I am the Monarch Chapter 252

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PR Note: From this chapter onwards, we are changing the spirit Kinness' name to Kinis as it is the correct translation from the original. I apologise for the previous mistakes made. We will also go over the former chapters to fix any differences soon. Thank you for reading.

I am the Monarch - Chapter 252: Victory (2)

A military meeting opened with Roan Lancephil and Ian Phillips as the chair.
It was to ask the suggestions for how to face the fifty thousand Rinse Liberation Army with Mills Voisa as its head.

"I think……"
"That too is a good thought, but in my case I would……"

Numerous commanders freely revealed the schemes within their heads.
Ian leaned his ears to all stories and meticulously recorded its contents.
The military meeting continued on for quite a long time.
However, a military strategy that could clearly be called it did not come out.
A situation where the Lancephil Fief Regiment had its number of soldiers reduced to about twenty thousand strong while the enemy army, in contrast, had increased to fifty thousand strong.
Even though the enemy army's majority are conscripts, the difference in numbers was much too big to blindly ignore.


Ian once again read the contents of his memo and fell into contemplation.
A moment later.
His gaze headed towards Roan.
No, to be exact, it headed towards above Roan's head.

"Can you perhaps make the rain of fire fall down one more time, miss?"

A gentle voice.
At the end of his gaze was a girl whose crimson lighted hair and violet skin were otherworldly, Kinis.
She round and around flew above Roan's head.
After coming back from the Spirit World, not only Roan but other people too could see Kinis.

Kinis shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

"I see. Then that can't be helped."

Ian exhaled a short sigh with a disappointed expression.
If they could make the rain of fire fall down just one more time, they could annihilate the enemy army with Roan alone.
They could have ended this tiresome war in an instant.

'We'll have to find a different way.'

It was the moment Ian again looked at his memos.

"Hm? What do you mean, miss?"

Ian asked back with a surprised expression.
Kinis shook her head with an expression asking if he didn't even understand that.


Ian let out a quiet exclamation.
The other commanders too floated antic.i.p.ations fully on their faces.

"You mean just once is possible……"

Ian thinly closed his eyes and sank into contemplation.
All sorts of intelligence and strategies whirled like a storm within his head.

"Good. That's good."

Words murmured alone.
He abruptly jumped up from his seat and looked at Roan.

"There is something to check, my lord. I will head for a moment to the capital, Miller, sir. It won't be long."

Somehow a slightly elated expression.
No, it was an expression full of certainty.
Roan nodded his head.

"Go. I will send you ten taemusas along."
"Thank you, sir."

Ian instantly said his goodbye and then exited out of the meeting room.
Thanks to that, the military meeting couldn't continue on further and ended.
Numerous commanders exited the meeting room one after another.
The ones who stayed until the end were Roan and Kinis, just the two.

"Finally, we can talk."

At those words, Kinis who was flying around inside the meeting room brightly smiled and sat down on top of the table.

Greeting pa.s.sed once more.

"How have you been until now? You didn't answer even when I called."

Roan faintly smiled and creased his forehead.
Kinis merely smiled wordlessly.
Roan didn't press her and quietly awaited.
A moment later.

She raised up her two arms.
Her violet skin was fully displayed.

Kinis's story began like that.
That was a rather long and boring story.

The capital, Miller, was of festive mood.
Because the news that Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment had defeated the South Rinse Kingdom and were winning every battle in the war with the North Rinse Kingdom was delivered.
To the Rinse Kingdom citizens, this war wasn't simply a Rinse Kingdom's civil war.
The South Rinse Kingdom carried on Diez Kingdom's back, the North Rinse Kingdom carried on Estia Empire's back.
Now the war wasn't a throne succession war but a patriotic war fighting against a foreign invasion.
Due to that, Roan began to be lauded not as one n.o.ble but a hero of the kingdom and the world.

"Aha! Really, he's really great! To think he's chasing away all the South Rinse Kingdom and the Diez Kingdom, North Rinse Kingdom and the Estia Imperial Army."
"Sir Count Lancephil is a hero. A hero."

Men sat around in a circle and raised their voices.
They all like one heated up their praise of Roan and the Count Lancephil House.

"I just knew it from the moment that sir helped the Miller Castle's slums. That he'll someday become a really big man."
"Huff. I on the other hand. I knew since the time he was a Eastern Regional Corps' commander."
"I knew since Sir Count Lancephil was the Rose Troop's vice commander……"
"Nah. Stop with your lies. Just how would you know a bottom rank troop's vice commander at the end of the East?"
"Cough. Cough. Well, that's not important. What's important is that Sir Count Lancephil was that much a man to become big since a long time ago."
"Right. Right. That I agree."

