I am the Monarch Chapter 83: A New Opportunity (2)

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Roan and the Amaranth troop directed to the region of Tale.
There was a small troop on the region of Tale, which not many people chose to reside there.
Sollum troop.
It was a troop composed by sinners that got exiled and they were the responsible ones of not letting the monsters of Tale region trespa.s.s.
The number being only 500 people, it was being in charge of the adjutant by the troop commander.
'They are guys with lots of problems.'

The soldiers composing the Sollum troop were all sinners that made some sort of trouble.
Io wrote an order himself and a.s.signed Sollum troop below Amaranth troop.

'But there's no way they would follow me easily.'

Roan first had to make Sollum troop follow him.

'I have to raise a force with Tale region as the base.'

They had to become a force that would be able to be picked in the eastern region in at least 6 years.
And fortunately, Roan was confident on being able to do so, and had the plans to do so.

'That's why I was protecting the eastern region.'

He could feel unfairness at the unreasonable treatment he received and could have fled to another kingdom.
But if he did so, all the things he remembered about the future would all become useless.

'The things I remember clearly are things that happened with Rinse kingdom as the center. On top of that……..'

There was no guarantee that he would keep getting promoted just because he fled to another kingdom.
Especially for Roan, that already rose quite big merits for Rinse kingdom, even more so.

'The commanders that fled from another country receive quite the harsh treatment.'

You wouldn't know if you had the force or the abilities to beat that treatment but at least it wasn't easy for the Roan as now.

'Even the trial that's called to be a tyrant got thrown away after being exiled.'

The exile was the last resort.
In the end, rising a force inside Rinse kingdom was the most reasonable thing.

'But right now, we don't have the strength necessary to raise an independent force.'

He was still a n.o.ble and his rank was also a mere troop commander.

'For now, I have to build my strength below the shadow of the Lancephil family.'

The Lancephil family would suffer a big change in 6 years anyways.

'I have to become a person that can lead that change.

Roan clenched his fists.
He saw the entrance of Tale region from far away.
The entrance that was surrounded with loose wooden fences.
There was a warning note written that you shouldn't enter thoughtlessly.

'Is it really starting.'

A smile appeared in his face.
He, that was a mere greenhorn spearman of the 13th squad of rose troop, was now a commander of a troop.
On top of that, he also became the responsible of a region.
Compared to his past life, it was a commendable growth.

'Then, shall we go meet the Sollum troop?'

His steps were light.
A faint expectation was seen in the faces of the troop members following his back.
A cool wind blew.
Soon, even autumn was coming to an end.


A leisure afternoon.
It was a leisure he felt in quite a while.
A man that wasn't big but strong was humming below the shade of a tree.

“Hmm. Hm. Hmm.”

A relaxed expression.

'I, I would like it if this went on for 4 more days.'

He extended his arms while yawning.
However, his hopes crumbled because of the youth that was running to him from far away.

“Troop commander Semi!”

A voice as big as his body.
The man, Semi slightly raised his head and looked at the youth.

“What? Did monsters appear again?”

At those words, the other man shook his head.

“No. Not that……”

Semi frowned.
The youth continued saying.

“The people sent by the Lancephil family has come.”
“What! Lancephil family?!”

Semi stood up abruptly and put a surprised expression.

'Ah! Am I finally getting out of this disgusting region!'

A smile blossomed in his face.
He was the troop commander in charge of Sollum troop.
Semi danced and hugged the youth.

“Hamon. It was nice unti, buls.h.i.+t. Anyways, thanks for what you have done until now.”
“Yes? Um, troop commander…..”

The youth Hamon smiled awkwardly and pushed off Semi.

“It seems like you have thought of the wrong things. The people the Lancephil family sent……”

His voice became lower.

“Are the superior troop that will be leading us.”

At that moment, Semi that was dancing abruptly stopped.

“Huh? What did you say? What?”

He frowned and asked back.
Hamon let out a sigh instead of replying and pointed to the entrance.
Eyes that meant that he would know if he went.

“This fuc……..”

At that moment, curses came out of Semi's mouth.

“They put us in here without contacting us at all but what? Superior troop? They are really speaking bulls.h.i.+t.”

The pent up anger surged up.
Because of his hot temperament he made small and big accidents and got exiled to Tale region, but his temperament didn't change easily.

“Be it count Lancephil or what, it's so dirty that I will throw everything. Pth!”

Semi spitted and started to walk.

'So the guy that would lead us came, right? Good. Let's see him once.'

His anger had already surged up to his head.
Hamon, that was looking that, let out a short sigh.

“He's out of himself again. He will regret it all later. Tch.”

Meanwhile, Semi arrived at the entrance.
At that moment, his face became even redder.

'This f.u.c.k. That greenhorn won't be my superior, right?'

The place Semi's sight was staying at.
None other than Roan was standing over there.
Semi moved his feet and stood in front of Roan.

“What are you guys?”

