Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 112: Teaching By the Lake

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Chapter 112: Teaching By the Lake

Ye Cang pa.s.sed through the noisy market. He saw a woman with two kids, and recalled his past. A happy laugh lingered in his ear…

He absentmindedly looked at the stall selling masks, and picked up a porcelain heavenly fox mask.

“Sis! I want this tiger mask!”

“Then I’ll take the heavenly fox. A’Cang, what about you?”

“Childish… I want the China’s Captain’s…”

Ye Cang looked at the heavenly fox mask in his hand and smiled gently. He then recalled when they had learned to waltz. He shook his head, stood up and paid before leaving.

Half-moon Lake, the east districts biggest artificial lake. It got it’s name from it’s shape, which looked like a big half moon. To Zhang ZhengXiong, it was a holyland for couples.

Ye Cang walked around the lake, and heard a lovable shout. This voice, it’s her? He walked past some trees and saw Zhao XiangYu practicing with her sword by the lake. “So it’s her…”

Regarding QinXue, Ye Cang had already confirmed her fate and her new life, although he himself could never reincarnate to join her. He sighed and turned to leave, but he saw the girl angrily sit down. Her eyes were full of unwillingness. Has she not gotten over her miserable loss? Ye Cang sighed deeply. He slowly put on the heavenly fox mask, and walked out. “Your sword, there’s too much hesitation and stray thoughts.”

Zhao XiangYu heard a voice behind her. She quickly turned and saw a suspicious white haired man wearing a porcelain mask. “Who are you? Why do you say that?”

“You don’t need to know who I am. Daoist Swordsmans.h.i.+p - Spirit Snake Sword is quite famous, but to a swordsman with any strength, it’s as weak as a paper tiger. It has many moves that are very dazzling, but not of much use. Swordsmans.h.i.+p, is about using a sword to kill. Often, it only take one strike to send someone to their death. Any personal desires or thoughts added on top of that often decrease it’s value. Swords aren’t majestic, they are simply a tool for killing. In my opinion, the greatest sword is the one that is the fastest to execute, and the first to strike your opponent’s weakness. One without any wasted movements, and that can most quickly achieve your objective.” Ye Cang words completely toppled Zhao XiangYu’s understanding of the sword. It went against everything her teacher had taught her. His sword was a cold and calculated killing tool.

“Will that really work?” Zhao XiangYu asked doubtfully.

“An old master had two disciples. The older one was smart and clever, he quickly comprehended the mysteries and then killed his master. The younger disciple wasn’t talented, in fact, he was rather stupid. All he had learned was the one move his teacher taught him, a step and a thrust. Tens of years after killing his master, the older disciple became a famous expert with unlimited prospects. The younger disciple hid away in a mountain, practicing that simple step and thrust, tens of thousands of times a day. Eventually, practicing and living in seclusion became second nature to him. One day, he heard from some careless travellers, the whereabouts of his senior. Wearing crude clothes, like a peasant, he set off. If he got hungry, he would beg for food, and if he was tired, he’d sleep on the streets. It continued until he finally arrived at his senior’s place. The two of them faced off, and with a single sword, he killed him. The senior never even saw the blade that had slain him, not even noticing when it had stuck into his chest. He had no chance to retaliate. In his death, he thought his master had hidden some secret move from him, only teaching his junior. Little did he know, what killed him was only the most basic step and thrust, trained for 30 years.” Ye Cang narrated an old story.

“So that’s how it is, I get it now. Thanks for your teachings.” Zhao XiangYu clenched her fists and bowed respectfully.

“What did you learn from this story?” Ye Cang asked.

“Concentrate on one skill. Practice makes perfect.” Zhao XiangYu replied.

“Fool, if you’re going to learn from someone, it should be the senior disciple. He had his pick of the most beautiful martial arts beauties, and was extremely well off. He’s already lived half his life in such an awesome way. The junior disciple spent his time hiding on a mountain like a savage, with not a penny to his name. Hah~ your comprehension ability is too low.” Ye Cang couldn’t help sighing, upset that she hadn’t met his expectations.

Zhao XiangYu began gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth. Messing with me!? Let’s see what you’re made of! She drew her mimicry weapon, and stabbed towards him. Her sword shadows became countless quick snakes, travelling tricky trajectories. “Take this!”

Ye Cang merely raised a single finger, and simply tapped on the snake images. Her mimicry weapon bounced off as if it had stabbed into an alloy wall, not leaving any damage. Zhao XiangYu was astonished. Not even the master of her martial arts school could have done that! She withdrew her rage, having a sudden change of heart. Watching the fox masked Ye Cang, she bowed respectfully. “Please teach me.”

Ye Cang slowly nodded. “Alright, I’ll take you as my disciple. Go to that supermarket and buy me a beer…”

Zhao XiangYu hesitated. Not good tea or wine, but some cheap beer? Such a weird person, but he’s truly very strong. I can’t even tell how high his strength is, but definitely much stronger than the teachers. She turned and ran towards the distant super market. Ye Cang sat on a rock and stared at the lake. He slowly lifted his mask. “That girl, she’s just like you. Even her character is about the same. She’s got your seriousness and your bright voice…”

Sensing her return, he quickly put his mask back on. He walked over and took the beer. “Alright, now you’re my eldest disciple. You’re still not showing your respect!?”

Zhao XiangYu felt speechless. She slowly kneeled and cupped her fist. “Master, this disciple pays her respects!”

“Very good…” Ye Cang popped open the beer, and began drinking. He then began instructing. “My sword style has no name. It only has two skills: thrust and cut. There’s also only two patterns: vibration and spiral. The levels are more or less divided into Cutting Air, Splitting Air, Destroying Air, Approaching Sound, Exceeding Sound, Approaching Light, Exceeding Light, Return to the Beginning.”

“In order to increase the speed of your sword, besides your qi, you must minimize the air resistance. Your ideal state is as if you were cutting in a vacuum, because the faster your sword, the more resistance you will receive. Air will become your greatest enemy. Of course, vibration is different, instead we make use of air, but this is still too distant for you. Let’s start from the basics…” Ye Cang began to instruct her on how to swing a sword. To create a vacuum around the sword. Removing all unnecessary movements. The more Zhao XiangYu heard, the more inconceivable it seemed. What do you mean two skills. These can’t even be called skills. They were simply two basic attacks, practiced to perfection, and turned into simple, matchless killing moves. Just what kind of person was he!? She looked at the pink eyes behind the mask, curiously.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 112: Teaching By the Lake

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