The young men recalled Roan's stories and his paths and burst out a laugh.
At that moment, a simple looking young man spoke up in a low voice.

"By the way……"

At his extremely cautious look, the other men too instinctively lowered their heads.
The men's heads gathered in the center.
The man who had spoken up spoke in a small voice as if to whisper.

"If the war ends like this, then who's……"

He couldn't easily continue on the words.


The man exhaled a short sigh.
And then added on in a voice much smaller than before.

"Who's climbing onto the throne?"

Instantly, the faces of the men who were leaning their ears stiffly hardened.
They pointlessly searched each other's faces and formed awkward smiles.
A silence continued on for a moment.
However, they had no thoughts of ending the conversation like that.

"There's no man in the Rinse Royalty to continue the throne, no?"
"Right. Only the princesses are alive."

Soon, a heated debate unfolded.

"Then one of the princesses as expected is climbing to the throne?"
"If so, then Princess Katy should be the most likely."

Everyone nodded at those words.
Katy Rinse was the direct sister of the dead Simon Rinse and her dead mother too was the first queen.
Looking just by the bloodline, she was the purest bloodline of the royalty.

"But Princess Katy is the sister of that very Prince Simon."

The fiend that turned the Rinse Kingdom into a ruin together with the hexers and simultaneously drove innocent citizens of the kingdom to death.
Rather, in the current situation the fact that she was Simon's direct sister held back her ankle.
Everyone nodded their heads.

"Then how 'bout Princess Aily? She even raised a clear achievement in the current war."
"Right. She raised a big achievement in the Conquest of the Capital, Miller."
"From the rumors heard, she also added in on beating away the Diez Kingdom Army."
"Even more, her actions too had nowhere to nitpick……"

The men's voices slightly elated.
At that moment.

"By the way, would the senate and the many n.o.bles recognize not a prince but a princess climbing to the throne?"
"Hhm. That too is right."

Few echoed the words and nodded their heads.
Since the Rinse Kingdom was founded, there was not even once when a princess or a woman climbed to the throne.

"Will they have to find someone from the relative houses chased out from the palace?"
"Nah. You think those people are still alive? They've all already died."
"Right, children were rather rare until the previous his majesty the king too."

The men once again fell into thought.
At that moment, the simple-looking man once again cautiously spoke up.

"Then what about instead leaving the throne to the man who marries the princess?"
"To the husband?"
"Is that possible?"

Everyone's eyes roundly widened.
The simple-looking man instantly nodded his head.

"Think about it. Just who's Princess Aily's lover……"

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The instant his words ended.


Everyone let out a quiet exclamation.

"Sir Count Lancephil!"

One couldn't control himself and shouted out aloud.
The simple-looking man brightly smiled and nodded his head.

"If Sir Count Lancephil marries Princess Aily, then he would become a member of the Rinse Royalty. What about giving the Rinse Royalty's name to him?"


Everyone dryly swallowed.
They failed to easily answer and simply searched each other's faces.
However, everyone weren't of displeased expressions.
At that moment, an impoverished looking old man squeezed in between the men clicked his tongue.

"Tch tch tch."

Everyone's gazes turned towards the old man.

"Old man. Why are you clicking your tongue?"

When one man asked, the old man stood up from his seat and shook his head.

"Sir Count Lancephil can simply climb to the throne without going all complicated like that. Since the Rinse Royalty already lost the citizens' trust."

The instant his words ended.

"Sshhh! Be quiet."

The men startled up and pulled the old man down.
They looked around in case someone had heard and then exhaled a long sigh.

"Huu. Old man. You can't say something like that carelessly."
"A head can fly off if not careful."

At those words, the old man raised his head straight and spoke in a bold voice.

"Did I say something wrong?"
"We, well you aren't, but……"

The men wavered and formed awkward smiles.
The old man deeply breathed in.

"I lived long enough. I don't have many days left. Looking back, it has been truly a hard and tiring life. At the very least, I want to spend my last days peacefully, happily, joyfully, and smiling."

His eyes twinkled and shone a light.

"If it's Sir Count Lancephil, it feels like he could make a world like that."

A voice full of certainty.

"If I had the power to choose a monarch……"

The old man tightly clenched his fist.

"I would choose Sir Count Roan Lancephil as my monarch."

Instantly, an unknown silence fell down.
The men who were silently listening lowered their heads with their mouths tightly closed.
They did not mind other people's eyes any longer.
Heated pa.s.sion filled up to their throats.
The men looked at each other's eyes and nodded their heads.
Everyone's thoughts were the same.

'If we could choose our monarch……'

If such power were given.

'Our monarch is Sir Count Roan Lancephil.'

