I am the Monarch Chapter 34

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As soon as the merits awards ended, Roan immediately prepared for the withdrawal of the troop.

There was excitement on the faces of the troop members.

And especially including the basic squad training and spear training, he also started another training to make a better use of Kalian’s tear.


Roan quickly ran past a bulky rocky zone.

As smooth as flowing water.
However Roan, that was running over the rocks, felt stuffed.

‘It’s slow. Slow.’

Because of Kalian’s tear, his sight-related abilities improved explosively.

While he was running over the rocks without stop, he could clearly see the angle of how the rock was tilted, and how big it was.


Roan chose a point to land his feet with the sight information as the background and then flew his body.

He had already finished grasping the information for the other point, but his body still hadn’t reached the first point.
IOn simple words, his body couldn’t follow his sight at all.

‘In this situation, what’s the meaning of knowing where the spear will come from and where the arrow will fly from?’

Because he couldn’t dodge it.

‘In the end it’s training, training, and more training.’

He had to build more strength and stamina than now, to move a bit faster and make his body lighter.
And it was the same for his spear skills and combat abilities.

‘What if I can see the weak points of my enemy? I have to be able to stab my spear intoon that point.’

He needed a lot more effort than before.


Roan once again ran around the rocky zone.
Then, a familiar face appeared above one rock.

“Sir adjutant! Sir adjutant Roan!”

A white and soft look.

Roan stopped running and looked at Glenn.
At that instant, he saw the face of him that was far away as if it was right in front of his face.

“It’s the withdrawal. The withdrawal has started!”

An excited voice.
The withdrawal for rose troop had finally started.

‘Is it finally withdrawing.’

Until Beno castle, where the troop headquarters was located, was 2 days of distance.
After two days, the monster subjugation tactic in Pedian’s plain will truly end.

‘The end of war is always a happy thing.’

A faint smile appears on his face.
However, his smile turned to a bitter one.

‘No, it’s not the end of war, but is it resting?’

After one more year, the subjugation ofn Pedian’s plain will start again.

On top of that, they were inon a situation that the limiting kingdoms and empires could attack anytime.
War could never end.

‘How much will this break last?’

He didn’t expect in a big way.
Because the first time he grabbed the spear, he decided to live on the battlefield and die there.

“Even so, I want to live a long life ion this life.”

At least, he wanted to get over 38.
Roan smiled faintly and shook his hand towards Glenn.

“I will go quickly!”
“Yes! Understood!”

Glenn yelled back and disappeared below the rock.

‘Does he like it that much……..’

Roan slowly moved his feet and burst out of laughter.

Then a memory he was forgetting, no, a memory he tried to forget pa.s.sed through his head.

‘Ah! His hometown was near Beno castle.’

Glenn’s hometown was on Dio village, that was near Beno castle.
Be was born and grew up there.

‘Meaning that…….’

She, from his memories, also grew up on that place.

He felt a chill, but it wasn’t a displeasing feeling.
Only that he felt so nervous he couldn’t hide it.

At the entrance of the opened Beno castle’s door.
The moment Roan got inside the castle, he opened his two eyes roundly and got surprised.

“Waaaaaa! Hurray rose troop!”

“Rose! Rose!”

Yells that hit the ears.
The people flocked over and an overwhelming crowd was lining on the streets.

‘This much cheering…….’

He had roamed the battlefield for 20 years.

But the cheering he got at those times weren’t comparable to this.

‘When we won the war against Byron kingdom and returned victorious?’

Back then, they also received an amazing cheering.

It wasn’t as returning from a monster subjugation and returning.

Among the crowd, cute girls appeared holding one blossom of rose each.

The girls put the roses on the oxidized armours with shy expressions.

“Thank you.”

Gentle greetings.

“We are happy because you returned safely.”

The replies of the girlsgrils were also pretty and cute.

She had come running after seeing his rank badge.

“I’m happy because you returned safely.”

The shy voice of the girl.
Roan hesitated for a moment and slightly bent down.

The girl moved her little hands and put the rose on one side of the armour.

“Thank you.”

Roan smiled faintly and stroke her head.


The girl smiled brightly and then disappeared between the crowd.
Even during that, the troop members busily moved their feet.

“Rose! Rose!”

The cheers of the people continued.

Everyone were happily shaking their hands with an accustomed att.i.tude.

‘It seems like they aren’t surprised of this cheer.’

It meant that the relations.h.i.+p between the troop and the commoners was good.

‘He’s a better commander than what I have thought.’

He had also felt that Gale was a good commander on his past life.
The look of him staying at Ale gorge at the ambush of the goblins to save even one more person.

‘He should have taken good care of the commoners as his troop members.’

So that would be the reason they received this kind of cheering.

Roan smiled faintly and placed his hand on his left chest.

Inside his chest there was the small piece of paper Gale had given him before arriving to Beno castle.

‘The squad members would like it.’

The corner of his mouth kept rising.
I want to quickly go back to the headquarters and show them the piece of paper.

‘They will make a fuss.’

He was certain of it.

Before he knew of it, the entrance of the headquarters was right in front of his eyes.
Now, it was the turn for the festival.

“Is, is it true?!”

“And it’s not 2 nights and 3 days, nor 3 nights and 4 days, but 4 nights and 5 days?!”

Expected reactions.

Roan smirked and shook the piece of paper.

The piece of paper Gale gave to Roan before reaching Beno castle was a vacation permit.
And it wasn’t a normal one either.

‘To give the entire squad a vacation.’

It was a vacation permit not only for him, but for the entire squad.

“So pack your things already.”

After he finished saying those things, the squad members scarily packed their things.

And among them, there was also Austin that used to show a dignified and orderly att.i.tude.

‘In the face of vacations, theirre dignity doesn’t have any use.’

Roan smiled faintly and just looked at the squad members.

He knew really well how big of a gift and happiness this vacations were for the normal soldiers.
The members of the 12th squad packed their things ion an instant.

“It seems to be faster than when you prepare for battle?”

Roan put on an ill natured expression.


The squad members laughed awkwardly and coughed.
And then Austin, that was nearby him, asked carefully.

“Sir adjutant. You aren’t going to pack your things?”

Roan nodded with a calm expression.

“My hometown is on the mountainsides of Grain, so a vacation of 4 nights and 5 days is meaningless. I’m just planning on resting on the headquarters.”

Austin and the other squad members let out a low exclamation.

“Then, I will return earlier.”

Austin’s words.
Continued by the words of each and everyone of the squad.

“I will also return earlier.”

“I will also come.”

When Roan was about to shake his hands while smiling brightly.
Austin clapped.


“Then, how about dining together on this opportunity? Let’s drink some beer before we return back to the troop.”

As soon as he ended speaking, the squad members cheered.

“Oh! That’s good!”

The cheering sounds filled the room.

An expression asking ‘What are you going to do if everyone wants it this much?’
Roan smirked and nodded.

“Even so, I was planning on drinking together with the squad members. If everyone is fine with it, let’s gather the day before we return to the troop and drink.”
“Yes! Understood!”

Everyone replied loudly.

‘They are having so much fun.’

Looking that they are liking it this much he felt gratified.


Roan clapped and pushed the backs of the squad members.

“Well! Now return back to your hometowns! Go and rest well!”

The squad members got pushed as if they were being chased out of the room.
Then saluted while holding their bags.

“Then, we will be going.”

Excited voices.
Roan laughed faintly and shook his hand.


A short greeting.

Roan just stood still for a long while and just looked at their backs.

‘They are good guys.’

Guys he wanted to be with until the end.

And then, a familiar voice was heard.

“Sir adjutant Roan.”

Roan turned his head and looked at the owner of the voice.

“Pierce. Why didn’t you leave?”

The owner of the voice was Pierce.
He laughed awkwardly and shook his head.

“My hometown is also far. I am just planning on resting at HQ.”

“Yes. I’m from Blei village from Billington region.”

“Yes. It is.”

Roan and Pierce looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

Then, Pierce carefully asked after hesitating for a bit.

“Should we have some drinks?”

It was a strange feeling.
Roan took one gulp on the warm beer.

‘I have drank with Pierce……….’

He searched his memories.

‘Ah! There was only once.’

After Pierce became a duke.
The day before he left to the feudal estate, he returned to the squad’s headquarters and looked for him.

‘He brought a really expensive wine.’

On that day, Pierce just shared the bottle of wine without saying anything and left.
Roan also didn’t say a word and just emptied the wine.

‘Was that our last encounter….’

But of course, they saw each other from far away.

Pierce was on a high platform, and Roan was on the lowest place.

‘It must have been a sort of consideration.’

