I am the Monarch Chapter 248

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I am the Monarch - Chapter 248:The Ruin(3)

Even Ian Phillips didn't expect a moving tower.
It definitely is a great thing to use in commanding and controlling the conscripts.

'It's even more effective if Clay is the one commanding.'

It was a way to transform them into an elite force in a short period of time.
No, to be exact, it was a way to make them look like an elite army.

'Even if you drew lines on a pumpkin, it will not become a watermelon.'

Ian gave out a vague smile.
The Rinse Liberation Army conscripts seemed very tough, but in reality they were very fragile.
If their sh.e.l.l was even slightly cracked, it was almost certain that they would collapse.
However, Clay's ability was more powerful than he antic.i.p.ated, and it wasn't so easy to break the sh.e.l.l.
Even Pierce was struggling.

'We have…….'

The smile on his mouth deepened.

'The lord with us.'

His gaze turned to the battlefield.
Roan and Amaranth Troop, which fought with momentum, suddenly turned back to the side of the encampment.
It looks like a retreat.
But Ian wasn't panicking at all.
So far, everything has been going as planned.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The sound of horseshoes resounded wildly.
Roan and Amaranth Troop pa.s.sed the Asta Troop, and Liberation Army's right wing and retreated deep into the rear.


Roan issued a command with a hand signal.


With the sound of the warhorses' neigh, the Amaranth Troop turned their direction and ran west.
Pierce and Asta Troop that was on the right side seemed to pa.s.s through.


Amaranth Troop's water-mana soldier waved a flag.
At that point, Pierce and Asta Troop stepped back, breaking down the heat.

"Go At'em!"

The right-wing of the Liberation Army gained momentum the moment Asta Troop stepped back.
They were too thrilled to have thought that they have won against the elite Lancephil Fief Army.
This led to balance between Clay's command, and the troop's momentum being slightly disturbed.
The aristocratic commanders, knights, and elites who were at the forefront sprang forward, and the conscripts behind them fell a little behind as they squirmed.
"What, what?!"
"Do we have to follow? Or not?"

The conscripts panicked.
The reasons was that Clay's command from the moving tower was different compared to the actions taken.
The lack of experience was evident.
The hard battle alignment has fallen perfectly.


Roan didn't miss the opportunity.

"Yes Sir!"

With the sound of a roaring answer, Amaranth Troop struck the side of the Right Wing of the Liberation Army.


The clash between warhorses and warhorses, warhorses and humans erupted in blunt burst.

"Wha, What do I do!"

The conscripts were distracted by the attacks that were pouring upon them.

"Get out of the way!"
"Don't block the path!"

The Amaranth Troop swung swords, spears, and axes.

Sukuk! Sukkukl!

A series of terrible sounds rang out.

"Da, d.a.m.n it!"

The right-wing conscripts who were behind instinctively swung their weapons.
But only a few months ago that they were ordinary farmers, it was impossible for them to deal with the Amaranth Troop.


With the sound of boiling spit, the bloodbath swept in.


With heatwave, black-red flames erupted in all directions.
Flare and blaze.
Roan emerged from a beautiful and terrifying landscape.
A subtle black-and-red light flowed through his whole body.


The conscripts swallowed only dry saliva, unable to fight.
Roan looked at the soldiers and cried out loud.

"I will tell conscripts! Run away if you want to live! If you runaway I will not give chase! But……."

A low, powerful voice penetrated the ears.

"I will not keep anyone who oppose me alive!"

Breathtaking dangerous intent was overflowing.

"Ru, Run away?"
"Ar, Are we able to live if we run away?"

The conscripts were agitated.
Roan looked at them and exhaled out a long breath.
In reality, he didn't want to hurt the conscripts.

'But you can't take it easy on the battlefield.'

With a slightest mistake it could save the enemy and loss the allies.
It's a place where you die if you don't kill.
That was the battlefield.

'However, I'll give them a chance to run away.'

Originally, he would have killed them altogether without even giving them a chance.
However, of the 70,000 troops in The Rinse Liberation Army 2nd, the number of conscripts exceeded half of the total.

'When one person runs away, two people run away, and when two people run away, four people run away.'

Conscripts, especially those with limited combat experience, were much more likely p.r.o.ne to be agitated than regular soldiers.

"I'll say it again! Run away! We will not give chase to those who runaway!"

Roan once again shouted out loudly.
It wasn't just about the conscripts around him.
It was a to all the conscripts of the Liberation Army, the left, the right, or the third and fourth section that had not yet been seen.

'If they actually listens to this news, they'll be greatly shaken.'

Roan wanted them to collapse on their own.
At least he didn't want to meet so many on the battlefield.