That wasn't merely the men's thought.
It was also the thoughts of the capital's, Miller's citizens, further out the nearby regions, and out even further the Rinse Kingdom citizens' thought.
The desire of the kingdom's citizens spread out like a wildfire.
Silently, very slowly, it spread from heart to heart.

The Lancephil Fief Regiment pa.s.sed the Newark's northern region and entered into the Betus Region.
The Betus Region was a place located south of the North Rinse Kingdom's capital, the Sedes Castle, and was formed out of low hills and plains.
A topography where a grand frontal battle rather than a.s.saults, ambushes, traps and such schemes were more fitting.
Due to that, everyone couldn't hide their puzzlement when Ian who returned from the capital, MIller, chose the Betus Region as the battlefield.
Furthermore, the moment Ian arrived at the Betus Region he ordered to capture key hills and set up camps and form defensive positions as if to carry out a defensive battle.
Although the incomprehensible orders continued on, no one acted worried.
From the file and rank soldiers to upper-level commanders, everyone trusted Ian.
Ian carried everyone's support on his back and sent an order to standby to the entire fief regiment.
Afterwards, the Lancephil Fief Regiment idly awaited the next order.
In that time, the Rinse Liberation Army 3rd Squad with Mills Voisa at the head showed up.
They looked at the Lancephil Fief Regiment that had already finished setting up camps and halted their march for a moment.
They couldn't move carelessly from not knowing what kind of scheme they had perhaps prepared.
Mills for now set up a temporary camp, formed a scout troop, and meticulously combed the hills.
Because it was Ian whom even that great Clay couldn't defeat, they had gotten afraid in advance.
Ian did not miss this chance.
He formed a detached force and showed off moving from hill to hill, traveling back and forth the plain's west and east, and other odd appearances.
Although they in truth were meaningless actions, in the Mills and the Rinse Liberation Army's commanders' eyes, they couldn't carelessly move their legion due to their doubtful hearts.
Already, Ian's name had begun to cause influence on the battle situation.
Like that, four days pa.s.sed.

"Seven days have already pa.s.sed since we arrived at the Betus Region, sir. Do we need to wait even longer, sir?"

One of the adjutants looked at Ian.
It wasn't that he had a complaint.
Only, he was curious until how long this boring waiting would continue.
Ian quietly raised his head and looked at the sky.
The sky was blue and clean without a single speck of cloud.


His eyes thinly closed.
The commanders and adjutants who were watching from his sides looked at that sight and formed awkward smiles.

'He's keep doing that.'
'For seven days he keeps looking only at the sky……'

Numerous commanders all tilted their heads.
At that very moment.


Ian let out a quiet exclamation and formed a faint smile.

'It has finally come.'

The light on his face brightened.
He turned his head and looked at Roan.

"My lord."

Quietly calling sound.
Roan quietly stared at Ian's eyes.

"Has the time come?"

As expected, quietly asking sound.
Ian nodded his head.

"Yes, sir. The time has come."

A short answer followed.
Roan deeply breathed in and slowly moved his steps.

"Then I will go."
"Yes, my lord. Do go on, sir."

Ian deeply bowed at his waist.
Numerous commanders and adjutants followed Ian and lowered their heads without even knowing why.
In that time, Roan moved out of their camp and headed towards the Rinse Liberation Army 3rd Squad.
A sight of moving his steps alone without even riding a warhorse and holding his Travias Spear.
Even though he stood alone before a fifty thousand strong army, he absolutely did not seem in peril.
Roan was bold.
A suffocating presence and pressure spouted out from his entire body.

Kinis flew above Roan's head and tilted her head.
She too stared holes into the sky like Ian.
Roan formed a faint smile.

"If Ian Phillips says so, then it is so."

Words full of trust.
Kinis tried to say something else, but soon closed her mouth.

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Something cold dropped onto her forehead and the back of her hand.

Kinis widely opened her eyes and formed a shocked expression.
In contrast, Roan faintly smiled and nodded his head.

'Ian Phillips. Amazing as expected.'

Amazed light overflowed on his eyes.

'To think he would exactly predict the moment it rains……'

Even moreso, he realized a step ahead of even Kinis who was a water spirit.

'In the last life too, his ability to predict weather was superb.'

Due to that, even bizarre rumors that Ian could control weather circled around in the last life.
Of course, in actuality it wasn't that Ian controlled the weather.

'Merely, he infer the weather by scrupulously a.n.a.lyzing the long gathered information and numerous natural phenomena.'

Roan deeply breathed in.

Drop drop drop drop drop drop.

The blue sky above their heads instantly darkened and violent raindrops drummed the earth.

