I am the Monarch Chapter 93: Poskein Exodus (4)

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The sound of horse steps shaking the ground.
A luxurious carriage and tens of escorting knights were charging through a long road.

“Do, dodge!”

The people walking in the road moved their bodies sideways and dodged the carriage.
Their sight naturally followed the back of the carriage getting further.

“It's the carriage of duke Webster, right?”
“It is. There's the flag in it.”

The people murmured in a serious expression.
They remembered perfectly things like the flag and symbol of a n.o.ble, just like citizens of the capital of Miller.

“Just what happened?”
“Yeah. Already more than 10 carriages entered the palace.”
“And really urgently at that.”

Their eyes following the carriages moved to the high palace.
There was a fear they couldn't hide in their eyes.
the capital of Miller was covered up in an uneasy air.
Because tens of n.o.ble's carriages entered the royal palace for exactly two days.
But this kind of thing had only happened once.
The invasion of Istel and Byron kingdom.
At that time, the big n.o.ble families gathered to the palace to have a meeting.

“Is war going to happen again?”

Words you didn't want to hear got out from someone's mouth.

“Ei, that can't be……”

And a denying sound was heard afterwards.
But the nervousness and fear in their eyes became even denser.


Their apples of adam shook roughly.
The citizens looked at the palace in a dead silence.



The thick door opened up roughly.
The person that appeared was an old man wearing luxurious clothes.
He was one of the four dukes of Rinse kingdom and the person with the biggest force in the western region of Rinse kingdom, Bradley Webster.

“I got late because I was subjugating the monsters in Grain mountain range.”

An urgent voice and expression.
He moved his feet and sat in an empty seat.
There were already tens of n.o.bles seated in the huge conference room.
Bradley and the other dukes were positioned in the upper seats.

“Let's proceed with the meeting.”

A voice and expression that wasn't satisfactory.
The center of the upper seats was for the representing n.o.ble and at the top of the rank, and in that place duke Edwin Voisa was seated.
Edwin and Bradley didn't seem to be in good terms.
No, precisely speaking, among the four dukes Edwin Voisa, Bradley Webster and Liss Kowan had a relations.h.i.+p of political enemies.
Only Francis Wilson maintained a good relations.h.i.+p with the other dukes.
And that was because of the stifling situation in the royal palace of Rinse kingdom.
The current king, Deni Von Rinse, had 7 wives and he obtained one son from three of them.
Three princes.
Their grandfathers were Edwin, Bradley and Liss.
The actual king Deni III wasn't interested in politics and power.

On top of that, he was an improviser and a fickle.
Although he wasn't that bad of a mess, he still wasn't an excellent one.
Compared to him, the three princes had outstanding abilities and their ambition was also great.
As they were all born at the same time, based on the situation everyone could become the king.
Because of that, the n.o.bles of Rinse kingdom were currently in a battle of strength with Edwin, Bradley and Liss at the center of it.

“Just like I told you, monsters got out to the ground from Poskein lake. It's known that they are all strange and odd monsters and their battle strength is a bit stronger than the ground monsters.”

The report of a n.o.ble.
Followed by that, another n.o.ble said.

“The monsters on the ground are moving to the inner parts of the country evading the lake. Because of that, the damage caused by the monsters isn't only occurring in the lake, but in the entire kingdom.”

Several reports were followed.
Edwin, that was listening to it still, asked back with a serious expression.

“Was the cause revealed?”

THe answer was quick.

“Based on the opinions of the residents near the lake, they said that the lake boiled for four days before the monsters poured out. Aside of that, there's nothing else revealed.”

It meant that in the end they couldn't find the cause.
Then, Bradley that was silent, turned his head and looked at a n.o.ble near the upper seats.

“I heard that the damage in that region is insignificant…….”

An existence even a duke of the palace couldn't speak freely.

“Yes. Fortunately, we could react quickly.”

THe n.o.ble replying modestly.
He was none other than Io Lancephil.

'This is all because of Roan.'

His mouth slightly rose.
Actually, it was also a perplexing thing for him that monsters poured out from the lake.
But Roan, that was patrolling the region of Tale moved quickly to set up a defensive line and block their advance.
Thanks to that, different from the other regions that became a wasteland, Lancephil's territory didn't suffer much damage.

“You said that the one that raised this clear merit was called Roan?”

Bradley continued to show interest.
Io nodded and answered.

“Yes. He's the troop commander that got remitted to some conditions and is now in charge of the region of Tale.”

Several n.o.bles let out low exclamations.
They also knew clearly.
The performances of Roan and Amaranth troop.

'He's defending one region without damages with only thousands of soldiers?'
'From the subjugation of Pedian plain, the war between Istel and Byron kingdom, and the movement of the monsters in Poskein lake. He's someone i'm hearing the name a lot recently.'
'If he only didn't commit violence against a n.o.ble, by now he would be a n.o.ble himself?'
'He was someone that had clear abilities.'
'He is following count Io Lancephil.'
'If he crosses over to another side…..He would have to be removed by then.'

