Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – We knew each other ages ago

How did Xia Jing become your fiancé, no wonder she isn’t willing to go back, if I was a girl, I wouldn’t want to look at you, whose a pig head.

“What are you looking at me for? Do you know who I am? Don’t f.u.c.king think you’re something just because I was a little nice, Uncle Bin, practice with him,” Lei Xiaolong swore angrily.

One of the expressionless suit walked over to me, from the way he walked I could be sure that this fellow was a martial artist.

Uncle Bin walked in front of me, and threw a bunch towards my stomach with a lot of power. I quickly dodged to one side.

f.u.c.k him, this Lei Xiaolong was quite black-hearted, if didn’t train then my intestines might have been beaten out of place by this Uncle Bin’s punch! If this was. .h.i.t onto normal people, they would definitely have internal injuries.

“The surname with Lei, I have no crossed you before. What is this supposed to mean?” I roared.

“Heh, what’s this suppose to mean! Where did you hide Xia Jing?” Lei Xiaolong said with a pale face.

“What do you mean where did I hide her? Even if I saved her, I have no need to know where she went right?” I asked him back.

“Good, very good! You finally admit you’ve seen Xia Jing! Say it, where is she now?” Lei Xiaolong roared.
“Your memory must be terrible right? I told you I don’t know!” I said fearlessly. That Uncle Bin’s moves were only so so, I only just found that that my agility was this good, that punch from Uncle Bin was like in slow motion from my perspective.

“You, fine! Uncle Bin watch him, I’m going out for a little,” after that, Lei Xiaolong sneered sinisterly as he went out of the room.

“Uncle Bin right? From my view we shouldn’t fight, I’m scared of you dying,” I was very confident in myself. I notice my kungfu was getting out of this world, I don’ know if it was because my relentless practice recently, or it’s due to the experience of being the sanda champion in my previous life, it’s just that ever since I acted as a hero and saved a beauty, I was very happy with my prowess. However I only found out the real reason after having a talk with old bro Yama a long time later.

“Your kungfu is pretty good, there are people that can dodge my punch just now, but there aren’t many in Huaxia, and they are all older than you! Heroes really come from a young age! However I don’t dare to go against Young Master Lei’s orders, even if I have to risk my life I have to exchange a few blows with you,” said Uncle Bin.

This Uncle Bin was a man, but he followed the wrong master. Just as the two of us were taking stances to fight a grand battle, the room door was pushed open.

The person that entered was Zhao Yanyan, she quickly walked in front of me and asked me, “Liu Lei, are you alright?”

I shook my head, I was already really different when I had just ben reborn, at least talent improved a lot from back then. I was prepared to happily fight a battle with that Uncle Bin, it seems like that plan is in the dumpster.

At that moment, Lei Xiaolong was standing awkwardly at one side, watching Zhao Yanyan and me, not knowing what to say.

“Lei Xiaolong, what right did you have to capture my hubby?” Seeing that I was alright, Zhao Yanyan asked Lei Xiaolong furiously.

“This, hehe, I didn’t know that he is Yanyan-meimei, your… boyfriend, misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding,” Lei Xiaolong was so angry that his heart was itching, but he couldn’t say anything, he clearly knew who is Zhao Yanyan, he have seen her a few times when he followed his father to invest in Songjiang province, her grandfather was someone that even his own father didn’t dare to cross. Although his father could be said to be able to summon wind and rain, but there was no need to anger a provisional official due to his small issues.

At this moment, a black suit ran over, and said a few words quietly beside Le Xiaolong’s ear, Lei Xiaolong’s expression immediately darkened, and turned towards me and said, “What do you mean by this? Xia Jing was in your home, why did you say you don’t know? I’m telling you, Xia Jing’s ident.i.ty isn’t something you can climb to, if something happened to her, I’ll make you unable to eat…”

Before Lei Xiaolong finished, Zhao Yanyan glared at him and interrupted, “Who are you trying to scare?”

“I —— I ——“ Lei Xiaolong wanted to say something, but couldn’t, and just swore in his heart that I would kill you once your grandpa enters the soil.

It seemed like I could hide the situation anymore, if I continued, the issue between Lei Xiaolong and I may very well develop into the issue between Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather and Lei Xiaolong’s father.

“That’s right, Xia Jing is actually in my home, but I don’t know who she is, and didn’t know that the person you wanted to find is her,” I said.

Seeing that I succ.u.mbed to a non-violent technique, he couldn’t really say anything else, and said, “Nothing, I have to thank you for saving my fiancé.” Lei Xiaolong didn’t understand the relations.h.i.+p between the person before him and the Zhao family, and since he has been offered a way out, he followed it. Since he wouldn’t do something as dumb as establis.h.i.+ng another powerful enemy for no reason no matter how dumb he was.

Although I could tell that Lei Xiaolong seemed to have the intention to make peace, but the three characters “fiancé pierced my ears, I couldn’t help but frown.

Zhao Yanyan noticed my change, lightly took up my hand and gripped it. I know she was telling me not to be impulsive.

After a while, I saw that Xia Jing had a look of a martyr as she was pushed in by two black suits. When Xia Jing saw me, a frantic expression immediately appeared on her face as she glared angrily at Lei Xiaolong, “Lei Xiaolong, what did you do to Da… Liu Lei?”

A felt a sense of sweetness in my heart after hearing that, the little beauty still cared about me, and I know that she was just about to call me Da Gege, but there were too many people here.

Lei Xiaolong said unhappily, “Jingjing, he is Yanyan-meimei boyfriend, what can I do to him?”

Xia Jing also noticed Zhao Yanyan who was standing beside me holding my hand, a slither of depression flashed across her eyes before returning to normal.

However I saw this change, I was unnaturally happy in my heart. Then made a secret decision, isn’t he just a pretentious rich second generation, I’ll kill you in the future.

The moment Zhao Yanyan and I left the hotel, I asked, “Yanyan, how did you find me?”
“You’re asking? The moment Guo Qing said you were taken away, I knew it must have been done by this fellow Lei Xiaolong, and immediately got Uncle Zhang to help me find where they are staying,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“You already know Lei Xiaolong?” It was weird, from Zhao Yanyan’s tone, she knew Lei Xiaolong already.

“En, his dad is Lei Fubai. He followed his father once to our Songjiang city, we met each other a few times,” Zhao Yanyan didn’t hide anything and spoke truthfully. Since she must let me know these things, since it concerns my safety.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 52

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