He purposefully distanced himself.

Perhaps that could have been some sort of consideration for Pierce.
When he was immersed on the old memories.

“Sir adjutant Roan?”

Pierce’s voice was heard.

“What are you thinking that much?”

“It pa.s.sed by without even knowing what happened and how.”

Pierce smiled faintly and lifted the cup of beer.

Gulp. Gulp.

He emptied the cup in an instant and looked at Roan fixedly.

“Sir adjutant.”

Roan just looked at his eyes instead of replying.
Pierce’s words continued.

“You know my character really well, right? That i’m shy and timid and don’t even have boldness. I don’t like standing in front of others and i’m sloppy regarding on human relations.h.i.+ps.”

Roan was about to unconsciously nod but stopped.
Pierce scratched the table with his finger.

Scratch. Scratch.

The scratching of the wood was heard.

“I have regretted a lot during the training times. Should I just return to my hometown and live off farming? I thought that a lot.”


His finger stopped.

A hot eyesight.

“But now, looking at sir adjutant, I felt a lot of things.”

Roan waited for the next words.

“Amazing tactics, outstanding strategies, amazing spear skills……. Of course I felt all of these things to be amazing, but there is another thing on which I felt more amazed.”

He puts strength on his voice.


Pierce took in a deep breath.

“Sir adjutant didn’t even miss one day of squad training, troop training, and individual training. And that’s not all.”

Fire appears on his eyes.

“You put effort on trying to understand the squad members and to comprehend them. You nursed Land all night because he hurt his shoulder, and you searched a stomach ache on all the troop because of Keep. And……..”

Pierce started to talk about the things Roan did for the soldiers of the 12th squad without anyone noticing.
Roan smiled faintly.

“I just did the things an adjutant has to do.”

At those words Pierce shook his head.

“No. There’s only you that goes to this lengths.”

A firm and determined voice and expression.

“Sir adjutant. You will really become an excellent commander. You will become a great general who will shake Rinse kingdom, no, the whole continent.”

Roan smiled brightly and nodded.

“If I become a great general you will become the greatest spearman on the continent.”

“Right. If it’s your talent, you can do it plentily.”

Roan looked at Pierce’s eyes fixedly.
Eyes without even a trace of hesitation.

‘These eyes……..?’

Pierce felt that his heart beat roughly.

‘It’s the sight he gave me at Int’s forest battle.’

Back then Pierce was really afraid while facing the ogres.
And Roan just threw a short sentence for that Pierce.

‘It’s the same eyes.’

Eyes that didn’t doubt that he would really be able to become the best spearman on the continent.

He looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.


His voice trembles.

“If I get to become the best spearman on the continent, then use me as your adjutant.”

At those words Roan smirked and shook his head.

“I can’t do that?”
“Yes? You, you can’t?”

Pierce asked back with a perplexed expression.
Roan slowly nodded.

“Of course. I can’t use the best spearman on the continent as only an adjutant. At least, you will have to become a general.”

Pierce let out a sigh of relief.
And then, looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.

“Don’t forget that promise.”
“Of course.”

Roan smirked and nodded.
And then, he thought of one thing.

‘If Pierce…….’

The corner of his mouth slightly rises.


Pierce put down the cup he was holding.
Roan asked with a voice so low as if he was whispering.

“Should I teach you a spear skill?”

“Yes. There’s one that really fits you.”

Pierce smiled brightly and nodded.

“Teach me!”

AndANd then, asked with a careful voice.

“But what’s the name of it?”

At those words, Roan laughed a bit awkwardly and replied.

“Roan’s spearmans.h.i.+p.”

Roan’s spearmans.h.i.+p.
Actually, there was no way that existed.

‘Even so, I can’t say that it’s called Pierce’s spearmans.h.i.+p.’

Roan was planning on teaching Pierce Pierce’s spearmans.h.i.+p.
Originally, a spearmans.h.i.+p Pierce would make himself 8 years from now on.

‘If Pierce gets it 8 years earlier, what kind of monster like thing will happen…….’

It can become a little more perfect spearmans.h.i.+p.

‘If I get to raise a force………’

The new Pierce’s spearmans.h.i.+p, no, Roan’s spearmans.h.i.+p will be of great help.
Then, Pierce’s ill- tempered voice was heard.

“Yes? That’s a name that doesn’t make me want to learn it that much.”

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I am the Monarch Chapter 34

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