They all thought about similar but a bit different things.
Bradley's expression brightened up.

“I heard that he is achieving victory alone when all the other territories are suffering damages. Actually, now that we started talking about him, aren't the merits he has achieved until now, amazing? By now, we will be able to completely pardon his sin and entrust him with leading an army in Poskein lake.”

An exception proposal.
Bradley was the one with the most affection for Io among the four dukes.
Bradley was thinking of being of strength to Io and Roan with this time's merit.
Io bowed.

“As he has plenty of abilities, if you believe and entrust him, I……..”

When he spoke up to then.

“I don't think it's something to decide that urgently.”

A cold voice.
The one that interrupted him was Edwin.

'You thought I would let you do as you pleased.'

A fierce light roamed inside his eyes.

“For now, let's decide on how to suppress the monsters and subjugate them.”

The change of the topic.

“That would be good.”

Liss added on as if he was waiting for it.
Bradley was about to say one more thing but he decided to shut up.
If he made a mistake he could get pincer attacked and get driven to a corner.

“Now, if you have any good ideas say it without hesitating.”

At Edwin's words, the n.o.bles that were being aware started to say their opinions one by one.
But when one side said an opinion, another side b.u.t.ted in.
A battle of force had started with the dukes as the center.
Io, that was looking at the situation, let out a short sigh.

'Whew. It's like this again.'

Now, the conference would become a mess because of the battle of force among the dukes.
This was the reason why they couldn't come to a quick conclusion when Istel and Byron kingdom invaded last time.

“We can't do that!”
“The opinion you said right now is nonsense!”

The voices became louder.
The stiffly closed doors opened up.

“The sun of the kingdom, he's the representative of the G.o.d Crea, His majesty Deni III is entering. The va.s.sals loyal to the kingdom are to show your manners.”

The Grand chamberlain Logan Deil hit the floor three times with a huge staff.

“Your Majesty.”
“Your Majesty.”

The n.o.bles that were arguing just now all stood up and bowed.
And that was the same for Edwin, Bradley, Liss, and Francas.
An old man moved his feet with a smiling face.
He stood at the highest seat that could control all of the conference room.
It was a seat that was adorned with gold and only the king could sit in.

“Hohoho. You are all working hard.”

Deni III laughed.

“Is the conference proceeding well?”

A lightly asking question.

“Yes. Your majesty.”

Duke Edwin replied after stepping up and kissing on the ring of Deni III.
The luxurious ring was the seal of the king and a symbol of power.


He once again laughed.
But the laughter didn't last long.
The expression of Deni III turned stiff just like the laugh from just now was fake.

“When I was listening outside you were all cuacking like f.u.c.king gooses, and a proper plan didn't come out but it's proceeding well?”

At the rebuke of Deni III all the n.o.bles quieted down.
However, this cold rage didn't last long.
Deni III was this type of person.

“Hohoho, that may also be politics. I understand all your burdens.”
“We are ashamed your majesty.”

The n.o.bles replied in one voice.
They were all sweating cold sweat.
Then, Deni III closed his eyes and put a funny expression.”

“That's why I was saying, I have a good method.”

He looked at three young men that were standing at his back.
The heads of the n.o.bles moved following Deni III head.

“And that method is these three princes.”

Three young people.
They were the three princes of Rinse kingdom.
Their eyes were deep and clear and they all looked really beautiful.
They were all born in the same year, but the month was different.
The one at the right of Deni III was the first, Simon Rinse. The second was the one left to Deni, Tommy Rinse, and the one next to him was Kallum Rinse, the third prince.
Simon's grandfather was Bradley, Edwin for Tommy and Liss for Kallum.
Deni III smiled brightly and said.

“I'm entrusting the subjugation of Poskein lake to these three princes.”

The n.o.bles that were listening silently put surprised expressions.
Deni III continued speaking.

“The north to Simon, the central region to Tommy and the south to Kallum.”
“Yo, your majesty. The movements of the monsters are too fierce. At the smallest slip, the three princes can get greatly in……”

When Edwin stood up and expressed his thoughts.

“It seems like duke Voisa doesn't find us to be trustworthy.”

Simon interrupted him with a comic face.

“No, I didn't mean it that way……..”

Edwin laughed awkwardly and dimmed his last words.
Simon smiled brightly and hit his chest.

“Trust us. We are confident on doing well.”
“Yes? Ah, yes……”

Edwin had a confused expression.
Deni III, that was looking at that funnily, stood up.

“I know that the n.o.bles split up based on following the three princes and fighting among yourselves. Let's now stop this enmity and go to the battlefield yourselves. I will be giving a big reward to the prince that has the best merits.”

Several n.o.bles let out exclamations.
A faint smile appeared on the mouth of Deni III.

“The seat of Grand duke in Grain is still empty. You don't know. What kind of influence will this subjugation have based on the results……..”

