Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 214

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"Third Monkey, we must have put you under great inconvenience by making you stay here over the days! The Three Rock Gang is quit tranquil outside, so until we can catch the culprit, we will have to trouble you!" Guo Qing said.

"I understand that you have to go out and deal with the matter, so I can't be out freely right now! I am relieved now, so I can eat my food without any worries!" Ding Baosan said.

"Hehe, it shows on your face that you haven't eaten or slept during the time you were here!" I said while looking at Ding Baosan's tired appearance.

"Ah…" Ding Baosan said with a smile, "Yeah. Brother Guo, how come your injury healed so fast, it's so incredible!"

"Of course, it's all thanks to Boss!" Guo Qing glanced at me and said, "Liu Lei is no ordinary person! In the eyes of the ordinary people, he might be just a rich man, but he actually has special abilities! Third Monkey, it's only because you really didn't do anything, otherwise, you wouldn't even have known how you died!"

I didn't mind him telling Ding Baosan about my secret, after all, he could be considered as someone on my own side!

"Ability? That's so cool!" Ding Baosan was excited as he said, "Can you change your form? Can you beat monsters?"

"You have seen too much Transformers and Ultraman!" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Eat your food and then go to sleep!"

"Ah, hehe…" Ding Baosan realized his own miserable condition and smiled awkwardly.

Chen Yong had rapidly unified the Three Rock Gang's influence. The entire Three Rock Gang was like a tranquil lake without a single ripple. This puzzled me more and more!

Although I didn't believe that Chen Yong was the one who instigated all this, I couldn't help but use my Spiritual Energy to look through his mind! After surveying his mind, I was greatly shocked!

I couldn't feel anything from him!

The result of the survey was that Chen Yong's mind was completely blank! This made my heart turn cold — was that really him? But what made me feel even strange was the fact that Chen Yong had always been a normal person, he had nothing to do with special abilities!

There could only be three possibilities for this,

First, there was a problem with my ability and the result had been mistaken by me! However, that was almost impossible. I had tried using my ability on a few other Three Rock Gang members and I could still see through their minds.

Second, Chen Yong wasn't thinking anything in his mind, which is obviously impossible unless he was a vegetative person.

Third, Chen Yong also has an unknown ability that prevents others from detecting his thoughts!

Now, the third possibility was the most likely one. But what I don't understand is why would Chen Yong do this? I really wanted to talk to Chen Yong about this openly and honestly, but I was afraid that he wasn't the ultimate mastermind behind the scenes, so I might alert the enemy.

Therefore, I prepared to watch Chen Yong's movement in secret and see what he was actually up to! However, even that brought no results. Besides doing his duties diligently, there was no suspicious act or person he contacted.

With nothing else to do, I asked Du Xiaowen to continue keeping Chen Yong under surveillance, as I had other matters to deal with.

The construction work on the new planet was still in full swing. Run schools, build factories, promote agriculture, and developing businesses. Everything was happening under the guidance of Sun Sikong.

Due to the rapid development of the Akata Tribe, some smaller tribes near the Akata Tribe had come to join them, just like how the Dark Tribe expanded.

With the increasing population, the name of the Akata Tribe was starting to appear not appropriate enough. So after my opinion and consultation with everyone, the Akata Tribe was renamed to Bright Flame Clan and their birth planet was also named the Bright Flame Star!

At that night, I received an urgent call from Du Xiaowei.

"What's the matter?" I looked at the clock and it was around 1 o'clock. If it wasn't an urgent matter, Du Xiaowei would never call me at this time in the night.

"Boss, Chen Yong vanished!" Du Xiaowei said in a deep and anxious voice.

"Vanished? What do you mean?" I sobered up all of a sudden.

"He's missing!" Du Xiaowei said with some hesitation.

"What's the matter? Weren't your people keeping watch on him all this time?" I asked.

"They were, but he vanished right under the nose of my people!" Du Xiaowei said.

"Vanished right under the nose? They lost him?" I asked.

"Not lost him, more like, he vanished into thin air!" Du Xiaowei explained, "The people under my command are all professionally trained. Although they are only mercenaries, they are comparable to real elite forces! When tracking a person, it's impossible for them to just lose them!"

"What is going on then?" I asked.

"At ten o'clock tonight, Chen Yong and some men from the Three Rock Gang were eating at the Guobin Hotel. After Chen Yong went to the bathroom, he just disappeared!" Du Xiaowei said, "Our people had been watching the door of the bathroom closely. After waiting for half an hour yet not seeing Chen Yong come out, our people went inside but there was no one inside."

"Did they check the windows?" I immediately asked.

"Yes boss, but there are guardrails outside the window and the vents in the bathroom are all welded. We checked the entire place carefully, but there were no hidden places in there! That is to say, Chen Yong just disappeared into thin air!" Du Xiaowei said, "Boss, I am telling the truth. I have another relations.h.i.+p with you as well, so you know I won't lie. If something goes wrong, I will certainly not s.h.i.+rk responsibility, but this time, it's really not our mistake!"

After listening to Du Xiaowei's words, I couldn't help but be lost in thought! Chen Yong just vanis.h.i.+ng wasn't something impossible! I had already suspected him to not be an ordinary man, so it wasn't a strange thing to know he just disappeared!

However, what made me feel strange was why would he choose this time to disappear? I had never revealed any doubts about him and Du Xiaowei's people were mixed in with the people of the Three Rock Gang. Two of them were even Chen Yong's bodyguards, so it should be impossible for Chen Yong to detect anything wrong!

So, what could be the reason for his disappearance?

"He wasn't seen after that?" I asked.

"No, it's as if the person Chen Yong vanished out of existence! He has made no contact with anyone in the gang and his phone is not connected to the network either!" Du Xiaowei said, "It seems that this guy indeed was the culprit!"

I really didn't want to believe that Chen Yong would be the culprit, but with the current situation, there's no way to think otherwise! Was it really him?

"Contact the secret powers under us and ask them to search for Chen Yong's whereabouts in their parts of the world!" I instructed Du Xiaowei.

"Yes!" Du Xiaowei said, "I have also sent people searching for him!"

The Three Rock Gang couldn't be without a leader. Now that Chen Yong has disappeared, it means he is definitely ready to expose his plans! My plan will no longer work.

The return of Guo Qing and Ding Baosan has now become a matter of course!

I just never thought that Chen Yong would flee before he could show any real flaws. In the end, just what was his purpose for doing all this?

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Volume 4 Chapter 214

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