I am the Monarch Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: A new opportunity (3)

The madmen of small rooms or alchemists.
They were scientists, engineers or magicians that tried to convert minerals to become gold.
But the research of the alchemists that lasted tens and hundreds of years ended up in failure and their research started to make a weird turn.
They wanted to grasp the characteristics of the minerals itself and find methods to refine it, mixing minerals with other minerals, combining it to become weapons, equipments, and other stuff to make it more comfortable or reconstruct it to become stronger.
But of course, this was something of 10 years later.
Actual alchemists were hidden in deep forests or empty villages to research and experiment on weird things and were getting judged as crazy people.
And that was because there were small and big accidents involved in it.
Because of that, people naturally got far from them.

‘I have to gather them starting from now.’

It would be late after their research starts to show accomplishments.
By then, the influential people of the kingdom or empire would gather them and set them up as the base.

‘When there aren’t guilds like right now is the most suitable time.’

Different from the knights or mages that had headquarters, alchemists didn’t even have a guild.
Roan was planning ot make a guild for the alchemists near Tale region.
One of the conditions for a strong army.

‘I also need outstanding weapons and not only outstanding soldiers.’

Roan was planning to entrust that to the alchemists.

‘On top of that, if I can gather engineers or blacksmiths…..’

But it probably wouldn’t be easy.
He was still exiled in the region of Tale.
He couldn’t come and go to other regions as he pleased.

‘In the end, I will have to resort to the help of mister Chris once again.’

He needed the help of Chris’s agency.
Roan was first planning to establish Chris’s agency near the region of Tale, and use them as a means of contact.

‘Good. Let’s make one step slowly.’

Roan took in a deep breath and stood up.
The plans he would face were now somewhat organized.
His heart beat.
The blood in his body circulated quickly.

‘Let’s make history.’

A blue light lit up in his eyes.

“It’s somewhat amazing.”
“It’s a formation I hadn’t thought at all.”

The troop members looked at each other and put surprised expressions.
Austin, that was pondering, raised his right hand.

“Is there a need to change formations? We are all accustomed to the current formation actually.”

At those words, some soldiers nodded.
Their sight moved to Roan.

“That formation was filled with weak points.”

A composed voice.
Roan walked among the troop members and started to make a long explanation about the formation.
He also explained how roughly made was the formation used in the squads, troops and corps.
As his explanation became longer, a convinced look appeared in the faces of the soldiers.

“Ah! That’s why until now the troop was operated in several divided sections.”
“Now that I see, we moved in more small scaled groups than the other troops.”
“Can it be that that was like the ten men group?”

Several conversations could be heard.

‘They are all quick to catch.’

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.
When they still belonged to the 7th corps, the 2nd rose troop invested a lot of time in small group training and operation.
And that was all for the pre establishment of the hundred men squad.

“If the entire formation changes then the positions of troop commander, adjutant, squad commander will also be changed.”

Especially, the adjutants that were crudely called as commanders would be clearly differentiated from the ten men leader and hundred men commander.
If the size of the troop becomes larger, the thousand men commander and ten thousand commander will also be implemented.
Here on, each task will get the role of staff officer.

“For now, I will name the four people that will become hundred men commanders.”

At Roan’s words, nervousness was seen in the faces of the soldiers.
Especially on the faces of the squad commanders, a faint expectation appeared.

“I name Austin to become hundred men commander to command and lead the entire troop instead of me.”

A low exclamation came out of Austin’s mouth.
The manager was a position that basically worked instead of the vice troop commander.

‘For me to become a manager…….’

Just a few months ago, he was working hard to get promoted to become a squad commander.
That Austin became a commander that would lead hundred soldiers.
He slowly stood up and moved.
Roan lent him the declaration paper he had already prepared few days ago.
Although there was no rank badge that suited with the new formation, Austin got deeply moved just with the declaration paper.

“I will do my best.”

An earnest voice.

Roan patted Austin’s shoulders once and smiled.

‘If it’s Austin, he will work well.’

Followed by that, the naming of the second commander took place.

“I name Tane as the 2nd hundred man commander.”

Tane, that was a squad commander of the 13th squad of rose troop stood up with a half absent minded expression.

“Squad commander Tane! Congratulations!”

Pete whistled and yelled while shaking his right arm.
And all the other troop members also clapped.
Because they all recognized Tane’s skills and merits he had acc.u.mulated during the small and big battles.

“Let’s work well from now on.”

Roan gave him the declaration paper and smiled.
Tane made a short salute.

“Sir! I will do my best!”

A voice with strength.

‘Relations.h.i.+ps are really fun.’

Roan smiled.
Just before a few weeks he was a newcomer spearman of the 13th squad which Tane lead.
But now, he became a commander and a superior that lead an entire troop and named Tane to become his second hundred man commander.

‘Who would have known that a greenhorn spearman would become a troop commander.’

Now that it turned out like this, there was no law that said that he wouldn’t be able to become a monarch.
Roan felt the emotions surging up and named the 3rd commander.

“I name Pete as the 3rd hundred man commander.”

At that moment, silence fell.
Even Pete, that was whistling towards Tane, froze like that.
Pete, who threw a fist towards Roan that couldn’t grasp the situation when he first returned to the past.
He had pa.s.sed over several squad commander ranked soldiers and became a hundred man commander.
The surrounding soldiers all looked at Pete with surprised expressions.
Pete got a hold of himself and pointed at his own face.

“Do, do you mean me?”

Roan just nodded.
At that moment.

