I am the Monarch Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Poskein Exodus (1)


The alchemists that research while hiding themselves deep in a forest or in a secluded room.
A necessary branch for the production of weapons and items.
At first glance, it was a really important job.
Because of that, it seemed as if it was treated quite finely but actually it wasn’t like that.
First, in the cases of alchemists, you had to spend quite a lot of money for the researches and the results were poor and in the process of the researches bit and small accidents happened in consecution.
On top of this, alchemy was labeled as skills of the devil and the distance between them and the magicians and priests got wider and the rank of alchemists reached the lowest floor.
The reason why blacksmiths, carpenters, etc were treated more contemptuously was much simpler.
The kingdoms of this era didn’t see the people that sweated while moving their bodies in a good manner.
Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that only knew how to move their hands.
This was the thoughts of the n.o.bles and powerful people.
Thanks to that the several branches couldn’t get treated well and were exploited with manual labor.
In that situation, Roan promised a safe lodging and constant investments while gathering skilled people so soon quite a number of people gathered.
They built houses near the HQ of Amaranth troop and settled in, but there was no quiet day.

“I wonder. It’s like that because that’s not it. We have to put 20 steel pieces more!”
“If we do that, the durability decreases and only the weight increases!”
“Just believe in me and do it once.”
“Do you think I was deceived by those words once or twice? Hmph.”

A hot workshop.
Two people that gave completely different impressions were raising their voices.
The middle aged man with white skin was Oden.
He was an alchemist that specialized in the combination of minerals.
The middle aged man facing Oden was another middle aged man with a red face, called Vixx.
He was considered to be one of the best blacksmiths.
The two people were following Roan’s orders to make a lighter but stronger weapon and were combining forces.
The problem was that their thoughts were too different and that the clas.h.i.+ng of opinions was too severe.

“But you don’t know, so try it once! You just have to do what I tell you to do so!”
“If you want to do it that much do it yourself!”

The voices became louder.
The surrounding blacksmiths clicked their tongues and shook their heads.
Then, a shadow appeared in the entrance.


The surrounding blacksmiths bowed with a surprised expression.

“Troop commander Roan!”

The person that entered through the entrance was none other than Roan.
After he returned from the village of the north he went to find some blacksmiths.

‘They are also hard working today.’

Roan looked at Oden and Vixx and smiled.
Although it seemed like they would hit each other any time, he knew that they were actually sharing their opinions.

‘I was also taken by them at first.’

He sweated cold sweat trying to calm them down.
But it didn’t mean that the fierce quarrel disappeared just because he did that.
In the end, he just left them be and little by little, results started to show in.

‘After they fight like they would kill each other, they cleanly order things while drinking alcohol.’

The two people were a good match for each other.

“Oden. Vixx.”

Roan moved his feet and called the two of them.

“Ah! Troop commander.”
“Troop commander. Have you come?”

Although Roan was much younger than them, the ranks were clear.
The two people belonged to the alliance of alchemists and skilled people but in the first place, they were an inst.i.tution belonging to a branch of Amaranth troop.

“You are also fierce today.”

At those words, the two people scratched their heads as if it was embarra.s.sing.
Roan looked around the workshop and continued saying.

“It’s becoming time we have to start preparing. What happened with what I asked you last time?”

A soft voice but with strength.
Vixx opened his two eyes roundly.

“Ah! The new product is out.”

They hurriedly got to the inner part of the workshop and then took out a shapeless armor and a round s.h.i.+eld.
The armor was quite ordinary and the s.h.i.+eld had a size to barely be able to cover your upper body and it was even thin.
The two of them were of a black color and the texture was smooth.

“We did make it as you told us for now, but will the size of this s.h.i.+eld of any use?”

It meant that it was too small.
If you covered your head, it revealed all your body, and if you curled up to protect your body it revealed your abdomen and the lower parts.
Roan made an eye sign as if it was fine.


Vixx put on the armor and s.h.i.+eld while clearing his throat.
The s.h.i.+eld was well fixed on his left wrist.

“Now, look.”

