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“Why isn't anyone saying anything? Just now, I heard everyone happily laughing happily from outside the door. You all were arguing about something. No need to be so rigid, be more open! That is also part of work!” As I saw none of them speak, I said so the mood could be lighter, “Everyone, you may continue. It isn't an issue even if it isn't part of the work. We can work together and also have fun together!”

“Yeah, I and Director Liu will also partic.i.p.ate in the discussion. I say we all work at the same place, no need to feel distant from each other. We all are friends. Otherwise, there will be a generation gap, haha!” Chu Gao said naturally as he looked towards me, “Look, it's almost Twelve o'Clock. It's almost time for the mid-day break. We can work after a little break. Let's continue the topic that you were discussing right now.”

However, no one in the conference room spoke. Everyone looked towards the Manager of Public Relations, Yang Mei, strangely. Feeling their stares, Yang Mei lowered her head and blushed deeply. With her bright and intelligent eyes, she was looking here and there chaotically, not knowing what to say.

“Will anyone tell me what is happening here?” I was surprised by their reaction and asked. They were acting too strange.

“Director Liu, that… the matter is like this, we were just…” The Manager of R&D Department was a loyal student and fan of mine. He has always spoken the truth to me. Just when he was trying to say something, Yang Mei glanced towards him and hurriedly said while cutting off his words, “Nothing. Director Liu, we were just discussing what the security captain said and how he was a funny fellow. Right, Manager Li Xiaogang?”

As soon as Li Xiaogang saw Yang Mei's look, he immediately followed with her words, “Exactly, that's how it was! That's what we were discussing!”

I didn't say anything more. There wasn't any need to ask if they didn't want to say it. From my management experience in the past, I could tell that they meant no bad to me or Chu Gao, so there wasn't any need to be worried.

Many staffs like to elect a leader of their own and follow their lead. It's a very normal matter. In my previous life, before I became a CEO, I also once played this game of acting like a leader when the actual boss wasn't around. It was only after I became the CEO, did I realize how hard the job actually is. Not only do the Boss needs to make sure that the company doesn't suffer any losses, they also need to make sure that the staff under them are also working well. That's why I don't like to interfere in the matters of my staff too much. As long as they are working fine, there's no need to stop them from having some leisure time.

“Well then, everyone can now go and rest. We will resume the conference after the midday rest break is over.” I waved my hand and said,

“Long Live Chief Liu!” Yang Mei said happily while raising both her hands.

Li Xiaogang was criticizing in his heart. This silly woman sure is looking for trouble. Unexpectedly, daring to call Director Liu as Chief Liu when Chief Chu is present.

However, Chu Gao didn't fuss over it. In his heart, he knew who had the most authority to speak in the company, and he wasn't discontent with it.

I looked towards Yang Mei and smiled. I rarely attend the conference at the company, and so, I am not very familiar with the people in the company. Though her calling me that isn't an issue mostly, I couldn't allow the rules of the company to be broken, and so, I said to her, “You must call me Director Liu, or Adviser Liu. Do not call me anything else, it will save you from wasting any brain cells.” {TL NOTE: Just call me by one name, and it won't waste too many brain cells of yours and others. Make it consistent, so others don't have any issues.}

“I know!” Yang Mei said to me as she made a grimacing face towards me.

In my heart, I was happy. This little girl is very interesting, daring to make faces towards the Chief. Looking at her, she wasn't that old either and should have recently graduated from University. She should be around the same age as my Chen Wei'er. But then, I remembered that I am not the Chief, but only a Project Manager. Although my position is important, it isn't on the same level as the Manager of Public Relations. Therefore, there wasn't any need for this Young Missy to be respectful towards me. {TL Note: Happy in his heart for getting another addition in his harem.}

However, looking at one of his Managers making rude faces towards the actual Chairman of the company, Chu Gao almost had a scare and immediately scolded Yang Mei, “Yang Mei, what are you doing! Be polite, don't be rude!”

“I and Chief… Director Liu seems to be almost the same age…” Yang Mei said, “And it is Chief Chu who said that we are all friends after work. Now, it is midday break. What's wrong with making faces towards my friend!”

“That…” Chu Gao couldn't retort against her. Yang Mei was worthy of being the Public Relations Manager. Her speech was so eloquent and crafty, she certainly had the potential to be an attorney!

“Okay then, Yang… Mei.” I only know found out that she was called Yang Mei, therefore said, “Chief Chu and you can crack more jokes later. For now, let's go and eat a meal together.”

“Director Liu, you have hurt my self-esteem you know! This Manager is this company's most beautiful lady, yet you don't even know my name…” Yang Mei said as she felt unhappy.

“Don't I know now. I have a lot of people to deal with after all, haha!” I said as I laughed.

I carefully looked at the girl before me. Tall, slim, and born with a model's body and face. Her beautiful face was like carved jade, with a thin layer of makeup covering it. Though she didn't use makeup like other professional white-collar women, she looked even more radiant and beautiful compared to them. Her pure green dress accentuated her wild beauty. And her small but unreasonable mouth. This kind of girl is mostly more mature due to being independent. No wonder she could sit on the position of Public Relations Manager seat which is one of the most difficult positions for ordinary people.

At the top floor of New Century's office building, there was a collective canteen. The staff of the company could go there and have a meal during break time. Originally, the dining hall was divided into two large s.p.a.ces, divided by a special gla.s.s in the middle. The Managers and above had their own side that was more luxurious. Afterward, someone gave me the advice to get rid of this system, and so, I ordered the removal of the part.i.tioning. Now, everyone in the company could sit together and eat their meal equally.

As soon as I and Chu Gao arrived at the cafeteria with the others, we were drowned by the stream of employees in the cafeteria. It was the midday break, and everyone wanted to quickly eat their meal and go take some rest. It was chaotic.

I was the first person in our group to go and get food. Looking at the dazzling dishes that were available, I couldn't decide what to eat. Compared to the University's cafeteria, this place was akin to a high-cla.s.s food festival.

One should know that the white-collar workers were very picky people. Even with all these luxurious dishes available here, some might still order something from the restaurants. Students couldn't compare to them.

Suddenly, I saw a window selling Sichuan Mala Tang. Looking at that, I remembered that year in Songjiang when I first ate Mala Tang at Chen Wei'er's family's stall. Therefore, I went to the Mala Tang window and said to the seller, “Boss, I will have to trouble you to make me an extra spicy Mala Tang without any coriander…”

“Haiyou!” The Boss selling Mala Tang nodded and said, “Five Dollars.” {TL Note: Is this a G.o.dda*mn fish market.}

“Here you go!” I said as I took out a ten Yuan note from my wallet and gave it to the man.

“Sir, we only accept food-cards here.” The Mala Tang Boss said to me as he pointed towards the notice above the window.

“Food-card?” It was my first time eating a meal here, where am I even supposed to get that food-card! As I turned my head to look towards Chu Gao, I discovered that he had already disappeared.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous The Prequel Chapter 170: Yang Mei Part 1

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