I am the Monarch Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 : Merits awards (2)

Roan moved his feet with a perplexed expression.

“Squad commander Roan, no, sir adjutant. Real congratulations!”

Congratulations pour out at the sides.

“Adjutant Roan. Congratulations.”
“Real congratulations.”

A familiar voice.
As he turned back to look, he saw the 13th squad commander Tane and vice squad commander Lander.

“Squad commander. Why are you acting like that?”

Roan laughed awkwardly and shook his hands, but Tane shook his head.

“When you were a squad commander, I tried to pa.s.s the matter because you were younger, but you are now an adjutant. Even if you are younger, a rank is a rank. You have to grab the central focus so we can show our military discipline.”

Lander added.

“Of course. We aren’t a goblin army, so we can’t be comfortable with each other. If you don’t act properly, the guys of the other troops will look down on you.”

At those words, Roan got silent.

On top of that.

‘He was the same as being 38 years old.’

There was no need to be caught in the bridle of age.
Roan nodded and looked at the two of them.

“I look forward to work with you. Squad commander Tane. Vice squad commander Lander.”
“It’s us who should be looking forward to it.”

Tane and Lander slightly bent their heads.
Austin, that was looking at the side, nodded with a satisfied expression.

“Now it seems like it is spinning properly.”

Roan opened his eyes roundly as if implying what did that mean.
At those words, Austin said in a low voice as if he was whispering.

“Actually, I didn’t quite like that the guys in the 13th squad talked to you without any formalities.”

“Me too. Me too.”

Pierce and Glenn b.u.t.ted in.
Roan smirked and nodded.

“From now on, I will take that into account more.

And then, a cold voice was heard as if it was breaking the warm atmosphere.

“The b.i.t.c.hes really like gossiping all day.”

As he turned to look away, Jack and three other young adjutants were glancing at them.

‘Is it starting?’

Roan smiled bitterly.

He became squad commander after only one week of having gotten out of the training camp, and again, not even after one month he became an adjutant.

‘In my last life, squad commander was the end.’

But of course, he had many opportunities to climb to become an adjutant of the 7th corps.

Because the closer he was to the 1st corps, the more chances he would get caught in the eyes of a n.o.ble or a commander.

‘But in the end, that became a bad choice.’

Because of that, he couldn’t even become an adjutant, and kept roaming the battlefield as a squad commander of a spearmen squad and lost his life.

‘That me climbed to become an adjutant in only two months.’

A promotion speed that was so fast that even the envy of Jack and the adjutants wasn’t enough.

“Why are you glaring like that?”

Jack twitched his brows and approached.
A feeling that he would grab his neck at any moment.


Jack, that stopped right in front of his nose, said as if he was growling.

“Tell me yourself. For a greenhorn that just got out of the training camp to become an adjutant. Do you think that makes sense?”
“I wonder.”

Roan shrugged his shoulders.

Fire appears in Jack’s eyes.

“What is that att.i.tude? Did you forget that even if we are same adjutants, i’m on a higher rank?”

He was a cla.s.s 4 adjutant.

Jack continued saying.

“Listen clearly. This year becomes the 10th one I have roamed the battlefield. I walked a horrible h.e.l.l road that a greenhorn like you that has only been in the battlefield for two months can’t even imagine.”

Roan smiled bitterly.

‘Look. I walked that road for 20 years. And in the end, even my stomach got pierced.’

He forced to gulp down the words that climbed up to his throat.
Jack pressed Roan’s forehead with the tip of his finger.

“You have a need to show some respect to me.”

Roan looked at Jack’s eyes fixedly.

‘What is it, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Those eyes…..’

Jack’s eyes contorts.

That was just like he was looking at a child doing something childish.

“Thi, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

In the end, Jack couldn’t hold it anymore and swung his fist.

However, Roan’s expression was still calm.

‘I expected this much.’

No, even if he didn’t expect it, Jack wasn’t his opponent.


Roan blocked Jack’s punch with his left arm.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

Jack pulled out his arm that got stuck in Roan’s elbow and tried to punch him again.
And then, a shout was heard at his back.

“What are you doing right now!”

The owner of the voice was Keniss.
He approached him and separated Roan and Jack.

‘Spoiled b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.’

The cold sight looks at Jack and the adjutants behind him.


Jack coughed and fell back.

“You are doing really well for someone who has to trust your backs to your allies.”
“I’m sorry.”

Roan bent down first.
Keniss looked at Jack.

“……I’m sorry.”

He couldn’t help it.
Keniss clicked his tongue.

‘Tchtchtch. Jack. it’s too early for you to succeed.’

He wanted to say one more thing, but he sighed in the end and shook his head.

“Whew. Everyone, return to your tents.”

At those words, Jack and the adjutants moved first.
Even while doing that, they didn’t forget to glance at Roan.


Keniss called at Roan that was starting to move and stopped him.


Roan replied and came closer.
Keniss let out a sigh and grabbed Roan’s shoulders.

“The young adjutants will pick a fight with you for quite a while. But you be the one to endure it.”
“Yes. Understood.”

A short reply.
Keniss smiled satisfactorily and nodded.

“If you can’t hold it anymore, use your dueling right.”

At those words, Roan just smiled.

“Anyways, just endure it. I will find some solution.”
“Yes. Understood.”

