I am the Monarch Chapter 79: Overflow (3)

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Ellaim returned to the resting place again after Biate died in Poskein lake.
It was because of Biate's will.

Ellaim waited for 50 years to fulfill her will.
And if the one that entered the resting place was someone capable to follow Biate's back, she was planning to make a contract and lead him to the lake.
Because the last piece Biate left was over there.
But maybe it was fate playing with her, or a G.o.d teasing her, but the one that entered Biate's place was learning Reid's mana technique.
The mana technique of the enemy that killed Biate.
If that guy hadn't absorbed her tear, and wasn't for Biate's last will, Ellaim would have returned to the elemental world.

'Although it's displeasing and uncomfortable, this may also be fate.'

Ellaim fulfilled Biate's will.
She watched the guy from a close place.
And on top of that, she had even wanted to help when his life was in danger.
But the guy overcame the difficulties by himself.

'But of course, being able to overcome that danger was also because of my tear.'

The overflowing of flamdor mana technique.
Every dangerous time, Ellaim's tear calmed down the overflowing mana.

'But this time it's different.'

Even before Ellaim's tear could show it's strength, the heat in his body and the surrounding heat got mixed and repeated exploding and overflowing.
A situation where you wouldn't be able to endure it with the body of a human.
If this situation continued a little bit more, it was obvious that his entire body would explode or tear apart and die.

'I also thought about letting him die like this……..'

But she didn't want the end Biate's last wish like that.
On top of that.

'Excluding that he's learning on Flamdor mana technique, he's quite a fine guy.'

The results of having looked after him until now was that he was a human worth saving.
Ellaim showed her hidden body like that.
She poured the essence of water over Roan's head.
But it wasn't at the level of what humans absorbed and felt.
The best of the best.
It was the cleanest and most perfect essence of water.


The fire that was emanating from Roan's body shook roughly.
It was resisting against Ellaim's water.

'Flamdor mana technique wasn't made by a human.'

Ellaim shook her head at the rough repulsive force she felt at the tip of her hands.
Even she couldn't know the exact ident.i.ty of Flamdor mana technique.
Only, she couldn't think that a mana technique so strong it was able to oppose the strength of a spirit king was made by a human.

'It's a disgustingly rough and strong force.'

Ellaim's face stiffened.

'Even Reid got eaten up by this strength.'

The deeper the achievements in the mana technique became, his temperament became more explosive and urgent.
The reason he came to find Biate all the way to her cave, regardless of her denial, was also because of this.

Ellaim looked at Roan's face.

'My strength and the strength of my tear will calm down your flamdor mana technique.'

Just looking at the growth speed of the technique, the speed could get a bit slower.
However, the heat inside his body wouldn't overflow as it wished or made him lose his nature.

'On top of that, if you discover the mystery Reid and Biate realized before they died, you would be able to attain an unimaginable strength.'

Even Ellaim couldn't imagine that strength.
Because she only controlled one force, that was the essence of water.

'One more reason has been added to look after him.'

Ellaim bent her fingers and brought up more of the essence of water.


The fire that was emanating out of Roan's body resisted roughly one more time.
However, as the understanding of the technique was still shallow, it was still too early to beat the strength of an elemental king.
The fire died off even more.


The fire that was caught in the blue orb got absorbed inside of ROan's body.
The flames that were moving his body roughly found stability and then returned to the mana hole.
Even the red features returned to the original looks.

'Because an overwhelming amount of mana overflowed, the mana hole and the mana road became even bigger and solid.'

From misfortune to a blessing.
Ellaim smiled bitterly and clenched her fists tightly.
As she had calmed down the fire, only her tear and the essence remained now.
After Ellaim awakened the strength of the tear, she mixed it up with the essence of water.


Roan's body was filled with the essence of water in an instant.
Ellaim gathered the essence roundly and covered Roan's mana hole softly.
Just as if she covered it with a thin cloth.

'If I do this, even if the fire essence explodes, it won't come out of the mana hole.'

Ellaim let out a long sigh and took off her hands slowly.
Roan's face seemed much comfortable now.
Ellaim looked at that face for a moment and then pressed on Roan's forehead with her index.
She planted what had just happened inside of Roan's memories.
It still wasn't time for them to meet and converse.

“I hope you don't disappoint Biate……..”

Ellaim's voice softly flowed.


The blue orb disappeared.
At the same time, Ellaim also disappeared.


Roan slowly fell.
Just as if he was asleep.

“Troop commander!”

The soldiers of the 2nd rose troop yelled in one voice.
Ellaim's appearance and retreat happened in just an instant.
Because of that, in the eyes of the soldiers, it was seen as if a blue orb shone for an instant and then the fire disappeared.

“Troop commander Roan!”

The soldiers ran towards Roan with weird looks.

'What was that just now?'
'I feel like there was someone over there.'

As it was a really short instant, they couldn't even see Ellaim properly.
Austin and the soldiers kneeled down around Roan.
Roan, that was lying down as a dead rat.


Everyone looked at him with nervous looks.


Roan opened his eyes abruptly and rose his upper body.


The soldiers got surprised and gulped in air.
However, they got happy at the truth that Roan was alive and yelled.

“Troop commander! Are you okay?”
“You aren't hurt?”

Expressions filled with worry.
Extravagant voices.
But even so, Roan still had an absent minded expression. His eyes had lost focus.
He was concentrating on the voice Ellaim had left in his head.

'So that silver water drop was Ellaim's tear.'

The moment the ident.i.ty of the coldness inside his body got revealed.

'Although the growth speed of the mana technique slowed down, it rather became stable.'

On top of all.

'If I can awaken the mysteries…….'

He may be able to attain a strength he couldn't even imagine.
Roan took in a deep breath.

“Troop commander!”
“Can you hear my voice?”

The soldiers yelled even stronger when they saw that Roan didn't show any reactions.
ONly then did Roan smile brightly and look at everyone's faces.

“I'm fine.”

At that moment, a smile blossomed on the worried faces of the soldiers.

“Ah! How great! What a relief!”

They let out a long sigh.
Roan tried to stand up.


The body rose as if it was flicking and then fell forward.

“Troop commander!”

The soldiers supported ROan with surprised looks.
Roan had a confused expression.

'My body feels light.'

It wasn't that he was full of vitality.
A feeling that his muscles and strength got amazingly better.
Roan stood up with the help of the soldiers.

“Are you really okay?”

Austin asked carefully.
Roan nodded and moved his body everywhere.

'This feels just like I got born again.'

A feeling like he just took off a heavy armour.
Roan realized what kind of situation he was in.

'As the mana overflowed, the wastes in my body got out, and the muscles and bones got stronger.'

He had vaguely heard that there were cases like that when the understanding of the technique deepened.
But of course, in Roan's case it wasn't that his understanding deepened but it was because of the overflowing.

'Is it a blessing from a misfortune.'

Roan smiled bitterly and moved.
As he got a hold of himself, what he had to do now was taking care of Aaron.
And fortunately, as Aaron was lying flat on the ground, he didn't receive any injuries at Roan's explosion.

“Corps commander.”

Roan carefully shook Aaron and woke him up.


A shallow groan came out of his mouth.
Aaron's eyes shook.
He frowned and then slowly opened his eyes.
Soon, the soldiers that survived gathered around him.

“Mmm. It's Roan.”

A weak voice.
Aaron flinched his shoulders as if he was trying to raise his upper body.
Roan extended his two hands and received him.

“Thank you.”

Aaron smiled bitterly and raised his upper body.
Only then could he see the scenery.
The burnt plain and the black smoke.
The corpses that were scattered at the surroundings.

'Right. We fell on the trap of the Istel b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.'

Aaron frowned.
His head hurt as if it would split.
The chasing army composed by the 6th and 7th corps quickly chased down the main army of Istel.
Although Aaron actually didn't like the idea of chasing, as it was an order of Benjamin he couldn't do anything about it.
Only, as the war has ended in their victory, he would just pretend to chase them.

'The rearguard army we actually faced wasn't really that much.'

They suffered defeat and retreated consecutively.

'I felt that something was fishy……..'

Even before that, it was the rearguard that has given a big blow to the eastern army through perfect traps, surprise attacks and ambushes.
But for that kind of rearguard to suffer consecutive defeats without any reasons was quite a suspicious situation.
Aaron wanted to stop the chase by then.
However, the thought of the commander of the 6th corps was different.
He rather brought up the morale and went off to the chase to annihilate them perfectly.
In the end Aaron hid his fishy feeling and could only chase his back.

'In that situation, the 6th corps that were in front fell in an ambush………'

Aaron and the 7th corps could only charge forward to rescue them.

'And in the end, we fell in a trap.'

Aaron clenched his fists.

'The 6th corps commander died as soon as he fell on the trap.'

He felt bitter.
Because of a useless commander, several soldiers lost their lives.
He took in a deep breath and looked at Roan.

“Roan. What happened with the other commanders that were with me?”

He had plentifully guessed what could have happened.
But he could only ask just in case.
Roan took in a breath and then replied in a calm voice.

“They have all died.”

A low exclamation came out of Aaron's mouth.
The moment they got trapped in the grand s.h.i.+eld, Gale, Mendel, the troop commanders and the adjutants ran towards him.
They covered him without any empty s.p.a.ces from the fire.
The last words Gale left him rang in his head.

Aaron shook his head.

“Right. So they have all died…..”

His voice was wet.
Something hot surged on his eyes.

“I'm the only one alive. This useless piece of body got alive………”

Words as if he was rebuking himself.
Roan and the others couldn't say anything while having their heads lowered.


