Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – The Mysterious Liu Family

Yang Shuguang carried the money he just withdrawn and arrived at a mansion in the developing area.

“What do you want!” A black clothed guard said.

“I want to see Master Liu!” Yang Shuguang said.

“Who are you? To see him?” The black clothed guard eyed Yang Shuguang and asked.

“I-I am his son-in-law…” After saying this, even Yang Shuguang himself felt a bit embarra.s.sed.

“Son-in-law?” The black clothed person swept his gaze over Yang Shuguang, but still took out the walkie-talkie and said a few words into it.

Seeing the guard helped him send a message, Yang Shuguang felt a bit of relief. He was just scared that the guard would stop him, but as long as the guard helped him send a message, then it would be fine.

Not long later, a fifty something old man with a pockmarked face came out from within.

“Butler Liu, this person said he wants to see Master!” The black clothed man said mechanically.

Butler Liu, with the pockmark face, looked at Yang Shuguang for a while, the laughed coldly, “You are Yang Shuguang? Heh! We haven’t met for many years right! I fear that Master still doesn’t want to see you!”

“I-I already called master!” Yang Shuguang said awkwardly.

“Oh? Is that so! Then follow me!” Butler Liu glanced at Yang Shuguang and said emotionlessly.

Obviously Butler Liu knew that Yang Shuguang was coming today, he was just deliberately making it difficult for him. Butler Liu had been with master with thirty something years, they were like brothers even if they were brothers.

His feelings towards the second xiaojie of the Liu family was like towards his own niece, furthermore the second xiaojie was the one who got along most with him. He didn’t think that the second xiaojie would marry this ungrateful Yang Shuguang, and died after a few years due to Yang Shuguang’s various affairs outside.

Although the second xiaojie died of a heart disease, Butler Liu didn’t think so, and blamed everything on Yang Shuguang.

Yang Shuguang carefully followed Butler Liu, and didn’t even dare to breath. There were bodyguards wearing earphones all around the courtyard, from the way they were standing, they were definitely no worse than the professionally trained military personnel.

Butler Liu took Yang Shuguang around and around to a small two-floored building at the center of the yard.

“Butler Liu!” The bodyguards standing guard at the door immediately greeted him, but his position was like the second master of the Liu family, and was truly the confident of the master.

“Xiaosanzi, go and inform inside, say that Yang Shuguang has arrived,” Butler Liu used an indifferent tone and said.

“Xiaosanzi is also an experienced person in the Liu mansion, and has worked under Butler Liu for more than ten years, he has already heard about the grudges between Butler Liu and Yang Shuguang, and thus didn’t say too much, and immediately said a few things into the mike. After that he said, “Master said to let him go in.”

“Follow me,” Butlr Liu didn’t look at Yang Shuguang, and just walked straight in.

Yang Shuguang quickly followed behind Butler Liu while dipping his head.

When they arrived in front of a door, Butler Liu knocked lightly on it twice, and a vigorous voice of an old man sounded out from within, “Come in!”

Butler Liu pushed open the door, and told Yang Shuguang to go in first, at that moment Yang Shuguang was already freaked out, he was terrified of getting ambushed inside, and thus didn’t dare to go in.

Butler Liu snorted with disdain, and stepped inside. Only then did Yang Shuguang enter while trembling.

The interior of the room was really big, there were three armchairs in the middle, an old man was sitting at the center with two middle-aged ladies sitting at his side.

Yang Shuguang immediately bowed, “Wanbei Yang Shuguang pays his respects to Yuefu-daren, and two Yuemu-daren.”

“Heh! Who is your yuefu?!” Master said coldly.

“About this… In wanbei’s heart, you will always be my yuefu!” Yang Shuguang couldn’t help but bite the bullet and say it.

“Wanbei? From what I see you forgot about the direction after being so awesome as the defense team captain right! And you don’t want anything to do with us the Liu family right!” The master mocked.

“How would wanbei dare! What’s more is that wanbei isn’t any defense team captain anymore!” Yang Shuguang sighed.

“Okay now, don’t use any false courtesy with me anymore, just say whatever you have to say!” The master waved his hands, and didn’t want to continue act pretentiously anymore.

“This is a little bit of wanbei’s thoughts,” Yang Shuguang opened the suitcase beside him, and handed it to Butler Liu.

Butler Liu just took a glance, and threw it back to him and said, “The Liu family would lack money?!” Although there were several hundred thousand in that box, Butler Liu has already experienced a lot by the master’s side. Back in the days when he acted as the adjutant to master to fight in the north and south, the money and jewelry they got could be piled into mountains, there was no way they would be interested in this measly several hundred thousand.

“Wanbei only have so much! Wanbei understands that yuefu wouldn’t be interested in…” Yang Shuguang explained with a red face.

“Don’t use that act that you use in the society, tell you the truth, I feel like your money is just taking up s.p.a.ce in my home. Even that floorboard that you’re stepping on is worth more than this!” The master said, “Just say what you have to say!”

“Yuefu-daren, your grandson was beaten till he was disabled! You have to do something about this for me!” Yang Shuguang said depressedly.

“Grandson? I don’t have that kind of grandson!” The master have heard about Yang Kaiyuan’s various actions that included all sorts of bad things such as eating, drinking, ordering prost.i.tutions, gambling, tricking, lying, kidnapping, fighting, murdering, committing arson etc. he was exactly the same as his dad Yang Shuguang!

“Master, no matter what that Yang Kaiyuan was born from the second xiaojie!” A lady beside the master immediately showed a worried expression after hearing Yang Kaiyuan being beaten till he was disabled.

“Liu Xiaocui is my daughter, that is true, but I don’t admit that Yang Kaiyuan as my grandson!” The master slapped the armrest on his chair and said.

“But no matter what, that Yang Kaiyuan counts as half a member of the Liu family, if this was known by others, then even our Liu family’s face would be affected!” The lady continued. No matter what, the second xiaojie, Liu Xiaocui, came from her, the mistress, what needs to be protected should be protected.

“You think I don’t understand your women’s pettiness? Heh! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yang Kaiyuan’s evil actions are hard to bear, just based on the things he has done these years, it’s not too much even if he was beaten to death!” The master snorted. Then he said, “However you are right, that brat counts as half a member of the Liu family no matter what. Yang Shuguang, tell me your thoughts! You already planned it all before you came right?”

Yang Shuguang smiled awkwardly. This master was getting smarter with age, all of his ploys were seen through. Thus he didn’t hide anything anymore, and spoke about all of his grudges with Chen Yong’s family, but he did exclude one of the key characters, Liu Lei. This is because Yang Shuguang was understood that the background that Liu Lei’s backing represented was really powerful, although the master had a bit of power in some areas, but Zhao Junsheng, and especially Zhao Limin weren’t to be trifled with.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 87

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