Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – Parallel World

Unless, there really was some misunderstanding here?

The Zhao Yanyan in my previous life, was actually always interested in me, it’s just that I was too dense, and didn’t realize it?

Thinking about this possibility, I had a cold sweat.

Although there was no way of proving this guess, and I don’t know the truthfulness in it. Since that is something form the previous life, but once this thought has formed, it became something that I could not eras.

Now that I think more about it, Zhao Yanyan was a beauty among beauties, yet she could remain unmarried till she was thirty, that was a bit unusual.

Although there were many men that were often unmarried at the age of thirty something, since successful people often married late, but women that haven’t married at thirty something was rarer than rare.

You can’t say there aren’t any, but there definitely wasn’t a lot. Despite that, those women that didn’t marry would still have boyfriends! Women like Zhao Yanyan who haven’t even had a boyfriend at thirty something, either had mental issues, or it was due to some other reasons!

Thinking about those small moments in my previous life with Zhao Yanyan, although I didn’t say much to her during school, I always kept an admiring att.i.tude and looked up towards Zhao Yanyan.

With an inferior mindset, I felt like I would not be worthy of Zhao Yanyan, no matter how hard I tried to catch up, I always felt that there was a distance between her and I, this type of distance, wasn’t something that simple hard work could make up.

Only until we started working, did I slowly began to take off, to the point that my position in the company gradually over took Zhao Yanyan, only then did I recover my confidence.

Yet on the day I was preparing to confess to Zhao Yanyan, I received news of Zhao Yanyan’s marriage!

This change that struck me as a heavy blow, caused my entire person to feel like it had fallen into an ice crevice, at that moment my brain was filled with deep regret and emptiness.

Yet I didn’t think anything about it, I was muddleheaded the entire time throughout the wedding to when I died from alcohol overdose, I didn’t think carefully about what was wrong about it.

Furthermore after my rebirth, I had intentionally avoided this period of history, and didn’t want to touch upon this depressing past, and didn’t think about any of the details.

However, since the topic has reached here today, I once again thought carefully about my previous life, and finally found something unusual!

Even if Zhao Yanyan and my a.s.sistant Xu Qingwei was getting married, why didn’t I hear anything about it before? Nor did I see any hints about it?

Zhao Yanyan was someone I quietly watched over, if she had a boyfriend, was it possible that I couldn’t have noticed any detail?

Furthermore, Xu Qingwei was my a.s.sistant, and someone by my side, if he and Zhao Yanyan had a lover’s relations.h.i.+p, who I have not noticed? Was I just a blind person in my previous life?

I shook my head silently, and rejected this notion from the bottom of my heart. Despite my lack of confidence in my previous life, I wasn’t an idiot, it was impossible for me to be incapable since I had reached the position of the regional company.

Then what was Xu Qingwei and Zhao Yanyan’s sudden engagement for?

This was something I couldn’t understand at all, but, in my heart, I thought of a possibility that made my heart jump! Perhaps, if it really was like Zhao Yanyan said, her in my previous life, was definitely interested in me, it’s just that she was a girl, and was too embarra.s.sed to express it, and always waited for me to take the initiative, perhaps I… Chased after her in inferiority over and over again, without a single hint… This caused Zhao Yanyan to feel dispirited, perhaps she just casually chose a marriage partner.

Since she wasn’t young either, at thirty something, a woman was no longer young, she couldn’t delay any longer! Even if she wanted to delay, her family wouldn’t agree.

However, all of this, was just my guess, there was a bit of regret, but fortunately the heavens did favor me a lot, and allowed me to return back to 1994, my high school era, and allowed me to restart my life.

This life I will leave no regrets behind!

Yet, perhaps, this was just my imagination, just like what Zhao Yanyan had said, outside of this world, there was another similar parallel world, her and I were in it as well, so were other people.

It’s just that the story between them were different. Perhaps in the Zhao Yanyan and I in that world, were deeply attracted to each other, what Zhao Yanyan felt, was her thoughts from another world.

Of course, or maybe, Zhao Yanyan just muddled her dreams with reality, and throw her own thoughts into her dreams and affected it.

Thinking to this point, my heart finally calmed down… I was really worrying for nothing! Why did I think so much into it? It does matter about the previous life, this life is the most important.

In this confusion, with a bit of sleepiness, I also gradually fell asleep.

“Ding —— Ding —— Ding ——“ A clear telephone ringtone sounded out, and woke me up from my slumber.

Who’s calling me right at noon, I immediately ran over to the living room and picked up the phone.

“h.e.l.lo, who are you looking for?” I said in a habit.

“Leilei, so you’re home! Your dad and I are going to be home really soon, open the door for us later, we’re carrying too much stuff in our hands!” My mom’s voice came out from the phone.

Why’s my mom back? Didn’t she and my dad go and visit my grandma? I remember in my previous life, the two of them stayed at my grandma’s home for three days, this was only the second day.

“Mom, why are you back so quick?” I immediately asked.

“Yeah, your dad said he’s afraid you’ll be bored at home, and there wouldn’t be anyone to cook for you, the two of us discussed it so we returned earlier. Your dad said you worked hard studying, so we just went to the farmer’s market at the market and bought you some fish, to make you something good to eat!” My mom said happily.

It can’t be? Was it because my academics improved in this life, so my parents are treating me better than before? But you don’t need to come back earlier right, isn’t this ruining things for me?

My mom saw that I didn’t reply and immediately asked, “What, Leilei, you don’t want your dad and I to be back earlier?”

“How could I, I do, I do! I’m just too happy, so I couldn’t react!” I immediately came back to my senses.

“Okay, then I’m hanging up! Although your dad’s phone bills can be claimed at the factory, we can’t waste it,” my mom said then hung up.

I hurriedly ran back to my bedroom, and woke Zhao Yanyan up at the as time as I got dressed. “Get dressed quickly!” I shouted.

“What is it? Is it dark outside?” Zhao Yanyan was woken so suddenly by me, and opened her sleepy eyes dumbly, and looked at me in confusion.

The Zhao Yanyan that just woke up, was indeed cute, but I didn’t have any time to observe in detail, and said to her in a hurry, “My mom is downstairs, she’ll come up soon!”

“What?! Your mom is back?” Zhao Yanyan suddenly jumped up from the bed, and rushed around to find her clothes, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Aiya… What are we going to do?”

“I only just received the call!” I smiled wryly, “What else can we do, clean up hurriedly and then welcome them!”

At that moment, both of us were in an extreme hurry, we swiftly cleaned up the bedroom, the simply cleaned up the living room, until there was no suspicious trace did we let out a sigh of relief.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Zhao Yanyan and I looked at each other, it was lucky that we just finished cleaning up, or else we’ll be in deep trouble.

I got Zhao Yanyan to pretend to be coming over to visit, and sent her to my room, then I stood up to open the door.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 72

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