Song in the Clouds Chapter 43 Part2

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Yun Ge turned from the quietest prisoner to the most active prisoner.

Every morning and night, she would walk around in circles in the square-shaped prison.

"Is this better for the body?"

The man nodded.

Every day, when the sunlight shone into the cell, she would do shadow-boxing under the small column of sunlight.

At first there were quite many prisoners who would stare at her body and catcall, babble some unpleasant words, but she turned a deaf ear towards them.

Under the s.h.i.+ning sunlight, her face had lighted up like crystals.

Her expression looked like she was standing in the middle of a green field, bathed in bright sunlight, facing the warm wind, and she was freely stretching her body. Her serenity and calm made the prisoners who peeked at her gradually become quiet. They would still stare at her, but the dirty look in their eyes was slowly disappearing.

Every day after dinner, she would softly hum some songs.

The man knew that she was singing for the little creature in her belly.

Some of the songs could be comprehended, but some could not.

Every time when she sang gently, the prison would be unusually quiet.

In this dark world that was filled with death, her singing reminded them of a lot of things. Maybe it was a mother who was sewing clothes under the cold light; maybe it was the wild flower at the ear of the girl next door; maybe it was a wife's smile on the wedding night; maybe it was a child's first cry; maybe it was a gentle gaze that could be seen but could not be reached in the time of youth.

All the hearts of the people who had their hands stained with blood could unbelievably turn soft for a moment when she was singing.

The rough and straight-looking men could surprisingly grasp something from her singing. Every time when it was meal time, they would pick up some of the best food in their bowl and pa.s.s it to Yun Ge, cell by cell.

No one had spoken and no one had an arrangement either. By the time everybody picked out some of their food and pa.s.sed it to Yun Ge's cell, the food had piled up in her bowl like a mini-mountain.

Yun Ge did not reject them; she just smiled and looked at these fierce men.

Unexpectedly, they would be embarra.s.sed and avoided her eyes, but still acted like they did not care.

She was eating the "special" food prepared by the whole prison.

Although she was in a dark death prison, her paleness was slowly fading; with her determination and eagerness, she was alive in the dark.

Looking at her behaviour, the man changed his initial judgment. Even though this was a death prison, her child would still be the happiest child in the world.

"Your baby will be blessed."

Yun Ge smiled and nodded. "Of course!" Her eyes showed excitement and happy antic.i.p.ation, which felt like seeing the warm sun in March.

This day.

The man was forced by Yun Ge again to take the pulse for the third time, and for the hundredth time, he told Yun Ge, "Your body is recovering well and the child is even better."

Song in the Clouds Chapter 43 Part2

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