Kinis too recognized Ian's ability and raised up her thumb.
Meanwhile, Roan arrived before the Rinse Liberation Army 3rd Squad's main center army.
Rainstorm pouring down enough to make seeing even an inch ahead difficult.
Between those raindrops were felt tens of thousand pairs of eyes.

"Wha, what the? Isn't that Roan Lancephil?"
"Where? You're right! It's Roan Lancephil!"
"It's Roan! Roan!"

The Rinse Liberation Army's soldiers looked at Roan who abruptly appeared and greatly panicked.

"Di, did he come alone?"
"And by walking at that?"

But soon, they saw how he appeared alone without even a horse, without even a soldier and creased their brows.
The n.o.ble commanders and knights soon reddened their faces.

"Is he actually saying he will face our fifty thousand men army alone?"
"Arrogant! Even if he is looking down on us, he is looking down on us far too much!"

Curses together with insults poured out.
At that moment, upper-level commanders together with Mills Voisa showed up from the camp's center.

"Roan Lancephil has appeared you say?"
"Yes sir. He appeared alone holding a single spear."

Mills creased his brows at the adjutant's words.
He moved his steps to the camp's front.


Instantly, a quiet groan flowed out from Mills' mouth.
The commanders' words were true.
Roan was standing still alone in front of a fifty thousand strong army.

'What are you scheming……'

Mills did not carelessly step forwards, nor even speak up a word.

Drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop.

Only the sound of raindrops noisily rang the battlefield.
At that very moment.

"Mills Voisa. It has been a while."

Roan pa.s.sed a greeting towards Mills.
Mills made a bitter smile.

"It's the first since the suppression of Elton Coat's rebellion."

During the suppression of Elton's rebellion, he was completely beaten by Roan.

'I resolved to absolutely win when we meet again.'

Of course, he completely didn't expect a situation like now.

'Just how did I come to point swords at the Rinse Kingdom……'

A bitter smile hung on his mouth.

'No. No. I cannot let my resolve soften..'

Mills exhaled a short sigh and stared straight at Roan.

"Are you saying you will face fifty thousand soldiers alone? Or do you perhaps have a some other underhanded scheme?"

At those words, Roan lightly swung his Travias Spear.
A raindrop rode the spear handle and softly flowed.

"There is no such underhanded scheme."

He, with the tip of his spear, pointed at Mills and the fifty thousand soldiers.

"I alone will face you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds."

The instant his words finished.

"You arrogant brat!"

n.o.ble commanders tightly clenched their fists and shouted aloud.
All were of completely enraged looks.
In contrast, Roan and Mills were still calm and unperturbed.

"Roan Lancephil. However strong you are, you cannot face fifty thousand soldiers alone."

Roan nodded his head at those words.

"I can't if it is the usual. But……"

The smile hanging on his mouth deepened even further.

"Now it is raining."

Mills creased his forehead.

"And what changes if it rains?"

He didn't understand Roan's words.
Roan held his Travias Spear with both hands.

"This rain isn't an ordinary rain, you see."

A quiet voice pierced through the sound of rain and stabbed into the Rinse Liberation Army's fifty thousand soldiers' ears.

"This rain is……"

The end of his words turned faint.
Simultaneously, Kinis who was flying above Roan's head soared up towards the sky.
She, with her eyes closed, fully opened up her arms.
Suddenly, a dark crimson light exuded out form Kinis's body.
The light directly dyed the violently falling rain.
The clear raindrops slowly turned into a dark red hue.
Of course, it wasn't only the color that had changed.


Flame erupted on the spots the dark red raindrops fell.

"Fi, fire!"
"I, I'm on fire!"

Simultaneously, the Rinse Liberation Army's soldiers ran this way and that and screamed.
Dark red flames erupted along their helmets and armor.
The warhorses' manes burned jet black and the rations and tents all were swallowed by the flame.
The earth that just until now was damply wet from the violent rain likewise spew out dark red flames.
The entire world was completely full with flames.

"Ju, just what is……"

MIlls muttered with a half-dazed expression.
He, too shocked at the scene unfolded before his eyes, couldn't even think of putting out the flame attached on his own body.
Roan extended forwards his Travias Spear and lightly kicked off the ground.

"This rain is the rain of fire."

His spearhead split the air.
Along his spear's path erupted a giant flame.


Sparks jumped together with a roar.
Along Roan's hands, feet, and body the flames waveringly danced.
That sight almost brought to mind a G.o.d of flame.


The Rinse Liberation Army's soldiers including Mills burst out exclamations with their mouths wide open.
Already looks completely devoid of their will to fight.
Roan lightly stamped his feet and jumped into the air.


Flames followed him and covered the sky.
Roan swung his Travias Spear and shouted in a loud voice.

"This place here is my world!"

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I am the Monarch Chapter 252

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