A rough talking.
It was a rude and conceited att.i.tude.
But Roan didn't say anything.
Austin, that was at the back, walked to the front and gave him the order.
Semi spread the order roughly and started to curse.

“d.a.m.n! It's so dirty I won't be able to do this!”

He shook the order and snorted.

“Hmph! So this troop that's called Amarwhat is really a superior troop than ours?”

Only then did Roan slowly open his mouth.

“It's just like the order says.”

At those words Semi looked at Roan's eyes fixedly.

“And you are the troop commander of Amaranth?”
“That's right.”

Roan's expression and voice was composed.
Semi had an expression that it was absurd.

'I have to follow the orders of this greenhorn?'

The anger surged up once again.

'I would rather go to jail.'

Jail and the region of Tale.
When they told him to choose one of the two, he chose Tale region.
And that was already 2 years ago.
From the past 2 years, he subjugated the monsters.

'It was dirtily exhausting, and dirtily annoying, but even so I was the king here.'

The ones managing Tale region were only the Sollum troop and the one leading that troop was himself.
With just that one thing, he could endure the h.e.l.l like times.
However, even that seemed to be taken away.
He couldn't let that happen.
He couldn't let that taken away.

'Here the Sollum troop is, I am the king!'

He looked at Roan's eyes fixedly.

“We have to take your orders? Don't speak bulls.h.i.+t.”

Semi snorted.

“Even at first glance you are a greenhorn b.a.s.t.a.r.d that just finished his training. I don't know how you bought count Lancephil's interest but we have this region grasped tightly.”

At that moment, Austin got angry and stood up.

“Troop commander Semi! Your words are too…..”
“It's fine.”

However Roan raised his hand and stopped him.
Roan looked at Semi's eyes fixedly.

“So what do you want me to do?”
“What should you do? You and your amaranth troop just have to shut their mouths and suck your fingers behind us. Why? Do you feel it unfair? If you do……”
“If I do?”
“Try to fight back with that childish and soft hand of yours. Kukuku. Instead, I don't hold any mercy to the ones attacking me, so take that into account.”

A voice filled with confidence.
Roan just thought of that as funny.

'As expected.'

When he first heard stories about Sollum troop, he had kind of expected this situation.
The worst of the worst.
There was no way those kind of guys would simply follow his orders.

“Can't let you like this. Let's. .h.i.t you for now.”

At Roan's words, Semi frowned.
Roan's fist split the air.


Semi got surprised and fell back.
The fist barely stopped in front of Semi's nose.


Wind pressure was felt in the tip of his nose.

“This son of a b.i.t.c.h!”

Semi's face became red.
He ran towards Roan.
you could see that his anger was already over his head.
His movements were as fast as his hard body.

Whong! Woong!

His two fists and legs split the air continuously.
An intent that seemed to drop Roan on the ground.
However, Semi's attacks all hit the empty air.
Roan dodged all of his attacks with the minimum movements.

“So slow.”

Roan smirked and moved.
He dodged Semi's fist and closed on him.


When Semi put a surprised expression.
Roan's fists split the air.

Pububuk! Pubuk!

He didn't use mana.
But even so, his bones and muscles that got restructured after the overflowing was more outstanding than a normal person.


Semi got hit in the chest and abdomen and fell.

“Troop commander!”

Hamon yelled.
He glared at Roan and ran towards him.
Hamon was enduring it well until now, but actually he was as hot tempered as Semi.


A huge fist split the air.
Roan twisted his body and lightly dodged and then hit Hamon on his crotch.


“Kugk! Thi, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Hamon lost balance and tottered, but he still cursed out.
Roan grabbed Hamon's throat like that.
A thread of mana surged up from the mana hole.


The muscles in his right arm swelled up.


Hamon struggled when he felt that his breath was getting cut off.
His two feet got separated from the ground.

'Wha, what kind of strength……'

Hamon and even Semi that was looking by the sides put surprised expressions.
Because a small Roan raised up Hamon with one hand.
Hamon struggled while being on the air.
However he couldn't free himself from Roan's grip.

'He, he's a monster.'

Semi unconsciously stepped back.
The anger that surged up over his head quickly died out.

'Did I make a mistake?'

He awoke himself late.

'Now that I see, even the guys of Amaranth troop……'

Even when a fuss was happening, there was no one among the soldiers that moved.
The intent hidden inside the solid formation.

'They are elite soldiers. It's a powerful army.'

Dry sweat flowed in his back.
Semi inwardly blamed his hot temperament.


Dry saliva pa.s.sed by its own.
Nervousness could be seen in his face.
Roan looked at that Semi and put a smile.

'It's just like count Lancephil said.'

Although the Sollum troop was composed by sinners, they weren't vile people.
Rather, they believed in their own abilities or talent and acted as they wished.
If he could make Sollum troop to become by his side, it would be of great help for his force.

'Anyways, it's comfortable as I don't have to hide my mana anymore.'