"If we do meet……"

On the battlefield, Roan was a ghost and WarG.o.d.
'I have to kill.'
Roan smiled bitterly and swung Travias' Spear.


With a sharp wave, the flames bloomed in the air.
It's like the s.p.a.ce itself split and shown it's true self.

"Ahhh. I, I don't want to die!"

One of the conscripts abandoned his weapon and fled.
That was the starting point.

"Ru, run away!"
"If you run away, you can live!"

The conscripts that were dragged here, threw their weapons and began to flee.
It was like watching a ma.s.sive wave.
Soldiers went like the low tide.
As a result, the right wing of the Liberation Army rapidly collapsed.

'Alright. It worked.'
Roan smiled faintly and quickly sent a signal.
He ordered that the runaways should not be chased.
Instead, they turned their horses' heads and attacked the elites of the Right Wing of the Liberation Army, who were fighting Pierce and Asta troop.

"Uh?! Uh!"
"d.a.m.n it! What is happening!"

The right-wing elite, who had been pus.h.i.+ng the Asta Troop with momentum, were greatly bewildered by the sudden rear-end ambush.


The flames soared in the wind.
Roan and the warhorse sprang out from the flames.


Each time Travias' Spear moved, a number of soldiers disappeared in fire.

"Ro, Roan!"
"It's the WarG.o.d!"

Some of the aristocratic knights recognized Roan and shouted.
Roan smiled vaguely and shook his head.

"It shouldn't be the time to care about me?"

At that point, right-wing commanders visage frowned .

"What does that……?"

An expression full of doubt.
At that moment.


With the eerie sound, a spear pierced the knight's chest.


The knight, with the sound of boiling phlegm, died.


The commanders looked for the spear's owner, and looked around.
Their gaze lingered upon somewhere.
At the end was Pierce.

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At Roan's command, he stepped back with Asta Troop and then went back to fight back.

"Let's really get started now?"

Pierce smiled and twisted his wrists.
At that instance, the spear pierced the knight's chest, he started struggling quickly from side to side.


At the same time, enemy soldiers and knights bounced back in all directions.
Indeed a terrifying spearman.

"Attack him!"

Asta Troop members scrambled over the knights who had fallen in front of the sharp spear.
Roan quickly pulled the reins as he watched.

"Pierce. I leave it to you!"
"Yes Sir!"

Pierce replied briefly and stretched forward with his spear once again.


The spear blurred, and soon pierced the soldiers' heads.
He became a far more powerful spearman than last time.
Meanwhile, Roan turned his head again and headed to the rear right-wing of the Liberation Army.
He and Amaranth Troop defeated the Liberation Army forces that were advancing as a troop.
Actually, it was cracking the hard sh.e.l.l that was of what looked like an elite force.
As a result, the right-wing forces, unlike the main military and the left, could not easily move.
Looking at it from the perspective of the entire Liberation Army, the original plan was completely out of the way.

"It's great."

Clay, looking down at the battlefield from the moving tower, smiled bitterly.

'They found a solution sooner than I had previously antic.i.p.ated.'

Roan and Ian were better than he thought.

'Break the link between elites and conscripts and break the morale down.'

That was their solution.
No matter how Clay took charge, the conscripts themselves would be in turmoil.
The Rinse Liberation army used existing n.o.ble commanders, knights, and other elite soldiers as connections to prevent conscripts from getting confused, and Roan and Amaranth troop broke that link.
Of course, they needed strongly armed leaders and soldiers.

'Roan Lancephil. He's definitely strong.'

Roan made it look so easy.
He had to admit their ability to destroy Rinse Liberators' 1st division lead by Viscount Heder Myers' 30,000 force of Estia Empire.
However, he didn't have to be discouraged.
Clay's gaze went towards Roan and Amaranth Troop.

"From now on, you have to keep your mind straight."

He placed a cover on the water-mana soldiers and quickly issued several commands with his hand gestures.

Flutter! Flutter! Flutter!

A small flag fluttered without rest.
Hopelessly falling apart right-wing force battle alignment changed very subtly.
To be precise, the rear troop, who had not yet faced Roan and Amaranth Troop, twisted the advance line slightly and moved diagonally.
As the troops moved at the same time, the morale was clearly split between the thick and pale.
Of course, it was a change that only Clay could notice, who was looking down at the entire battlefield from the top of the car-tower.

"Sa, Save me!"
"Run away!"

In the meantime, Roan, along with The Amaranth Troop, pushed the right wing of the Liberation Army.
It's a picture of a perfectly set battlefield.
If this keeps on going, the entire right wing seemed likely to fall.
Right at that moment.


Roan frowned with a loose visage.
Many of the troops that were blocking the front disappeared, and the panoramic view formed in battle alignment.

