Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 – TT Incident

My skills aren’t that bad right? I shook my head, then called Zhao Junsheng.

“Hey Uncle Zhao, help me get a car,” I said.

“You want to buy a car? Is it urgent? How about I give you my Hongqi first?” Zhao Junsheng thought I urgently needed a car.

“It’s not urgent, help me order one first, Jetta’s good, it’s cheap,” I said.

“Jetta? You’re really saving money, how about Uncle Zhao pay and buy you a Mercedes instead?” Zhao Junsheng chuckled.

“Never mind that. If I wanted to show off, I would have chose Bentley or Lincoln, I just don’t want to be too eye-catching,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll get someone to do it later. I’ll get a more awesome car plate for so, so you don’t have to pay fines everyday,“ Zhao Junsheng mocked.

I faint! Is my driving skills really that bad? I hung up the phone in displeasure. Back in the days, I was a professional racer.

When I returned the bra to Zhao Yanyan, the chick’s face was really red, then she said in a mosquito like voice, “You mom knows everything?”

I nodded.

The chick actually smiled craftily, that expression was like her ploy worked. I suddenly had a strong feeling that, this chick definitely did it intentionally!

“Did you do it intentionally?” I pretended to be agree.

“Did your mom get angry?” Zhao Yanyan said evasively.

“Yeah, she thinks that you’re a really wanton girl,” I deliberately lied.

“Re-really?” Zhao Yanyan’s eyes dimmed depressedly.

“I’m kidding! My mom said I can’t do anything that would wrong you,” seeing Zhao Yanyan like that, I could not bear to continue lying to her.

“Ah! Really? You’re not lying?” Zhao Yanyan immediately became happy again.

“Really, but say, was it on purpose?” I said.

“En,” Zhao Yanyan nodded.

It really was as I expected, this chick did it on purpose, the goal was to get my mom to recognize her quickly, so she can easily become my legal wife in the future, if it was stolen by someone else, that’d be terrible.

Seeing that I stopped speaking, Zhao Yanyan thought I was really angry, so she pulled my hand and said, “I am just scared that you won’t want me in the future!”

I immediately explained, “I’m not blaming you! Do you know what my dad gave my yesterday?”

“What is it? Is it for me?” Zhao Yanyan said happily after she saw that I wasn’t angry, and there was something good.

“For both of us,” I laughed naughtily.

“Let me see it quickly!” Zhao Yanyan said impatiently.

I took out that small box from my backpack and handed it to Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan took a glance at it then immediately pushed it back to me, “d.a.m.n Liu Lei, big pervert, why did you bring it to school!”

“Isn’t this just because I was afraid you would want it during the day, so I specially prepared it. This way we can go to the water room…” I said while smiling lewdly.

“I hate you!” I don’t want it! And I don’t want it anymore in the future, use it yourself,” Zhao Yanyan said with a red face.

“Okay then, I’ll find someone else to use it with!” I said with false regret.

“What!? You dare! If you go and find someone else, I’ll… I’ll…” Saying that, the words seemed to be stuck in Zhao Yanyan’s mouth, finally she sighed, and said faintly, “I’ll support you…”

I really didn’t know what to say about this Zhao Yanyan anymore, if I say she doesn’t get jealous, she have more thoughts than anyone. If I say she does get jealous, the things she does are often out of my expectations.

As I was immersed in my thoughts, a hand reached over and s.n.a.t.c.hed away the Double b.u.t.terfly condom in my hand.

“Who!” I raised my head in annoyance, I just wanted to explode when I noticed the one standing beside me was my cla.s.s tutor, Ye Xiaoxiao.

“Follow me to the office!” Ye Xiaoxiao said with a cold expression.

Ye Xiaoxiao’s gaze swept over Zhao Yanyan, who was beside me, this chick immediately blushed and laid her head on the table, too scared to look at us. Isn’t this admitting her guilt? Ai! Now it’ll be hard to explain.

I stood up helplessly, and followed Ye Xiaoxiao out of the cla.s.sroom. How many times have she found me? This is the third time? Her teeth clenching expression was really funny, she was clearly blus.h.i.+ng, yet still pretended like she didn’t care.

Due to this, a weird scene was created in the corridor. The virgin teacher holding a box of condom walking in the front while blus.h.i.+ng, with a student follow her from behind, both people had their heads down and didn’t speak. It was fortunate that there weren’t many people in the corridor, or else who knows what they would think. I didn’t really care, but it would hurt Ye Xiaoxiao’s face.

“Go in!” Ye Xiaoxiao used the key to open the office door, and then stood on the side, telling me to go in first.

I walked into the familiar office, and rushed over to sit onto Ye Xiaoxiao’s chair, then I casually crossed my legs. If I could like a cigarette right now, then it would be too epic!

Ye Xiaoxiao closed the door, then noticed I was sitting on her chair, however she didn’t burst out due to the precedent last time. Instead she pulled over a chair and sat beside me.

“What is this thing for?” Ye Xiaoxiao throw the condom onto the desk.

“What else can this thing be used for?” I didn’t answer directly, and replied with a question instead.

“You——!” Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t think I would answer so directly, and immediately blushed.

“Ye-laos.h.i.+ couldn’t have not used this before right?” A mocking smile appeared on the corner of my mouth.

“I… I…, who said I haven’t used it before!” Ye Xiaoxiao angrily bit her lips and stomped her foot.

“Oh? So Ye-laos.h.i.+ have used it, then why did you ask me what this is for?” I said with a smile.

“Liu Lei! You’re too much!” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

“Too much? How am I too much?” I asked weirdly. To be honest, I didn’t find I did anything over the top.

“How old are you, using this thing!” Ye Xiaoxiao took two deep breaths and calmed down.

“Ye-laos.h.i.+ doesn’t seem too old!” I continued to use a teasing tone and said.

“I haven’t used it,” I didn’t know why, but Ye Xiaoxiao suddenly said honestly.

“Ah?” It was kind of hard to accept Ye Xiaoxiao’s 180 degrees turn of att.i.tude.

“It’s to be used with Zhao Yanyan right?” Ye Xiaoxiao look at me and said.

I nodded subconsciously.

“Prepare to use, or used it before?” Ye Xiaoxiao pressed on.

“Is it important?” I asked back. What business is it of hers whether I used it or not?

“Hai——Hai——! I’m just caring about you as your teacher and friend!” Ye Xiaoxiao said embarra.s.sedly.

I faint, when did this strict Ye-laos.h.i.+ change? Suddenly becoming so gentle.

“I’ve used it before,” Ye Xiaoxiao’s att.i.tude made me feel bad about hiding it any longer.

“Oh!” Ye Xiaoxiao nodded, and didn’t say anymore.

After a long while, seeing that Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t speak, I asked, “Can I go back?”

Ye Xiaoxiao nodded, indicating that I could leave. I was just about to turn when Ye Xiaoxiao said, “Wait, take this back, there-there’s no use of me keeping it. Don’t take it to school next time.”

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 81

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