Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 260

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Chapter 260: Panty Uncle

Everyone cautiously attempted the dishes in Ye Cang's buffet. There were some that were edible, some that were delicious, while the rest would make you wish you were dead if not outright kill you. They had to be extremely careful.

After they finished eating, they were surprised to learn that besides the standard two food buffs, they actually got an extra food effect. Coo-coo for Kagu.

Coo-coo for Kagu: Increase your damage against kagu bugs and maggots by 30% for 5 hours.

Everyone including Ye Cang and the two pets thought back to those ten or so dishes. It could be said to be a terrifying yet bittersweet memory. Terrifying… Terrifying… Fragrant… Disastrous… Life Threatening… Twitching on the ground… etc.

Ye Cang recalled that he still had the precious Fruit of the Holy Oak, Luminous Fish, Dina's Heart, Skeletal Demon's Soul Essence, Water Dragon's Quality Meat, Rennes Tiger Ovaries, and Kagu Bug Foreman's White Breast Meat, however he felt like he was still missing a few seasonings. Where could he find them?

"Team Leader, what are you thinking about?" FrozenCloud saw Ye Cang's expression and asked out of curiosity.

"I'm thinking about where I can get some precious seasoning. We have some rare and precious food. It's such a waste to just leave it sitting around." Ye Cang said, looking into the distance, even though all there was to see was a wall of sand and some maggots.

FrozenCloud, SpyingBlade, and Wu Na saw those foods that have permanent effects. Wasn't cooking too awesome in this game, or is he just special…

"Let's continue exploring." Ye Cang sighed. After he finished coating his arrows in poisonous stew, everyone made their way forwards following the right wall.

They climbed down to the 2nd floor of the kagu bug nest. There were many more kagu bugs as well as the two different kinds of magots. There was also a new species. A bug that flew very fast and looked a bit like a bee. It wasn't very big, barely two meters, but on it's b.u.t.t was a very sharp stinger. It was obvious that the thing was poisonous. They definitely couldn't let it sting them. Their strategy changed to having the ranger attackers prioritize these bugs called Kagu Bees. What made Ye Cang happy though was that after chopping them up, he felt like he could make the stingers into arrows. Due to their leader's willfulness, the party began to hunt Kagu Bees. SpyingBlade thought to himself that no matter where they were, human sc.u.m would always be the most terrifying creature. "There's a new episode of My Chaotic Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected tomorrow. I heard that there is a t.i.tan spy in the scout regiment. Also, A'Xiong who witnessed how t.i.tans x.x.x can also turn into a t.i.tan now."

Wu Na, who originally thought Spying Blade was a cold guy, heard him talking with with Lin Le and Ye Cang about the drama's storyline and almost attacked them. Her impression of him fell by 100%. Everyone who watched and enjoyed that show were all tasteless and twisted people. She only watched because she didn't have a choice. She sighed. Birds of a feather flock together. "Lil'Dino, you say you're an acting major in the capital? It seems like the actors for A'Duo, A'Xiang and the others all came from there."

"Mm, they're my seniors. The two girls use to live in the room beside mine, and we got along pretty well. We use to eat together and sing karaoke. I got along better with my other neighbor though. Yin MengYi. She's now an idol." FrozenCloud shrugged. The two of them were just some minor celebrities. Their only fans were probably freaks like team leader and them.

"Yin MengYi! Help me get her signature! She's my favorite singer even though she doesn't sing rock 'n' roll…" Wu Na said excitedly.

"Alright, I'm still close to sister MengYi. I heard from Team Leader that you're a music major and even have your own band…" FrozenCloud said with a smile.

"How should I say it. The band is just mediocre. We recently got a chance to put on a small performance. When the time comes, you have to come cheer for me too~" Wu Na wrapped an arm around FrozenCloud and said seriously.

FrozenCloud nodded and looked at Wu Na. Although they haven't known eachother for long, but she could feel that she was like the Team Leader and the others: someone who treated her sincerely. Most of all, she was an ordinary girl! Her personality was the girl-next-door type, and her smile gave a very amiable impression. She wasn't like the Team Leader and the others who were always thinking unfathomable things. "Ok. Oh right, what type of music? Rock?"

"Mm, with a bit of punk." Wu Na said, making a crazy 'I love you' rock sign. FrozenCloud broke out in cold sweat after seeing a picture of this sweet girl turned into a goth girl. This is the same person? It turns out everyone who is with Team Leader is weird in one way or another…

"Nana, for your performance this time, me and bro have invited many friends to come cheer for you! Even Panty Uncle is coming!" Zhang ZhengXiong happened to overhear the conversation and said.

"For real!? Panty Uncle is coming!? Last time he stole my bra and actually gave me an A! All the girls in cla.s.s were jealous…" