Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous The Prequel V4c186 – Feiyan Gate Part 2

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Moreover, I could see from afar that the people in the company's hall were shaking! After I got closer, the company's door was pushed open! A group of men walked out, leading them was a high spirited old man. Though the old man's age couldn't be discerned, but his imposing manner was very astonis.h.i.+ng!

“Feiyan Gate's battle formation sure is great!” I said with a sneer, “After selling me that stolen ring, were you afraid that I will retaliate so you brought along so many people?”

Facing my satire, some people couldn't bear it. They wanted to retort but since the old man in the middle didn't speak, they didn't dare speak either.

The old man didn't have any special expression after listening to my words. Looking at me, he said with a very dignified expression, “Do you know our Flying Swallow Technique?”

“What does my knowing that have to do with this?” I didn't give him a direct reply.

“May I ask what Mr. and Master Jiao Yazi… What is your relations.h.i.+p with him?” The old man asked with some excitement.

“You ask me that? I want to ask you the same thing!” I frowned. It seemed that the old man was very respectful, but who knew if he was pretending or not, or what his real purpose was?

“I…” The old man hesitated and said, “Mr. Liu, how about we go in to talk!”

“Go in and talk? Oh, alright!” I looked at the people around me and sneered. If I was replaced by someone else, no one would dare go in with them. If not for the fact that I had absolute a.s.surance and control, I would never agree to go inside.

The old man seemed to have understood the meaning behind my words. He waved his hand and said to the person next to him, “Little Dong, bring everyone away first. No one is to go upstairs without my orders. I have important matters to discuss with Mr. Liu.”

I knew that the old man was trying to give me some peace of mind, but I didn't take them seriously, so I didn't say anything. I followed the old man and went to the top floor of the company with him.

Coming to a room similar to a darkroom, the old man pressed on the side of the wall a few times and then the door of the room slowly opened.

“Please come in!” The old man made a gesture of asking me.

I didn't say anything and strode inside the house. But when I saw the scene inside the room, I was shocked!

In the direction of the east side of the room, a fragrant incense case was placed neatly. On top of the incense case was the portrait of a person, and that person was actually Jiao Yazi!

On the side of the Jiao Yazi's portrait, the words “Founder” were written! Looking at the scene before me, I was petrified! It couldn't be, right? Was this Feiyan Gate founded by that old fogy Jiao Yazi?!

I was really too surprised that I forgot that there was another person beside me. If there was some other matter, I would certainly not show such an unusual expression, but this time was different!

The reason was that I actually saw the portrait of a “not a person” guy who was Jiao Yazi! The old man seemed to have also noticed my unusual expression and was more certain of his idea that I had something to do with Jiao Yazi! If I didn't know Jiao Yazi, why would I be so surprised looking at the painting?

“Mr. Liu, there is no one else around here, so can you tell me what relations.h.i.+p you have with my master?” The old man asked slowly. {TL: Everyone treats the relations.h.i.+p so seriously as if Liu Lei gay!}

“Master?” I glanced at the portrait of Jiao Yazi. Is this old man an apprentice of Jiao Yazi? That Jiao Yazi sure had a lot of apprentices, Du Xiaowei was one, and now there is another!

“My master is Jiao Yazi!” The old man nodded and said, “I am Jin Hongzhong, the doorkeeper of Feiyan Gate. Can you tell me now?” {TL: He isn't the guard, he is the sect master.}

“What do you want me to tell you?” I soon reverted my expression back to normal.

I will never reveal anything to him until I have figured out whether the old man was telling the truth or not.

“Mr. Liu, you wouldn't be trying to deny that you know my master, that old man?” Jin Hongzhong said, “Your expression has already betrayed you!”

“Oh, I am indeed going to deny it, what are you going to do about it?” I answered like a rogue, “You must at least tell me first why you believe that I know Jiao Yazi?”

Looking at my appearance, Jin Hongzhong couldn't help but smile bitterly. In his opinion, Jiao Yazi was an existent that almost rivaled G.o.d, so the person who was a.s.sociated with him will certainly not be some ordinary mortal either. He had never thought that I will actually play word games with him! However, there was also another status a.s.sociated with my ident.i.ty, and that was the chairman of the world's largest business group, so I obviously didn't care about them.

Jin Hongzhong then pressed the b.u.t.ton on the intercom on a desk and said, “Little Dong, bring that video.”

“Okay,” Little Dong replied.

When I heard Jin Hongzhong suddenly talk about a video, I had a bad premonition. Did someone capture a video? Impossible, Jiao Yazi and I hadn't met even once in the last three years. Moreover, the last time we met, it was in Songjiang City, so how could these people find anything?

However, after I watched the video, I felt relaxed! Soon, the person called Little Dong brought a recording tape and put it inside a video player inside the room. Before long, I had seen the entire video.

It was a scene from when I came to N-City to visit Meng QingQing.

After the video finished, I didn't have any special reaction. Though I was relaxed, I remained calm on the surface, “What can this prove? What is the meaning of this? What's wrong with me going to visit my father-in-law's family? Don't tell me you send people to track others even when they go shopping?”

There was a hint of sarcasm in my tone! If it wasn't for this old man Jin Hongzhong and that Little Dong still looking so serious, I would have believed that they had put on a wrong video! Even after observing the video carefully, I didn't find anything wrong with the video. It was just an ordinary surveillance video!

“Mr. Liu, at the time this video was filmed, Little Dong was in the vicinity!” Jin Hongzhong didn't answer me directly, instead, he said something important.

After listening to Jin Hongzhong's words, I couldn't help but think of what happened that day. Although there was nothing on the video, I had still used my teleportation ability out of the camera's range!

Only now did I finally understand why this Jin Hongzhong was so adamant about his claims. Could it be that I had been seen when I teleported?

However, this was all just my guess. So long as Jin Hongzhong didn't take the initiative to say it, I wasn't going to confess to anything myself, so I said, “What does that have to do with anything? Until now, I still can't understand why you were looking for me and even believe that I have something to do with Jiao Yazi!”

“Alright, since Mr. Liu isn't willing to acknowledge it himself, I will shed some light on the matter, so we can save ourselves from playing word games!” Seeing me still not accept the matters, Jin Hongzhong first said, “Mr. Liu, where did you learn your skill for instantaneous movements?”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Very Pure And Ambiguous The Prequel V4c186 – Feiyan Gate Part 2

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