Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 211

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"Boss, I want to thank you. If it wasn't for you, I might not have made it this time!" Guo Qing said from the bottom of his heart.

"No need for all this. Who are the two of us? Let's leave all these pleasantries and talk about what happened to you this time?" I no longer smiled and looked directly at Guo Qing.

Guo Qing got up and sat on the hospital bed. Looking around the room carefully for a moment, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Even now, we need to be careful!"

"Why? Are you afraid of being monitored by someone? Don't worry, I have checked it already!" In fact, if there was indeed a device here, I would have already perceived it with my ability! "Moreover, my decision of coming here happened on the spur of the moment. Even if someone was indeed monitoring you, they wouldn't be interested in a dying man."

"I have been targeted again and again recently!" Guo Qing smiled and said, "Where's Ding Baosan?"

"Targeted recently? Have you been monitored often recently?" I felt a bit strange listening to Guo Qing's tone. Originally, he would always call Ding Baosan as Third Monkey, why would he now be using his full name? But I still replied, "He's outside! What happened? Should I ask him to come inside?"

"No need to call him!" Guo Qing said very firmly, "Yeah, I have been monitored recently, but I don't know who's been doing it! But I suspect Ding Baosan!"

"Him?" I shook my head. How could Guo Qing even suspect him? What the h.e.l.l was going on!

"Yeah, it has to be him! Sometime before this accident, some people placed a bomb in my car, someone even poisoned the water dispensers in the office, but I had been successful in avoiding them!" Guo Qing said.

"That can't explain that the person who did all this was Ding Baosan! Others could have done it too!" I replied.

"Indeed, it's possible for others to be able to do all this, but he is the prime suspect!" Guo Qing said, "For example, when that bomb was installed. During normal times, whenever I partic.i.p.ated in any domestic activity, Ding Baosan would always go along with me, and we would be in the same vehicle! But at that time, Ding Baosan asked me for a leave to deal with some private matters! And know what, that was the time when there was a bomb installed in the car! Fortunately, I had asked a subordinate to board the car before me, otherwise, if I had entered directly with him, I would already be dead!"

"Maybe, that was just a coincidence!" I said.

"Alright, let's a.s.sume that that was just a coincidence!" Guo Qing said, "Then there's one more thing! The water dispenser in my office was also poisoned!" Sayin that, Guo Qing narrated the events that took place that day.

Guo Qing was sitting in his office when Ding Baosan was reporting his work. Guo Qing had asked his secretary to pour him a gla.s.s of water, but he never thought that instead of drinking the water, Ding Baosan would open a drink he had brought with himself. Guo Qing was started and felt very surprised but didn't think too much.

After Ding Baosan was done reporting his work, he left the office. Later, another subordinate came looking for Ding Baosan to report his work. This subordinate had just come back from the outside and was already panting. The moment he saw a gla.s.s of water on the table, he immediately drank without waiting for anything.

What Guo Qing didn't expect was that before the guy even finished drinking, he started to vomit. With foam coming out of his mouth, his eyes rolled over and he fell to the ground!

Guo Qing was shocked and quickly had the subordinate brought to the hospital. Though the hospital tried to save him for a long time, it was all to no avail! The autopsy result showed that he had been poisoned!

Guo Qing was angry and immediately asked someone to inspect that water dispenser in the office. The result? It had actually been poisoned by someone! After calming down, he thought of Ding Baosan's unusual move, and this made Guo Qing become suspicious!

So while he watched Ding Baosan for any suspicious activity, he was also very careful! He had never thought that this time would be the worst!

"Now there is this incident!" Guo Qing said, "After we came out of the hotel, I had to get on the car. But Ding Baosan met a person and started talking to him, so I naturally didn't get on the car by myself. But who would have imagined, I got shot by a sniper rifle!"

Guo Qing's words couldn't help but make me fall into thinking!

Let alone Guo Qing, even I started to have doubts! All the evidence was pointing towards Ding Baosan! Even a fool could see this clearly that Ding Baosan certainly had some sort of involvement with all these matters!

But, I absolutely trust in my own abilities! My ability will certainly not lie, and there was no way for Ding Baosan to deceive me using his thoughts! Therefore, I could say it with full confidence that Ding Baosan had nothing to do with all of this!

However, where were we making a mistake then? It felt as if I had thought of something, but it was a very fuzzy feeling and not a definite idea! As I don't know the internal workings and relations in the Three Rock Gang, it wasn't easy!

"After Ding Baosan, who is the one with the highest authority?" I suddenly asked.

"After Ding Baosan?" Guo Qing was stunned but he immediately understood my meaning, "That's impossible, the person most likely involved is definitely Ding Baosan!"

"Just tell me who it is!" I said strongly! I believed that it was impossible for Ding Baosan to have done all this!

"It's Chen Yong!" Guo Qing said with some hesitation.

"Chen Yong?" I was startled, "Chen Wei'er's elder brother?"

"Yeah!" Guo Qing nodded.

"Wasn't he in the construction business?" I asked strangely, "How come he joined the underworld?"

"He came back to the headquarters last year! That guy isn't bad and he is also very loyal. He quickly gained the support of the others and became the vice-president!" Guo Qing said.

Chen Yong did! How could it be Chen Yong! Am I mistaken about something? This matter is becoming more and more complex! Could it be really that my ability wasn't good enough? Did I perceive the wrong thoughts?

What a headache! I had thought that Ding Baosan was framed and whoever framed Ding Baosan must be the person to get the most out of all this in the Three Rock Gang! When Ding Baosan fell, the biggest beneficiary would be the culprit!

But now, how could it be Chen Yong?

If Chen Yong wanted the position, he could simply rely on my authority. There was no reason for him to use these methods!

He could simply find me, and I would have let him get the highest authority for Chen Wei'er's face! Let alone being the deputy director, I could have given him an entirely new company!

Messed up! All of this was messed up! Just a little clue and everything is in a mess now!

"Guo Qing, what do you think, will I get rid of you if I didn't find you pleasing to the eye?" I looked at Guo Qing and asked him seriously with a hint of coldness.

"What?" Guo Qing was immediately started but he sternly replied, "Boss, are you cracking a joke? We are good brothers, there's no way you will harm me! If I was annoying you, you would just have to ask me ones, and I, Guo Qing, would get rid of myself! You wouldn't even have to do it!"

"Good! Then, do you believe me?" I asked.

"Of course, I believe whatever you say!" Guo Qing said without any hesitation.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 211

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