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Chapter 160: Battle in the Funeral Hall Heats Up

SpyingBlade appeared in the direction Guy was flying in. He brandished his dagger and longsword hysterically causing a stun followed by a chain of attacks. Triple Strike! Kamikaze Attack! Drain! The health lost from Kamikaze was immediately healed back by the black dagger's lifesteal. FrozenCloud once again charged towards the boss, directly activating her martial artist robe's ability. She even activated her power bracelet! Offense Stance! Activate Ki! Wolverine Strike! Triple Strike! Heavy Strike! Counter! Shouryuukenn! Under the effects of her Qi, the damage was doubled and her penetrative power was increased. Guy was once again sent flying towards the waiting NalanMoon. Being juggled in the air, Guy was reduced to a pile of bones.

Meanwhile, CloudDragon, Lin Le and YellowSprings who were cleaning up the strengthened elites. CloudDragon had directly activated his battlecry, strengthening everyone, increasing everyone's attributes, then he took on 3 of them. He stood in the middle of them not receiving even the slightest wound. He fought, performing roundhouse kicked, ferocious punches, and leg sweeps. The sound from his roar still echoed around the room. Lin Le was also surrounded, brandis.h.i.+ng his sword ferociously. His big sword's withering field was already activated. He swung his bag, sending molotovs flying out, setting his enemies ablaze. He then swung his black sword, hitting three of them in one attack. It was followed up by a whirlwind strike into 5 of them. 5 monsters felt like they were in a meat grinder. YellowSprings smiled bitterly. Lin Le's attacks were all so wide. If he didn't keep his distance, who knows if Lin Le would take the chance to 'accidently' kill him. He began to take on two while activating the resonance ability of the crystal on the anti-cavalry blade causing flames to emit from the blade. He smashed the pommel of his blade against one of the undead and then performed a heavy chop.

Although this battle seemed like it was a mess, but everyone methodically completed their own tasks. Ye Cang watched everything with his hawk-like eyes. His heavy longbow shot arrow after arrow, providing aid to the already perfect battle. CloudDragon saw the one on his left had it's throat pierced by an arrow. The arrow then pierced straight through and hit the one on his right. Such a powerful shot. That guy and his heavy longbow… I'm afraid if he fought me from range, with the range of a heavy longbow, there would be nothing I can do. Did he not want to take advantage of me? Don't look down on me! White hair! He snarled, and under the effects of the roar, his leg whipped out, directly beheading one. Rising Dragon Kick! As he beheaded the first one, he continued to spin and kick, taking out two more. He glared fiercely and pointed at Ye Cang. "I don't need your help…"

"Such a obstinate guy…" Ye Cang couldn't help but smile. That guy is a lot like me in the past. However, his hands haven't yet been died in real blood. In the 10 commandments meetings, he only ever accepted one kind of mission, exterminations…

Much of the 10 commandment's world-wide reputation was from his own actions and number 1's strength. Although Ye Cang rarely attended the meetings, especially in the past 2 years, however when he did, not a single one of his targets had ever survived. Now, unless it was particularly important, they wouldn't let him partic.i.p.ate in anymore missions. Ye Cang also wouldn't go on anymore, because it was part of his promise…

Ye Cang had also partic.i.p.ated in some missions for the Dragon Group. There were also never any survivors. The most ruthless, that's what Ren Long thought of him. The him back then was a killing machine, completely uncaring and unfeeling. Besides to the people close to him, he was a merciless devil. Ren Long had see him once when he turned into a white monster. Even the soulstealer (Fake DeathG.o.d)1 had trembled in fear.

Now, Ye Cang had already begun to detest that path of blood, especially after he found meaning in his life. Even though he could easily take a life without even drawing his blade, he now understood how hard it was to protect someone, not to mention bringing the dead back to life. He had given everything to find a way, but all he got for it was loss and remorse. He was only a man without his name on the three lives stone. He had no past life, and would have no future life…

A silver light flashed. The undead that Lin Le had damaged was finished off one after the other by Ye Cang's straight thrust. Seeing that Zhang ZhengXiong and Th.o.r.n.yRose were having trouble against Sayle, he took out his huge crossbow, supported it with his entire body, aimed, and fired!


The heavy bolt flew out from the crossbow, drawing a straight line through the air that shot straight through Sayle's head, leaving behind an extremely frightening injury. He put away the crossbow while casting a healing stream onto Zhang ZhengXiong. Then, easily pulled out his longbow and returned to sniping his targets.

CloudDragon had seen Ye Cang's crossbow attack. Such terrifying damage. At this stage in the game, this attack is probably the most devastating. There's probably no player besides HeavenShakingMight who could survive a direct hit from that. Even a glancing blow would kill off any of the more fragile He looked at the hole the bolt had made in the wall. This should be a weapon unique to knights and hunters, an install type weapon. It's terrifying damage and penetrative ability can only be explained by it's long setup time. CloudDragon casually grabbed the last strengthened elite by it's throat and kneed it in the chin sending it flying into the air. A Triple Strike + a combo of kicks sent it scattering in all directions.

"Such skill…" Ye Cang took note of the combo of kicks and sighed. That guy is a bit stronger than myself when inside the game. The thought brought a faint smile to his lips…

FrozenCloud and the went to join the fight against the guard boss. Because of the bosses wild slashes, it was hard to approach into melee range. VastSea and the newly arrived FrozenCloud were having quite a bit of trouble. This boss also showed no signs of tiring. The more he chopped, the more wild he became.

Even after Ye Cang inflicted heavy damage on Sayle, Zhang ZhengXiong and Th.o.r.n.yRose were still being heavily pressured. Along with the decrease in the number of undead in the room, the boss seemed to get even stronger. Zhang ZhengXiong, who could originally block his attacks, could now feel a crus.h.i.+ng strength. He was at least twice as strong as before. It was clear he was having much more trouble. Even his health was now more than half empty. SpyingBlade, who was standing nearby, didn't dare to approach. The boss's attack power was just too high and it's swings too wide. If he was too hasty, he would just make the fight messier. With his health and defence, he could at most survive two attacks.

"Lele, sacrifice some gold. You and me will join forces to take out this guard…" Ye Cang secretly and quickly pulled out his sword, adding flameblade on top of it. Lin Le nodded, checked his skill cooldowns and leapt over. Both Whirlwind Strike and Execute were ready!

"Brother Lil'White! I'll go first…" Lin Le said. YellowSprings knew he wouldn't get a chance to act. He watched as Lin Le leapt over and began to swing furiously. Ye Cang's mithril rapier flashed and stabbed into his skull. Straight Thrust Combo! Along with the flameblade, the damage was raised to over 80. An attack then came for him, but before it could hit him, it was blocked by a tonfa. Counter! The rapier once again ran through it's skull!

CloudDragon was a bit unhappy about losing his main attacker position. He struck with his shoulder and used a skill that seemed to break all the rules! Backwards Tackle2! It caused his guard to slacken! Lin Le took this chance to perform a rising slash, sending him flying into the sky. While he was still in the air, he performed a Whirlwind Strike, keeping him up. YellowSprings came over and performed a heavy strike! Double Strike! Seeing that the enemy was about to fall again, Rising Slas.h.!.+ CloudDragon made fists with both his hands and then punched forwards ferociously. "Tiger Emperor's Fists!"

1: Not sure I translated this right: 窃魂者(伪死神)

2: Looking for a better name for this skill. It would look something like this where you tackle your opponent with your back/shoulder.

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 160

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