Aaron let out a long sigh and started to shed hot tears.
But those weren't tears shed by a corps commander.
They were tears shed by a fellow comrade.

“I lost good allies, excellent friends.”

Aaron raised his head and looked at Roan and the soldiers.

“We are gathering the corpses of the fellow soldiers. We won't live this place until it gets perfectly gathered.”

The chase was meaningless now.

“Yes. Understood.”

Roan and the others replied in a hot voice.
They slowly got up and moved.
It was to gather the corpses of their comrades prudently.
Roan first supported Aaron.
As his body still wasn't normal, he needed some rest.
The sound of a horn trumpet was heard at the side of the gorge.


Roan stopped his feet and looked towards the gorge.
At that moment, a displeased look appeared in his face.


The ones that appeared with the horn trumpet was the main army of the eastern territory.
They slowly crossed over the plains and then fell after they got on their formations.
After a while, they split to the sides and Benjamin appeared with several corps commanders.

“Commander Tate.”

Benjamín rode his horse and slowly approached.
His expression was quite stifled.
Happiness, anger, and annoyance.
There were all of those emotions in his expression.

“Just what is this look?”

A reprimanding sound.

'They fell in the trap just like I thought.'

Benjamin yelled for delight.

'I have to ask his responsibility.'

He was planning to cut off the acc.u.mulated merits of the 7th corps.
Aaron fixed his posture and bowed deeply.

“While we were chasing the army of Istel, the 6th corps fell in the trap set up by the enem……..”

When he talked up to there.

“Stop! Are you accusing the 6th corps right now! Who did I get the commanding right to?”

At the rebuking sound, Aaron hesitated and then replied.

“Right. I gave the commanding rights to Aaron Tate of the 7th corps and not to the 6th corps. Then, whose fault is it that the 6th corps fell in a trap and your troop suffered a blow close to annihilation?”

Aaron couldn't reply.
Looking at it this way, it was his fault as he was leading the chasing troop.

'The commander of the 6th corps didn't listen to my order.'

The one that didn't obey the orders was the commander of the 6th corps.
Because of that, even the 7th corps suffered a blow close to annihilation.
As Aaron couldn't reply, Benjamin asked in a voice that had mockery mixed in it.

“Why can't you speak? WHose fault is it?”

In the end, Aaron replied in a suffering voice.

“It's mine.”

He couldn't endure it and shook his head.
Roan, that was observing at the sides, clenched his fists tightly.


He knew that he was a selfish and powerless b.a.s.t.a.r.d.
And even knew that he didn't like the 7th corps.
But he didn't know that he would step out this obstinately.
His entire body trembled.
Then, Aaron grabbed Roan's hand.

'It's fine.'

Eyes implying that.
Roan forcefully breathed in and calmed down his emotions.

“On top of that, what's this situation?”

Benjamin pointed at the plains.
The soldiers gathering the corpses of the allies.
Aaron replied in a calm voice.

“We are gathering the corpses of the comrades that died in this battle.”
“Corpse gathering? Tch!”

Benjamin frowned and clicked his tongue.
He was planning to keep pus.h.i.+ng Aaron to a corner.

“I think I certainly laid the order to chase the enemy army and annihilate them?”
“However, our losses were quite severe, and I judged as keeping the chase was meaningle…..”

Benjamin shouted.
A stiff expression.
His voice lowered down coldly.

“Judge? The judging is done by me and not you. You just have to follow my orders!”

Aaron clenched his fists.
He wanted to talk back immediately, but he couldn't do so.
They were still at war, and the place they were standing at was a battlefield.
Not obeying to the orders meant that you were committing a sin that could lead to punishments according to the situation.

'Come on. Come with all the excuses and bark at me.'

Benjamin opened his eyes thinly and glared at Aaron.
He waited for Aaron to talk back.

'I will confine you immediately.'

It was a tactic to make him be able to set a certain punishment perfectly.
However, Aaron endured it better than he thought.
Benjamin smacked his lips and sent another order.

“Stop the gathering of the corpses immediately and chase the enemy army.”

Aaron looked at Benjamin fixedly.
Eyes implying to change the order.
However there were no changes in Benjamin's thoughts.

“Tch. We can't waste time for the ones that died stupidly.”

He looked at Aaron fixedly and continued saying.

“Are you maybe not able to follow my orders?”

A perfect threat.
But funnily, his expression and eyes was filled with a feeling for him not to follow his orders.


Aaron ground his teeth.
If he only wasn't a corps commander, he would already have charged into Benjamin.

'If I do that here, I also put my underlings in a bad situation.'

If it was Benjamin, he was someone that wouldn't be enough with that.
In the end Aaron chose to bow.

“Yes. I will follow your…….”

When he talked up to there.
Roan, that was looking at the situation by the sides, took one step forward.


Fierce eyes and a cold voice.
Roan looked at Benjamin's two eyes fixedly.

“We can't follow that order.”

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