At that moment the n.o.bles looked at Deni III with surprised expressions.
Grand duke of Grain.
It was the land of the G.o.d Crea and the best mountain ranges in the kingdom.
A land that the successor for the throne was going to get.
Until now, Deni III has never named the takeover of the throne.
Because of that, the n.o.bles were more than shocked.
They were all absentminded.
In the other hand, Deni III had a somewhat enjoying expression.
He looked at the faces of the n.o.bles and then yelled towards the escorting knights.

“Let's go! Today we are hunting hawks!”

A smooth and confident walking.
Deni III and the knights disappeared outside the conference room.
It really happened in an instant.

“Your majesty.”
“Your majesty.”

The n.o.bles started to bow late and showed their manners.
A heavy silence fell in the conference room for a moment.
Just as if a storm has pa.s.sed by.
The three princes in that remained in the conference room put stifled and strange expressions and looked at their faces.

'My brothers. Let's battle as much as we please.'
'I have to raise a merit that's eye catching enough.'
'If I make a mistake, I may drop out of the compet.i.tion.'

Stifling thoughts pa.s.sed in his head.
Edwin, that was looking at the situation, cleared his throat.


Things have already been spilled anyways.

“Then. Just like his majesty has said, the three princes will be partic.i.p.ating in this subjugation.”

His eyes trembled.
And that wasn't only for Edwin.
Bradley's and Liss's head became complicated.

'I have to make the situation to be the most favorable.'
'I'm pouring all the strength of my family.'
'I will even have to gather the n.o.bles that crossed a line with me.'

The atmosphere in the conference room changed.
The outward appearance was as calm as a lake.
But below that, a fierce battle was happening.
The conference continued night after night like that.


'He's someone I can't grasp.'

Io looked sideways to his left.
A good looking youth riding a good war horse.
It was Simon Rinse.

'For the prince that was advised by the king to be prince Simon among the three.'

After the conference ended, the n.o.bles had a separate meeting with the princes they were supporting.
As Io usually followed the inheritance rule, he went to find Simon.
And of course, it was also because of his thick friends.h.i.+p with Bradley.
Simon revealed that it was himself that made the subjugation plan.
But of course, he had never expected that Deni III would also be providing with Grain mountain ranges.

'This subjugation became the most important moment for prince Simon.'

Even if he didn't do so, Simon was the person that was most supported by the n.o.bles following the inheritance rule.
If he only raised a big merit in this battle, he would become much advantageous.
By then, no one would be able to stop Simon.


Io's expression changed faintly.

'Prince Simon has great interest in Roan.'

Roan was a big of subject of speaking even in the royal palace.
Their interest and curiousness got activated at the consecutive victories.

'It's also a big opportunity for Roan.'

If Roan could enter Simon's eyes, even if Io didn't use his hands, he would be able to get pardoned of his sins and climb to an even higher position.

“Compared to the other regions, the region of Tale is really peaceful.”

Simon's voice.
He had an amazed expression.
They had pa.s.sed several regions while moving from the capital of Miller to the region of Tale.
Tranquility. Silence.
Several regions were suffering severe damages because of the movement of the monsters that appeared out of Poskein lake.
But only the region of Tale was clean.
Traces of burnt monster corpses that were everywhere and big and small camps.
On top of that, the road made of gravel and sand made it more comfortable for the soldiers to move and much faster.
A feeling that he was more impressive the more he saw.

“What kind of person is this guy called Roan?”

Simon asked as if he was really curious.


Io smiled faintly and started to speak stories about Roan.

“Ha! It seems like all the reports that were submitted were lacking.”

Simon got greatly amazed after listening to the stories.
he had read the reports about Roan and the region of Tale.

'I thought that the merits and the situation of the region were exaggerated.'

But after actually looking at the region of Tale, he realized that the reports were really humble.

“I want to meet that Roan quickly.”

Io just smiled instead of replying.

“I can hear some yells.”

One of the escorting knights frowned.
The really faint sound heard at the surroundings.
Simon tilted his ear for a moment and then nodded.

“It seems like a battle is occurring.”

A smile bloomed in his face.
He made a gesture with his head towards Io and then pulled the reins.

“Roan, I think he's somewhere close.”

A kind of humorous voice.
At the same time, he kicked the horse.


Soon, horse steps were heard clearly.
The escorting knights quickly followed his back.
And Io also sticked his chest to the horse.
How long have they rode?
As they got up a hill, a wide plain was spread below them.


The sound of a horn trumpet was heard.


Simon and the several knights let out low exclamations.
A battle was occurring in the plain.
No, the battle was now coming to an end.

“The entire troop is moving like one.”

Simon looked at the soldiers pus.h.i.+ng back the monsters fiercely and put a surprised expression.
Io, that arrived late, looked down the hill and put a smile.

“They are Amaranth troop.”

< poskein="" exodus="" (4)=""> End

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