The conversation ended with that.
Roan looked at Keniss getting farther and took in a deep breath.

‘I can take this much of a fight as much as they want.’

For him, that had the 20 years of experience, this much was at the level of children’s playing.

It didn’t seem like he would back down that easily.

‘In my past life, I was only suffering………’

He didn’t also want to be like that in this life.
And then, the voices of the squad members was heard.

“Sir adjutant. Don’t worry. If adjutant Jack or the others come to bother you, we will block them.”

“Just believe in our 42nd, no, 12th squad.”

Reliable voices.
Roan smiled brightly and nodded.

“Fine. Instead, I will protect you.”

This was the truth.

‘If I become a monarch, you will become generals.’

Roan’s and the squad members eyes burned.

“That’s not it. This way, you have to do it this way.”

A voice that felt really stiffled.

He followed Roan’s orders and was teaching spearmans.h.i.+p to the 12th squad.
However, the process wasn’t quite good.

“So, what’s different from what you are doing to what I am?”
“It’s the same poking.”

The voices that were also stifled.

They couldn’t understand the difference between his spearmans.h.i.+p to them at all.

“This is the same? This?”

Pierce swung his spear again as if he was feeling stuffed.

“Look well. I twist my wrist here like this and shake the spear up and down. But the beat you twist your wrists here is half time slow and you can’t even shake the spear proper…..”

Pierce, that was explaining things earnestly, shut his mouth.
Because the expressions of the members of the 12th squad were that of confused faces.

“Whew. You don’t understand at all, right?”

At those words, everyone nodded.
Pierce let out a sigh as if he couldn’t do it anymore.

“Sir adjutant Roan. I’m surrendering. I can’t teach them anymore.”

Roan, that was maintaining his spear at the opposite side of the squad members, smiled bitterly.

‘Is it really impossible?’

Roan put into effect the individual training along the squad training.

However the result was a great failure.

‘Well, even in my past life, the ones that could follow Pierce’s instructions amounted to ten.’

And unfortunately, even he couldn’t get in that number.
Roan’s talent was one problem, but Pierce was also the other factor.

‘He isn’t useful at all when it comes to teaching.’

And the problem is that he is a genius among geniuses.
he couldn’t understand why others couldn’t do the things he could.

‘It’s that guy that made the Pierce spearmans.h.i.+p while being seated in an instant.’

Pierce spearmans.h.i.+p, that was picked as the best one among normal soldiers.
And Pierce was embarra.s.sed of that spearmans.h.i.+p.

To make him teach something normal was the same as something tough.

‘On top of that, the more he aged, the more peculiar his character became.’

The young Pierce was shy and timid.
However, as he roamed the battlefield, that character changed mysteriously.

‘A thoroughly calculative character.’

He didn’t give and didn’t receive.
He returned what he received.

‘Because of that, when he became a duke, I couldn’t receive that much help.’

And of course, there was a time that he felt disappointed.
But he felt more thankful when he treated him as a friend from the same training camp and a fellow soldier rather than boasting about his rank of duke.

‘b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Would he have cried when I died?’

He got curious.

“Pierce. If perhaps I died, would you……”

The moment he was going to throw the question, he saw Glenn returning.


His brows twitched.

Roan put down the spear and moved towards him.

“Glenn. What happened?”
“Si, sir.”

The voice that was as down as his looks.

Roan extended his hands and took off Glenn’s hands.

On top of that, his lips got split up and red blood flowed out.

“Who is it?”

Roan’s voice lowers.
Glenn hesitated and couldn’t reply properly

“Who is it? WHo made you like this?”

As he asked again, Glenn lowered his head completely.

“Adjutant Jack said that I kept wandering in front of him…….”

The end of his sentence subsides.
Roan stroke Glenn’s head.

“Don’t lower your head. You did nothing wrong.”

His face freezes coldly.
Roan moved his feet and moved towards Jack’s tent.

“Where is he going?”

“Isn’t it going to become a huge trouble?”

The squad members say extravagantly with a surprised expression.

“Let’s follow.”
“We have to stop him.”

In the end, they followed Roan.
Meanwhile, Roan crossed rose troop’s camp and arrived in front of the 11th squad, where Jack was.

“Huh? That’s Roan over there.”

Jack discovered Roan first and made invidious remarks.

‘It should be because of that guy Glenn, or however he was called, right? Even so, what will he be able to do?’

He sat on a wooden chair on purpose and acted as if he was relaxed.

“Ohh! Adjutant Roan. What are you doing he……”

The words were until there.
Roan, that approached right in front of him, kicked Jack’s face.


A heavy sound.
Jack rolled on the floor with the chair.

“Kgh. Thi, this crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d, did he go insan…..”

Curses came out by its own.

Because Roan was continuing to punch him.

Pubuk! Puk!

Jack’s face became a face along a thick sound.


The punch lashes through the nose.


Jack grabs his nose with his two hands and pants.

Duel right.
He crumpled the dueling right inside Jack’s mouth.

“Uuugh! Ugh!”

Jack tried to spit out the piece of paper but he couldn’t do so.

A cold and chilly voice was heard.

“Son of a b.i.t.c.h. Who told you to touch my guys?”

< merits="" awards="" (2)=""  =""> End

I am the Monarch Chapter 28

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