Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Sewers

NalanMoon waited for everyone to eat first. GreenDew was forced by ThronyRose and FrozenBlood to her 'death'. Once everyone went into shock, they began waking up one by one. However, one person wasn't so fortunate. NalanMoon had triggered the death effect. While she was in shock, her health had been reduced to 0.

"Little Tian, resurrect her. Then she can eat again." Ye Cang had endured the disgust. Looking at the dead NalanMoon, he felt much better.

Little Ye Tian nodded and began casting revive.

"Good thing I didn't die…" GreenDew trembled. She began to image if she had been the one to kick the bucket. Once she was resurrected, they would force her to eat again. Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others all nodded in agreement. Yea, just eating it once was more than enough! They each began trying to claw the taste out of their mouths. They felt even worse when they thought of the fact that deeper in, there were more human bones and other disgusting things.

BlackIce looked at Ye Cang. Her original contempt turned into admiration and a bit of fear. This guy was not human…

NalanMoon slowly got up off the ground and saw Ye Cang's concerned expression as he said: "Eat it again. We have a resurrection skill now, so there's nothing to worry about…"

"…" Hearing his words, NalanMoon looked at the pot. Her whole body was instantly drenched in cold sweat.

"Are you afraid to?" CloudDragon raised an eyebrow and questioned.

NalanMoon furrowed her brows and looked at him. She became hot-headed and clenched her teeth to eat it again, then promptly pa.s.sed out once again in shock. Luckily, she wasn't so unfortunate this time around.

"Bro, I feel like she definitely hates you now…" Zhang ZhengXiong murmured as he looked at NalanMoon's twitching body.

"Hah~ This is all to train her psych. She'll understand my earnest intentions…" Ye Cang sighed.

FrozenCloud, Th.o.r.n.yRose, BlackIce, VastSea and the others all rolled their eyes. You were obviously just taking joy in her misfortune!!

NalanMoon slowly woke up, and said with a cold face: "Let's go…"

Everyone arrived on the next floor. Ye Cang looked around. It was about the same as the previous floor, made of funeral rooms and pa.s.sageways. The party continued exploring while clearing all the rooms. They were all grateful for the high drop rate in this area, which was partly due to having Lin Le around. CloudDragon observed him while taking on a few monster. Lin Le was dragging around 30-40 skeletons and killing them en He didn't even need any help at all. Those skeletons and zombies were all continuously damaged by that black aura he was giving off as well as the wilted ground and the madly swinging sword. His health was also recovering very quickly, almost never falling. Was it because of the set effect? An aura that dealt continuous damage?

Lin Le roared. He performed a Whirlwind Strike and was like a meat grinder pulling in all the nearby monsters and crus.h.i.+ng them. Watching this, YellowSprings and VastSea, who had just obtained a new weapon, both broke out in cold sweat. BlackIce could only gape in astonishment. d.a.m.n, he could take on this entire place by himself!

Zhang ZhengXiong also didn't let up. He was tanking about 20. His longsword would often burst out in flames, damaging a large group of them. This along with his s.h.i.+eld, his additional holy damage, high defence and high health, it was as if he was just cutting up vegetables.

CloudDragon just smiled faintly. Without showing any weakness, he performed elbow strikes, whip-like kicks, and fierce punches with his iron knuckles. Every enemy that he came up to would be quickly dealt with. No one would call his killing speed slow.

NalanMoon was currently still in a bad mood, but seeing everyone wreaking havoc made her smile bitterly. As expected of Really New Village's best temporary party which contained all of Really New Village's top experts. Except that d.a.m.n sc.u.m of a chef! d.a.m.n goldmonger! She turned and looked at Ye Cang who was casting a Flame Burst which exploded, sending 20 monster flying. When they all fell on the ground, Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others would go and finish them off.

By now, they had cleared up over 300 skeletons, and had received a very bountiful harvest. Of course, Ye Cang didn't forget to pluck clean all of the flesh and bones and anything he could find. CloudDragon looked in the empty room, which appeared as if no one had ever stepped foot in it, and felt that that PaleSnow was somewhat vile. Just thinking what he'd do with all those materials made his hair stand on end…

"This should be the way into the sewers…" SpyingBlade was afraid they would miss something, so had taken the chance to look around. He arrived near a grave and saw a ladder not far from it. When he went nearby, he could feel the air become more damp, and more disgusting. The smell of Brother PaleSnow's biochemical weapon is still there. This should be the place.

Th.o.r.n.yRose, CloudDragon, and Ye Cang all rushed over.

Th.o.r.n.yRose hadn't even went down the ladder yet, and she could already smell that disgusting smell. "This should be the place where all those rats we poisoned with the biochemical weapons are…"

"About that, what I made was food. Although it tasted a little bad, but it was still a product of the art of cooking…" Ye Cang reminded her.

Tasted a little bad!? F**k! That's not even something living beings should eat! Does your family eat food made of human bones, zombie flesh, specter residue, and whatever other mystery item you put in!? Everyone all looked over at him blankly. Even CloudDragon was a bit speechless.

Ye Cang stopped speaking, and looked at all the people staring at him. The all had a weird look in their eyes. Some were the 'If you say another word, we'll tear your apart' looks while others just sighed and gave him a 'How can you say that with a straight face' sort of look. He reached out and awkwardly rubbed his nose, choosing to keep quiet.

"Shaking Bear, you go down first, we'll be right behind you." Th.o.r.n.yRose said. Zhang ZhengXiong climbed down the ladder and everyone followed him one after the other.

"This should be connected to the underground river. The architectural design of this place is pretty good…" Little Ye Tian said, looking at the flowing water that went up to her knees. She already had an accurate map of everywhere they'd been up till now, so she could quickly come to such a conclusion.

BlackIce was astonished. Just what was that girl? How could she know so much? It felt like she was someone who researched geology.

Everyone walked past a few corners, and then froze. With the help of their torchlight, they saw that from here to as far as they could see, the place was a dazzling line-up of giant rat corpses.

"Let's start looting…" Ye Cang conveniently reached out towards one. "Nothing!" He chopped up the body then reached for another one. "Nothing again!"

"Just how low is this monster's drop-rate!" Ye Cang crossed his arms and complained after looting about 10.

"You're just unlucky!" NalanMoon exclaimed without thinking. She conveniently reached out to one and pulled out a superior quality rat tooth dagger. "Look, this is the difference…"

"What are you all still watching for? He's already cursed over 10 corpses. If you include the skeletons from before, it's now over 30." CloudDragon said with a frown. To loot over 30 bodies and get nothing, and in an instance no less. Even he himself could at least get an excellent quality equipment or some other random thing.

"Just don't let him touch a boss. Treat this as soothing his addiction…" ThronyRose sighed. You think I don't know? She looked at Ye Cang and roared. "Stop looting! Lele, go loot a bit more to make up for our losses…"

Lin Le nodded, and began looting two at a time, every single corpse dropping something for him. CloudDragon had already noticed before, but still gasped in amazement. A man so cursed he enraged everyone and a man so lucky he made everyonejealous. So interesting…

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 166

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