I am the Monarch Chapter 97

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“That crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Da.s.s, a soldier of the information squad, cursed when he looked at the troop settling down in the mountain ranges.

“A beacon has surged up!”

A sound hitting your ears.
As he turned his head, he saw a beacon surging up from the west.


Da.s.s spitted out and then walked towards the camp.

‘d.a.m.n. I have no face to see troop commander Roan. No face at all.’

He was a soldier of the information squad in charge of surveilling the front lines of the east.

And especially baron George Ant, that had a lot of complaints against Roan.
Because of that, he was putting in more effort and checking on him thoroughly.

‘I was a bit relieved as they moved the camp to the south as troop commander’s orders but……’

He was a bit slower than the other n.o.bles, but George also moved the camp to the south.

But after two days of having settled down, they started to show weird movements.

‘They started to withdraw the camp suddenly.’

For now, he sent the soldiers of the information squad to Mediasis village.

In the end, he sent an information squad to a close beacon.
Meanwhile, George that kept moving towards the north, started to settle down in a mountain range.

‘Crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d.’

A shape he couldn’t understand at all.
Da.s.s moved his feet towards George’s camp.


The guards that were on the entrance raised their spears.
Da.s.s took out a piece of cloth that had the symbol of Amaranth troop drawn in it.

“I’m a member of Amaranth troop.”

They were already familiar to each other.

Da.s.s huriedly crossed the camp that was starting to take shape.

‘He’s there.’

As he approached the center of the camp, he saw George standing below a big shadow.

“Sir baron Ant.”

George, that was lightly eating up a grape, frowned at Da.s.s’s entrance.

‘He was from Amaranth, right?’

It was obvious that he came because he pulled back the camp.
George shrugged his shoulders while feigning ignorance.

“What’s the matter”
“What’s the reason you broke the formation and fell back?”

Da.s.s asked the most politely and humbly possible.

“Aha. You are talking about that.”

George smiled brightly and scratched his belly.

“I was looking at the position of the camp. I think that rather than the plains of the south, this mountain range would be much better. The back is blocked by rough mountains and at the front it’s mere plains, so there was nowhere better than this place.”

He grabbed one more grape and put on a fishy smile.

“Even so, it seems like troop commander Roan made a mistake because he lacked in experience. For a general at my level, this is the most suitable place to set up the camp.”

Da.s.s took in a breath and then carefully spoke.

“But if baron Ant falls back alone, then all the other defenses can get in danger.”

At that moment, George burst out of laughter.

“Hahaha. You worry too much. If that does happen, I will lead my troop myself and rescue them. Even if I look like this, i’m a rumored general. Hahaha.”

George was speaking nonsense as if it was nothing.

Because he realized he wasn’t someone he could hold a conversation with.

“I understand. Then, I will go back now.”

Da.s.s bowed and then turned around to keep walking.

‘d.a.m.n. Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d.’

Curses roamed in his mouth.

‘Because of you, the entire defensive line has become fragile! For even a villagesman like me to realize, and a b.a.s.t.a.r.d that calls himself a n.o.ble doesn’t!’

An urgent expression.

‘If monsters appear……..’

His face became red.

Da.s.s got out of the camp and went towards the near mountain with the information squad.
It was to monitor the plains in the south.


At that moment, a low exclamation came out of Da.s.s’s voice and the member’s.
Their faces became pale.


A white dust cloud surged up from beyond the plains.

The monsters were charging thourgh the south because the defensive line got opened up because of George’s troop falling back.

‘If I leave it like this, the northeastern region of Tale becomes a wasteland!’

Urgency appeared in Da.s.s’s expression.
He made someone blow the horn trumpet through a handsign.


A sound that made your heart beat spread while flowing through the wind.
But George’s camp didn’t show any movements.

‘Why! Just what are you doing! Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d!’

Da.s.s ground his teeth.

A chilly murdering intent appeared in his eyes.

“Go to the beacons! Tell them to lit the beacons!”

An urgent voice flowed through the wind.


The cries filling up the entire battlefield.

A cruel sight.
There were countless corpses that didn’t have the head in the battlefield.


Roan stood in the middle of the battlefield and let out a long sigh.

He held Travias spear upside down and looked towards the north.

“Son of a b.i.t.c.h.”

Curses came out by it’s own.

“For now, we have cut down the tails of the monsters!”

Austin’s voice was heard.

Although they had obtained victory after the fierce battle, his expression wasn’t good.

“The troop of baron Rael Piad got annihilated.”

Rael was right next to the west of George’s camp.

Because of that, they suffered damages close to annihilation and the strong defense line crumbled down like a sand castle.

“And baron Piad?”
“Fortunately safe. He has fled towards the camp of viscount Blick.”

At those words, Roan slowly nodded.

It was Da.s.s and the information squad.

“Troop commander!”