Vixx moved his body everywhere with a nervous expression.
He showed movements of swinging the s.h.i.+eld and blocking and then moved his arm behind his back.


The s.h.i.+eld took place at his back with the sound of metal.
Behind him, a hanger in his back interlocked firmly with a hanger at the insides of the s.h.i.+eld.
Vixx turned back and showed his back.

“Just like you said, we made the s.h.i.+eld so it could be attachable. Although it’s gonna be quite difficult before getting proficient. Even i’m failing 6 out of 10 times.”

He extended his arm again and moved the s.h.i.+eld sideways.


The hangers loosened up with the sound of metal and the s.h.i.+eld separated.
Vixx took posture once more and lowered his stance.

“And lastly……..”

His right hand hid behind the s.h.i.+eld.


A nice feeling sound of metal.
At the same time, a small sword the size of a forearm appeared.

“We hid one small sword.”

The demonstrations ended.
Roan nodded and clapped.


His mouth rose.

‘It’s a bit different to what Ian Phillips designed but if it’s this much it’s still amazing.’

The  use of a small s.h.i.+eld and the small sword.
It was one of the parts the genius strategist Ian focused on experimenting with.

‘When others were developing a longer spear, heavier sword, an arrow that could be fired longer, Ian rather focused on developing a short weapon that was light and yet strong.’

Thanks to that, Rinse kingdom could show an overwhelming strength at close combat.

‘If on top of this I can also combine the weapons of the other continents and kingdoms……..’

The strongest troop in history may be born.
But one unfortunate thing.

‘I just vaguely know the shape. I don’t know with what principles, ingredients, or methods those things were made.’

Those things were parts that the alchemists and blacksmiths had to fill in.
And because of that, he had gathered them faster than anyone and wasn’t petty on the inversions.

“First, you will have to ma.s.s produce that s.h.i.+eld.”
“Yes. I understand.”

Vixx hit his s.h.i.+eld with his right hand as if it was no problem at all.
Roan smiled satisfactorily and nodded.

“Thank you everyone for following an unreasonable order.”

Right before he finished saying that, Owen shook both of his hands.

“We are rather thankful for letting us research as much as we want.”
“Yes. It’s the first time we got treated like this since we were born.”

Vixx followed up.
Roan slightly bowed towards those people.
He wasn’t simply investing on them.
Roan and Amaranth troop members treated and respected them in a human way.

“Let’s keep working hard.”

At Roan’s words Oden and Vixx clenched their fists.

“Believe in us!”

A confident expression and voice.
Roan of the Amaranth troop, Oden of the alchemists guilds, Vixx of the skilled people a.s.sociation.
The three people looked at each other and smiled.

“That’s not it. The angle you are stepping in is wrong.”

Roan’s voice rang in the training ground.
Amaranth troop members were tightly nervous.
They swung their spear while standing up in a firm line.


Every time the spear split the air, a sharp sound was heard.

‘They are certainly having it difficult.’

Roan was teaching ROan’s spearmans.h.i.+p to the spearmen.
And he even taught the infantry, cavalry men and archers some separate things he knew.
Although the level of it was low compared to his spearmans.h.i.+p, even so it was a must to teach to normal soldiers.

‘I’m selecting new Squad commanders based on the merits until now and their progress on training.’

Stuck water rots.
Roan wanted to make a system that could promote anyone to a higher rank if they only had the abilities and capabilities to do so.

‘Reasonable and fair compet.i.tion develops everyone.’

But even so, he didn’t think of throwing away the soldiers that fell behind.
He was planning to teach them separately while putting in a little bit more of effort.
Using carrots and whips at the same time.

“Your spear fell! Put more strength in your arms!”

Roan yelled one more time with all his strength.
He could kind of see that the entire troop was becoming stronger.
Then, one man appeared at the entrance of the training ground.
A really familiar face.


He was Chris’s right hand and the vice president of the agency.
Roan entrusted Austin with the training and moved.

“Troop commander.”

Pens lightly saluted and put a smile.
Roan patted his shoulders and went towards his office.

“Is Chris well?”
“Yes. He’s really busy right now.”

Pens smiled brightly and replied.
Roan put an awkward smile.