“Waaa! Pete! You completely succeeded!”
“Pete, no. Commander! Congratulations!”

Several cheers were heard from everywhere.
Amaranth troop was at much 400 people.
They had established quite a solid relations.h.i.+p after the battles they faced together.
There was no one that felt displeased or were against Roan’s decision.

“Huh? Yea. E, everyone thanks.”

Pete nodded with a shaking face and stood in front of Roan.
Roan gave him the decree and patted his shoulders.

“Let’s work hard.”

The reason he declared Pete as the third commander.

‘If Austin and Tane have the ability to command and lead, Pete outstands in the part of strength.’

A brave general that could face the enemies at the front.
That was Pete.

“I, I will do my best.”

Pete still had a half absent minded expression.
He moved his feet and stood next to Tane.
Tane smiled brightly and poked Pete’s side.

“Th, thank you.”

Pete smiled awkwardly and bowed.
He didn’t even know how to read but was staring at the decree as if his gaze would pierce through it.

‘I’m a hundred man commander?’

Based on the original formation, he was a mere adjutant.
Emotions overflowed.

‘I can’t disappoint him.’

Resolution that he had to act according to Roan’s expectation surged up.
Meanwhile, Roan was naming the last commander.
Everyone was concentrating on Roan.
Although Pete was kind of unexpected, the hundred man commander until now were kind of expected.

‘Now that Pete was the third, the fourth may be a really unexpected person.’

Everyone gulped dry saliva.
Only then did Roan feel the strange gazes and slowly opened his mouth.

“I name Harrison as the fourth commander.”


At that moment, even a worst silence fell than when Pete was declared.
The gazes of the soldiers naturally fell in one place
.A childish faced soldier.
It was Harrison.

‘M, me?’

He couldn’t even bring those words out.
Harrison was asking towards Roan while opening and closing his mouth.
Roan smiled faintly and nodded.
Harrison slowly stood up and carefully moved.
The surrounding was still as dead as a rat.

‘He surpa.s.sed all the other squad commanders?’

Everyone had surprised looks.

“Harrison certainly has the proper qualifications to become a hundred man commander!”

Pason, that was one of the basic squad commanders, yelled out.

“Right! Just looking at his skills in archery, he was the best of the 7th corps!”
“He even saved the life of troop commander several times!”

The other squad commanders added and yelled.
THey knew really well what their role was.
Because of that, the heavy silence got blown away like a feather.

“Right. Just looking at his merits, he’s the best of the best.”
“Well, just looking at skills the one that is the most suitable in the seat of hundred man commander is Harrison.”

The soldiers all started to nod with convinced expressions.
CHeers and applauses were heard everywhere.


Harrison looked at the troop members with an absent minded expression.
Compared to the other soldiers, he wasn’t even from rose troop.
He had joined in late because of Roan.

‘For everyone to recognize me like this.’

One corner of his heart became hot.
His sight naturally turned to Roan.

‘Troop commander. I’m really thankful.’

Just a few months ago, he was a mere novice spearman.
However, because Roan recognized his talent in archery and taught him that, he became able to live a new life.

‘I won’t forget this grace even when I die.’

Harrison bowed towards Roan.
Roan lent him the decree and patted his shoulders.

“Harrison. Let’s keep working hard from now on.”

The words Roan said when he first met Harrison.
Harrison nodded with a moved face.

“Yes. I will stay with you until I die.”

His voice trembled slightly.
Roan smiled faintly.
Harrison wiped off the tears and stood next to Pete.
Like this, the naming of the four commanders ended.
Continued by that, the naming of the 10 men commanders and staff officers followed up.
The most important thing was the naming of the commander that would lead the information squad.
Pens, that originally lead the information squad, couldn’t enter the exile region of Tale and because of that he had to name a new responsible one.
Roan named Keep, that was the nimblest of them all.
And like this, the restructure of Amaranth concluded.
Roan dissolved the troop and opened up another meeting between commanders.

“You all should know it, but we are no different from sinners.”

The hundred men commanders and the information leader all nodded.
Roan kept talking.

“We have to face the monsters of the region of Tale.”

A voice with strength.
Roan looked at Keep’s eyes fixedly.

“For now, the information squad will thoroughly investigate the region of Tale. You have to investigate the rivers, nests, mountains and woods really carefully.”

He pointed a wooden desk with his finger.

“I’m planning to make a map so you can grasp the region of Tale in one sight.”
“You mean a map?”

Austin asked back with a surprised expression.
Drawing up a map was quite a dangerous thing in this era.
If you slipped, you could even get the misunderstanding that you were a spy.

“This region of Tale is a really secluded place, different from other places. Because of that we are free from even the gazes of the people. There’s no need to worry that much.”

At those words several people nodded.
However, they couldn’t do anything that they still felt a bit uneasy.
Tane asked back with a careful expression.

“But do you have a need to do that?”

As the appearance of monsters in this region was quite low, there was no need for the troop to act first.
They would come attacking first if you just guarded the headquarters.
Roan clenched his fists at those words.

“I’m not planning to wait the monsters still.”

Everyone looked at Roan’s face.
A faint smile appeared in Roan’s mouth.

“We are attacking the monsters first.”

He grabbed the table with both of his hands and then sticked out his head towards the commanders.
A voice and expression that overflowed with confidence.
However, a low voice but with strength was followed.

“I’m planning to dry them up.”

< a="" new="" opportunity="" (3)=""> End

I am the Monarch Chapter 84

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