They kneeled up as soon as they approached Roan.

“We are sorry!”

An earnest voice.

But Roan’s expression was composed.

“It’s not your fault.”

Short words.

Roan looked at them and ground his teeth.

‘In a battlefield, the role of magicians diminishes……’

After facing today’s scandal, he felt regret at the absence of magicians.

‘Even if we could use communication magic, we would have been able to move quicker.’

The magicians in Tale were the ones in Simon’s troop, and those amounted to a mere 500.

‘They are all attack purposed magicians, so they don’t even know communication magic…….’

In the current situation, they weren’t of much help at all.

“Everyone, stand up.”

A soft voice.

Tear marks was seen in their faces.

“George Ant. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d?”

He didn’t even add the t.i.tle.
Da.s.s pointed to the north.

“He’s not even moving from the mountains.”

Roan slowly nodded and then moved.
His feet lead his forces and went towards viscount Tio Luin.

“Viscount Luin.”
“What happened?”

There was complete annoyance in the face of Tio, that was cleaning up the battlefield.
Because he realized that this battle occurred because of George.

“Lead your troop and chase the monsters that went to the north please.”


Roan glared at the north and said.

“I will have to go and find baron Ant.”

Tio let out a low exclamation and nodded.

The two people looked at each other for a moment and separated.
Roan got on his horse and raised his spear high.

“Amaranth troop, we are going to the mountains where George’s troop is at!”
“Yes! Understood!”

A loud voice.

Roan called Austin with a handsign.

“Austin. When we arrive the camp……”

The order he says in a low voice.
Austin nodded with a severe expression.

“Don’t worry.”

A short salute.
Roan looked at that and nodded, and then pulled the reins.


The head of the horse headed towards the north with a cry.


The order fell.

Tio, that was looking at that, mumbled in a low voice.

“George Ant. My stupid friend. It seems like your power is up to here.”

His voice was as lonely as the battlefield.

The flag covered in blood fluttered at the front.

The flagman ran a step ahead and then shook the flag.

“It’s Amaranth troop!”

The soldiers, that were on the watchtower, quickly shook their hands.


The closed gates opened up.

Amaranth troop entered the camp with the cavalrymen at the front.

“It seems like they had a tough fight.’

“Can we stay like this?”

Soldiers of George’s troop gathered up.

But Roan didn’t even glance at them.
His objective was fixed.

‘Yes, commander.’

The two of them exchanged glances.

At that moment, the troop members pulled their weapons from their waists.
At the same time.

Flutter! Flutter!

The flagman that was at the front shook his flag.
And the troop members charged to the front as if they were waiting for it.

“Huh? Huh?”
“Wh, what is it?”

The adjutants of George’s troop, that were looking at Amaranth troop, put surprised expressions.
They saw the members of Amaranth troop running towards them and opened up their eyes roundly.

“Capture them!”

Austin’s voice rang the battlefield.

Amaranth troop was the strongest among the strongest.
They weren’t someone a troop like George’s, that enjoyed partying in the middle of the battlefield, could face.

Cheng! Checheng!

The spears and swords pointed at the necks of the adjutants.


George’s tropps commanders couldn’t even resist properly and raised their arms.

The capturing was so easy it was disappointing.

“Thi, what is this?”
“Why are you like this?”

The normal soldiers of George’s troop gathered up with a half absent minded expression.
Roan got down the horse and pulled Regate dagger.

“I, troop commander Roan of Amaranth troop, received the commanding and strategizing rights by the 1st prince. But baron George Ant moved the camp as he pleased while ignoring my orders and broke the defensive lines. This is a severe violation of military discipline. From now on, I will name baron George Ant as a sinner.”

Fierce eyes and cold voice.


The normal soldiers gulped dry saliva with a nervous expression.
Roan kept talking.

“If there’s someone trying to obstruct my actions, I will also treat those as sinners.”

As soon as he finished talking, the members of Amaranth raised their weapons.


The tip of the sharp weapons got pointed at the soldiers.

“We, we just did as we were ordered to.”

George’s soldiers already lost all will to fight back.

Roan calmly caught his breath and then put back his dagger.

The remaining one was only George Ant.


A low calling voice was sent with a signal.

“Yes. I understand.”

Soon, 50 members of Amaranth moved towards the center with Roan at the front.

“Wh, what are you!”

The soldiers that were guarding the center discovered Amaranth troop and yelled.

‘Dman. I thought the camp was noisy. So it was because of them!’


They pulled up their weapons late.
But Roan’s and the troop member’s movements were faster.

Cheng! Checheng!

The spears and swords. .h.i.t their weapons.


The knights and commanders of George’s troop ground their teeth at the numbness they felt.
Roan got in between them.

Pubuk! Pububuk!

He executed Reid’s battle techniques.


The knights and commanders kneeled up with a painful sound.

