Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – Meeting Liu Zhenhai

I didn’t think that hatred started between Yang Shuguang and I due to the Liu Kesheng at the start, then it got worse with his son Yang Kaiyuan, it looks like it really started between Yang Shuguang and I, he actually brought about so much trouble.

This is definitely a big grudge.

Although Jiang Yongfu had already told me a lot about the this and that of the Liu family, I was still shocked when I got the information. The Liu family’s power was truly beyond my imagination, the Liu family had shares in at least 10% of the corporation that acted as pillars of the country! What made it more unbelievable was that this old man Liu Zhenhai still had his own private army which had a a large supply of weapons

However, due to Liu Zhenhai once being the local king in the Songjiang area, meaning that he had a wide network of contacts, and also hid really well, it wasn’t easy to find a lot of evidence even if the higher ups wanted to make a move on him, what’s more is that a lot of famous people in various areas have also put in a word for Liu Zhenhai.

With my current abilities, I cannot p.i.s.s off this kind of people, although I had Zhao Limin backing me, but this Liu family is seriously too crazy right? This made me think of a phrase —— super big black powered group. I think that if Liu Zhenhai really wanted to kill me, he didn’t even need to stay in jail for a day before an entire group of people coming out to act as his scapegoat. It looks like I could only do as Jiang Yongfu said, and ask for peace.

At the same time I also received Yang Shuguang’s phone number, since he wasn’t calling me, then I’ll call him.

“Hey, is it Yang Shuguang? I’m Liu Lei!” I said coldly.

“Heh! I finally received you call, I thought you were scared!” Yang Shuguang laughed sinisterly.

“Yang Shuguang, it really was you! What do you want?” I said loudly.

“What do I want? You guys already beat my son till he’s a level 2 disabled, you still have face to ask me what do I want?” Yang Shuguang roared in anger.

“Stop bulls.h.i.+tting, how’s Chen Weier?” I said impatiently.

“Don’t worry! She’s fine right now, but I cannot guarantee it’ll be the same tomorrow!” Yang Shuguang said.

“Release her, tell me your conditions,” I didn’t drag it on with him anymore and went straight to the point.

“Of course I’ll release her, but not now. If I release her now, what do I have to threaten you with? Tomorrow morning, you and Guo Qing wait in front of Fourth High, there’ll be a van waiting for you there. Remember, only two people, also, don’t think about calling the police or anything like that, I worked in the field before, since I dare to do this, of course I’m not afraid!” After saying that Yang Shuguang hung up.

For Yang Shuguang to tell me to go, I have nothing to say about it, because it started because of me, but Guo Qing was draggd into it by me. This doesn’t really have anything to do with him, but now Yang Shuguang also treated him as a target f revenger.

Unable to do anything else, I went shamelessly to Guo Qing, and explained everything that happened today.

“Boss, isn’t it just to see Yang Shuguang? What’s there to worry about,” Guo Qing said uncaringly after hearing that.

“Guozi, no matter what, you were dragged into this by me…” I said really apologetically.

“Boss, you are mine, Guo Qing’s, bro, for my entire life. Don’t talk about it, isn’t your business my business?” Guo Qing said resolutely.

“Fine! Good bro! But be prepared, we won’t avoid getting beaten up,” I nodded and said admiringly. Guo Qing was really loyal, he was like this even in my previous life.

“f.u.c.k isn’t it just getting beaten up once! What’s gonna happen, kill me if he’s so awesome,” Guo Qing said dismissively.

The morning the next day, Guo Qing and I arrived in front of Fourth High as promise, no long later, a white Jinbei van stopped in front of us.

“Liu Lei?” The car door was opened, and a man wearing a black suit and asked us.

“That’s me,” I said.

“Get on,” the said, then went back into the car.

Guo Qing and I got onto the van, and noticed that there were only the and the driver on the car. Yang Shuguang probably knows that the hostage was still in his hands, we can’t really do anything right now, so only two people were enough on the car.

The driver didn’t drive us around a bit, the van arrived at the suburbs after a few turns, and stopped in a very impressive mansion, the driver showed a credential, and the car was let in.

“Get off!” The opened the door to the van.

Guo Qing and I followed behind the, and entered a two floored building. I saw that there were several bodyguard-like people not so far away, who were all wearing earphones, and on their backs were actually submachine guns! Was this the manor of the warlord Liu Zhenhai?

After we pa.s.sed through the rugged corridors, we followed the to the second floor, and stopped in front of a door.

“The people that want to see you is inside, go in by yourself,” the used his right hand to make a “please” gesture and said.

Guo Qing and I fearlessly pushed open the door, and walked blatantly inside.

When we entered the room, to my surprise, we didn’t see Yang Shuguang, in the center of the room, a solemn old man was sitting on an armchair, behind him stood six able-bodied young men.

“You’re Liu Zhenhai?” I gazed coldly at the warlord, that once could do anything, in front of me, yet I felt no hint of fear.

“That’s right! Brat, you’re pretty smart! You can actually guess that I’m Liu Zhenhai!” Liu Zhenhai said with a flushed face.

“Where is Chen Weier?” The thing I was most worried about was Chen Weier’s safety, nothing else mattered.

“Tell Adjutant Liu to bring that chick here!” Liu Zhenhai’s method of addressing Butler Liu was still using the his position in the old society.

“Butler Liu, master said to bring that girl here,” a young man behind Liu Zhenhai said into the mike.

After approximately 5 minutes, a pockmarked face man pushed open the room door, behind him was a girl, she was the Chen Weier I missed so very much.

“Weier, are you alright!” I swiftly ran over.

“Liu Lei?!” When Chen Weier, who was originally expressionless, noticed that boy who has saved her multiple times, once again appear before her, she leaped onto him disregarding anything, all of a sudden, she couldn’t control her feelings anymore, her tears gushed out like a fountain. The oppression and chagrin from before were instantly released.

“Okay, Weier, it’s fine now! I’ll definitely save you!” I patted the back of Chen Weier’s head and comforted her.

“En,” Chen Weier nodded confidently. Actually from the moment she was captured yesterday, she had thought about that person who have saved her multiple times form danger, she believed that this wouldn’t be an exception, as expected, he finally cam!

“Okay, talk about your conditions!” Seeing that Weier was fine, I felt relief. I turned and said to Liu Zhenhai.

Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel Chapter 92

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