Roan talked with Io about things related to mana technique before separating.
You wouldn't know about other places, but Tale region that was quite a secluded place was the most suitable place to train in his mana.
In Roan's position, there was no need to be aware of other people anymore.

“Listen well.”

His voice was quite calm.

“I'm troop commander Roan of Amaranth troop. Although it was the order of count Lancephil, I have no thoughts of forcefully command you.”

Roan turned to look at Semi.

“Come find me when you want to be commanded by me. Until then, I won't b.u.t.t in in your things.”

He loosened the strength in his grip after saying that.


“Kek. Kek.”

Hamon started to cough after he fell on the ground.
He didn't think of attacking him again and fell back.
Roan looked that and put on a bitter smile.

'I didn't want to use force like this……..'

But there was a need to show a suitable amount of strength to control the troublemaking soldiers.
And of course, he wasn't planning to forcefully make them follow him after pressing them down with strength.

'I will make them follow me by their own.'

He wanted to make them follow him first with their hearts, and thoughts.
Now was the start.
Roan turned back.
Amaranth troop followed his back while maintaining formations.

“Whew. I thought I would die.”

Hamon let out a long sigh and touched his neck.
Semi, that saw Roan and the troop disappearing, frowned.

'What to do……'

He couldn't make a decision.
If Roan used force and tried to forcefully command Sollum troop, they would all have rebelled roughly.

'Because the 500 people of Sollum troop are all like that.'

But as Roan made one step back, he felt somewhat prostrated.
Even if he wanted to rebel, the reason to do so had disappeared.
On top of that, the truth that Roan was so strong to the point that he was able to play with him and Hamon made him feel uneasy.

“What kind of guy could he have been? Even the soldiers that came with him seemed to be above normal.”

At Hamon's words, Semi's face contorted.
He got hit while not being able to resist properly.
As Hamon complimented Roan and the troop in that situation, anger surged up.

“How do I know that! Go and do what you were doing!”

At the sudden rebuking words, Hamon smacked his lips.

'He's taking it out on me.'

He hid his thoughts and saluted and then walked towards his headquarters.
It was best to hide himself when Semi was angry.
Today was quite an eventful day for Semi with many meanings.

'd.a.m.n. I don't know. Don't know. I will know if I keep watching them.'

This Tale region was different from the others.
It wasn't a place where a troop that popped up out of nowhere could get accustomed to it and endure easily.
Even if Roan and the troop were strong, he had a need to check if they could adapt well on this region.

'Even Sollum troop lasted 3 years on taking a place.'

At least on this place, Sollum troop was like the elite.
Roan and Amaranth troop.
Semi and Sollum troop.
Two completely different troops were taking place on the same region.
A flower that never withers and soil.
The relations.h.i.+p started like that.

Although the headquarters was quite old and shabby, it still had quite useful buildings.
Amaranth troop checked the buildings thoroughly and made a place for themselves in the opposite side of Sollum troop.
Roan remembered the continued forced march and ordered a rest for 2 days.
Meanwhile some soldiers of Sollum troop approached their headquarters and made some fuss, but no big trouble occurred.
Even Roan started to “rest” in his place.
He started to inspect his plans and trained on Flamdor mana technique.
The current level of Roan's mana level was like that of a novice knight.
And it was all thanks to the the overflowing of his mana that his mana hole, mana road, bones and muscles became reconstructed and strengthened.
As he didn't know much about mana techniques, he was lacking comprehension about it.

'When the troop stabilizes, I will have to buy books and acc.u.mulate them.'

There were many things he had to do.
He had to bring books and goods from the house that was in Beno castle, and had to earnestly manage Chris's agency and the 5 invested people and make them grow.
But most of all, what he had to do first.

'I have to change the structure of the troop.'

A roughly made up troop.

'Although I couldn't touch the formation as I wished until now, but the situation has changed.'

Amaranth troop was completely Roan's.
He was planning to apply one of the formations developed after the era of the great wars to Amaranth troop.

'To lead a small scaled troop effectively, it's good to use groups of ten.'

He would tie 10 soldiers to become one and give the commanding right one person.

'I'm going to make a hundred man squad with the groups of ten as the base.'

Actually, the number of soldiers in Amaranth troop amounted to 400.
If he reorganized them as groups of ten, 4 squad of 100 and 4 hundred man commander would come out.

'I will use the basic strategies of the troop as the hundred man squad.'

Although the basic formation was that of ten men groups, what could become the basis of the strategy was a hundred man squad.
Roan quickly wrote down his thoughts in a piece of paper.
At first glance it felt like nothing, but it was the basics of the basics.
However what Roan was thinking about wasn't only this.
The conditions of becoming a strong army wasn't only composed by the soldiers.

'I will have to slowly start some madmen of the small rooms.'

Madmen of small rooms.
People called them like that and fingered at them.
But they called themselves with other names.
A faint smile appeared in Roan's mouth.


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Proofreader: st8_lupe.

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