“Tie them up!”

The members of Amaranth came running quickly and captured them firmly.

But they didn’t have leisure to lower their steps.
Roan walked towards a huge and luxurious tent located at the center of the camp.

‘George Ant.’

He unconsciously ground his teeth.

They got out to check what was happening outside because it was too noisy.

“Yo, you?”

The knights discovered Roan in front of them and put surprised expressions.

Movements filled with Reid’s battle techniques.


At one hand movement, their posture broke, and fists. .h.i.t them from the broken stances.


Five knights collapsed in an instant.

“Yo, you crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d…….”

Groans filled with pain.

At that moment, a luxurious place showed up.

“Huh? Yo, you?”

A fas.h.i.+onable chair located at the center.

He was surprised at Roan’s sudden appearance.

‘The reason why it was so noisy was because of you?’

The knights he sent to check what was happening weren’t here.


Even if he had the commanding and strategizing rights, a commoner troop commander laid his hands on knights belonging to a n.o.ble family?
George couldn’t believe it.

“Was it you making the fuss outside the tent?”

‘Even if you placed a hand on the knights, you won’t be able to do anything to me. Kukuku.’

He laughed in a strange way and grabbed another grape.
He wanted to show Roan a leisure look.

“It seems like you won’t answer. A n.o.ble is asking you but you dare…..”

He couldn’t continue speaking.
Because Roan suddenly charged forward.

“Son of a b.i.t.c.h!”

A sound yelling with all his strength.
At the same time, his right left split the air and hit George’s chest.



George rolled on the ground with the chair.

“Cough! Cough!”

The coughs were heard clearly.
Roan moved his feet like that and stepped on his chest.



George struggled with a pained expression.
But Roan’s foot didn’t move at all.

“You, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. What are you doing right now!”

George yelled up.

“It seems like you forgot who I am! I am Rinse kingdom’s……..”

When he talked up to there.
Roan’s mouth twisted.

“I know too well. You are trash of Rinse kingdom.”

He put more strength in the leg pressing his chest.
George struggled even more at the feeling his breath was getting cut off.

“You crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Do you know what kind of thing you are doing right now! You are committing violence against a n.o.ble!”

Roan smiled fis.h.i.+ly and pulled Regate dagger he had in his waist.

“This is Regate dagger that the 1st prince gave me while granting me the commanding and strategizing rights. My orders are the orders of the prince. George Ant. You haven’t obeyed the orders of the 1st prince.”
“Th, that…..”

George got at a loss for words.
It was true that Roan had received Regate dagger.

‘Even so, for a commoner to place his hands on a n.o.ble!’

It was something that couldn’t be pardoned or comprehended at all for a n.o.ble.
Roan pressed the chest even harder.

“Why didn’t you follow my orders and moved the camp as you pleased?”
“That’s because this place is more advantageous on setting up a camp!”

A confident yell.
Roan shook his head with a stiff expression.

“Stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”
“Wh, what?! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d…….. Kuk!”

George shut his mouth in the middle of cursing at the feeling his rib cages were breaking.
Roan glared at him with cold eyes.

“Why didn’t you charge out when monsters appeared in the monsters after you had set up the camp?”
“Th, that……”

He couldn’t say that he had gotten scared after looking at the scale of the monsters that was more than he had thought.

Fire appeared in Roan’s eyes.

“Trash like b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

Right before he finished saying that, his arm moved.
A fist with Reid’s battling technique behind it.


Roan hit George’s face with all he got.


His nose bent down and all his teeth broke.


George spat blood foam because of the severe pain.

“Allies that shouldn’t have died because of you died, and the ones that shouldn’t have gotten hurt got hurt.”

At Roan’s words, George yelled with abusive language.

“So, son of a b.i.t.c.h………. You hit a n.o.ble because mere common soldiers died?”
“Mere common soldiers?”

Roan frowned.
George laughed as if he had gone half mad and continued saying.

“Right! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You dare to hit me because some of your trash like allie’s died? Huh? Huhuhu. The life of a n.o.ble was a lot more worth than those trash like b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Kuhuhuhu.”

At that moment, Roan’s eyes shone with red light.
That was a terrible killing intent.

“George Ant. Don’t badmouth the fallen ones. If you do it one more time…..”

A cold voice.

“I won’t leave you alone.”

It was a warning.
But George, that was half mad, wasn’t planning on stopping.

“Trash like b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. As you are also trash, you get……..”

He couldn’t continue speaking.


Regate dagger split the air.


A terrible sound.
At the same time, the dagger stabbed George’s right hand.


George rose himself up along with the scream.
And Roan hit him in the face like that.



George felt severe pain and breathed in roughly.
Roan glared at him with cold eyes.

“Shut up. Next will be your neck.”

< poskein="" exodus="" (8)=""> End

I am the Monarch Chapter 97

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