked it with Su Yingzi’s earlier expression and tone, she instantly understood. However, Xia Jing was not a woman that liked to fight over things, she also knew that I had a lot of women aside from her. What’s more, since she has finally gotten with me, she naturally treasured our relations.h.i.+p. That’s why, she didn’t get rather annoyed, and instead said naturally, “It seems like I really wasn’t wrong when I called you Su-jiejie just now!”

Seeing that the other person didn’t display any hostility, Su Yingzi didn’t find it wrong to get jealous anymore. What’s more, she had no time to get jealous when she didn’t explain the photo in the camera properly!

Thus, she replied openly, “Yeah, Xia Jing-meimei.”

“Hehe, Xia Jing, now your cla.s.smates can’t compete with you anymore. You guys might even have to sleep on the same bed in the future!” I teased.

“What are you saying, dagege, it’s too embarra.s.sing!” Xia Jing said embarra.s.sedly.

“That photo…” Seeing that my mood improved by a lot, Su Yingzi decided to carefully raise the topic again.

“Oh, I already saw it. What does that beard guy do? Is he your pursuer?” I asked.

“He’s the director of this movie I’m in… He’s not really a pursuer, he’s like that with all actress. I don’t know which employee snapped the photo, I haven’t seen it before,” Su Yingzi explained.

“He, I knew it! How could our family’s cute Xiao Zi fall for the beard? Wouldn’t she get p.r.i.c.kled to death by it when kissing!?” I laughed.

“You’re terrible!” Su Yingzi said coquettishly. Su Yingzi had always been a good actress. At that moment, her voice was s.e.xier than normal women, so even someone that had as much experience as me couldn’t help but feel my heart waver.

Meanwhile, Xia Jing silently thought about what she was lacking in preparation to surpa.s.s the older sister in front of her in the future.

“Then he hara.s.sed you?” I asked.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous – The Prequel Chapter 166

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