"Oh this is……"

Roan smiled bitterly.
He had figured out the situation a little too late.
'Without being aware I was guided…….'
Without any hesitation they pushed at the right-wing force.
I thought everything was going to go my way.
Clay, however, cleverly crafted the Troop formation and lured Roan and Amaranth Troop to the center.
Roan instinctively focused on the light of the field, and without his knowledge, pa.s.sed the outside of the right-wing force and to where the Liberation Army's main army was.

'It is too hard to go back now, because of the right-wing being buffed.'

Furthermore, he could not fight right-wing Troops with his back behind the main force..
There was no other option.

'Looks like I have to attack the main central line.'

Roan smiled and looked at the moving tower.
Clay's face was seen clearly.
The figure smiled faintly.
He looked confident.

'It looks like you've prepared a gift.'

Roan looked at the central main square.
At first glance, it was not that much different from the left and right forces.
Roan grit his teeth hard.

'Anyways if the right wing collapse, the center and the left forces will also break down."

It didn't matter if it started a little early.
Roan grabbed the reins and raised his Travias' Spear.

"Break through the central force! Then we push to the left wing right away!"
"Yes Sir!"

Amaranth Troop answered with a single voice and kicked the horseback.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!

With the sound of horseshoe, a sharp charge began.
Amaranth Troop formed out in a shape of a pointed canine, starting with Roan in the middle.
It was to pierce the central force alignment sharply.

"It worked out like how I planned out."

Clay smiled faintly as he looked down at the battlefield from the top of the moving tower.
His gaze followed Roan and Amaranth Troop.

'It's hard to compare the central force as the same as the left and right.'

His mouth moved happily.

"Raise the flag."

Soon, water-mana soldiers pulled out a small flag with the low command.
Unlike the flags that have been shaken so far, it was an elongated,triangle-shaped flag.
At that moment.


The sound of horns rang from the main stand.
At the same time, the central main area, which had been advancing while maintaining their momentum, began to slow down.
Not only that.
The soldiers in the center and the ones on exterior changed positions.
It seemed very proficient and fast.
Roan carefully examined the enemy's main force with Kalian's Tears.
His eyes trembled.


They were not ordinary soldiers, they hid themselves in the center of the form and appeared on the exterior.
They were Druids like Clay.
The reason Roan being convinced.
There were quite a few faces.

'Serifa. It's been a long time.'

Among the soldiers who emerged outward was Serifa, a former Druid Bureau Chief.
It was the Serifa who was in charge of the Druid Bureau, which became vacant when Clay illegally monitored, and eavesdropped on him.

'We were pretty good to each other…….'

Roan smiled bitterly.
Unlike Clay, Roan had believed in Serifa firmly.
Serifa also believed in Roan more than Clay.
Obviously Roan was a little shocked when the Druids, including Serifa, betrayed him because of how their relations.h.i.+p was so strong.

'In the end, we meet up on the battlefield. Also ….'

The bitter laughter grew stronger.

'As enemies. '

Roan bit his lower lip and kicked the horse.

Doo-doo doo doo doo!

The sound of horseshoe became louder.
Wild charge and fierce a.s.sault.
Roan and Amaranth Troop, and the Serifa and Druids in front of them.
They quickly approached.
That's when the Druids made a bizarre shape with both hands.


The light flickered along the palm of their hands.
At that moment.


The land in front of the Druids shook, and soon an unidentifiable brown pillar sprang up.


With a roar, the earth trembled.
The brown pillar sprang up as high as the moving tower.
The pillar steadily turned into a very familiar figure.

"It's a tree!"
"It's a big tree!"

Amaranth soldiers opened their eyes eyes and shouted.
Roan frowned.

'Summoning art…….'

It was the first time he had ever seen it with his own eyes.
No, it was the first time in this life.


The giant trees shook a large branch like a flag.

"The, the tree is shouting!"
"Bra, the branches are shaking as well!"

It's amazing with just that.
But the real surprise was nothing compared to it.

Kugung! Kugung!

With a loud roar, the giant tree began to move.
It walked on two legs, like humans.


All of the Amaranth Troop members looked nervous and swallowed with their dry throat.
But Roan was smiling rather mysteriously.

"Clay. Is this your gift?"

The smile grew stronger.

"I think you picked a wrong gift."

A powerful voice with relaxed expression.
Right at that moment.


With a huge heatwave, a black-and-red flame swelled from Roan's body.
The flames burned even more fiercely, devouring both him and the war horse.
Roan pointed to the giant trees with his Travias' Spear.

"Everything will……"

With low growling voice.
Soon a huge outburst erupted.

"-be burnt away!"

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I am the Monarch Chapter 248

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