“I feel sorry for him.”

It was Roan that asked him things that took too much effort.
But Pens shook his head.

“No. He’s having a lot of fun right now.”
“I’m glad then.”

Roan let out a short sigh and then got inside his office.
Pens took out a thick pile of papers as if he was waiting for it.
It was the gathered and a.n.a.lyzed information centered in the eastern region of Rinse kingdom.
Roan lightly looked at it and then looked at Pens.

“Anything in particular?”

Pens hesitated for a moment and then continued saying.

“I’m talking about Montea mountain.”

If it’s Montea mountain, it was the mountain they bought a mining right through the orders of Roan.

“Even so, we think it was in vain.”

They had roamed several places of the mountain for 5 months but they didn’t discover any mine or minerals.
Roan asked back with a composed expression.

“What are the thoughts of the others?”
“For now chief Chris and the staff of our agency all judge that it was in vain. But….”

Pens paused for a moment and then said in a low voice.

“The responsible one, mister Ford, seems to think in another way. He says he’s getting a feeling. That there certainly is something in Montea mountain……..”

Roan copied his words.
Pens smiled bitterly.

“He’s asking to increase the inversions. To dig deeper…..”

Just by looking at the situation, it was no different to a helpless proposal.
But Roan, that knew that there was an incredible sized magic stone mine put a proud smile.

‘Ford. He’s a friend with quite good senses.’

Roan hit the end of the table with his fingers.

“Good. Tell Chris to increase the inversions.”

Pens asked back with a surprised expression.
He said in an urgent voice.

“With the current situation, we can’t have that much of a leisure. The jewels you have given us has already been invested in the agency of Amaranth troop, the fishermen a.s.sociation, alchemist guild, blacksmith guild and the five businesses. THe incomes of our side is the income coming in from the four businesses excluding the mining one…….”

Just maintaining the current situation was tight.
And Roan also knew about that situation quite well.

“It’s fine. We will be lessening the incomes to Amaranth troop momentarily.”

Still a composed voice and expression.
But his eyes were filled with certainness.

“Invest in mister Ford. He will soon show some accomplishments.”

The decision has been made.
Pens took in a deep breath and bowed.

“Yes. I understand.”
“And tell mr. Daiv of the fishermen a.s.sociation to prepare to move out.”
“Prepare to move?”

At Roan’s words, Pens tilted his head.

“Yeah. I’m planning to make a port in the lake after subjugating the monsters of the south.”

His eyes shone.


Pens let out a low exclamation.
He knew from way before that Roan showed big interest in Poskein lake.

“I will tell him that.”

Pens wrote down the contents thoroughly.
Roan stood up from his seat.
Although he wanted to have a meal with Pens, he didn’t have the leisure right now.

“Next time, let’s have a drink together.”
“Yes. I will be waiting for you.”

Roan and Pens grabbed their hands.
A strong heat was felt.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

The sound of the bell was heard from the HQ.

Jiing! Jiing! Jiing!

Followed by that, the heavy sound of the zing was heard.
Bell and jing.
It was a sign alarming about the appearance of monsters.

“I, is it monsters?”

Pens asked back with a little nervous expression.
Roan just nodded and then opened the door.

At that moment, wind came in.
That was the wind of the boiling spirit.

“Sir! We finished preparations to charge out!”

Austin saluted and bowed.


Pens opened his eyes roundly.
He let out an exclamation after seeing the firm and solid formation in front of his eyes.

‘I heard the sound of the bell just now but they already finished preparations……..’

He had never seen a troop moving this well until now.
But the expressions of Roan and Amaranth troop were composed and calm.
Roan hurriedly got on his horse and grabbed Travias spear.


The metal stick transformed to a long spear with the sound of metal.

“Monsters from the southeast are moving to the northwest!”

Austin’s report.
Roan nodded shortly and looked at the troop members.
The tightly shut lips and eyes.
They were already the strong among the strong.

“Amaranth troop!”

Roan raised the Travias spear he was holding in his right hand highly.


< poskein="" exodus="" (1)=""> End

I am the Monarch Chapter 90

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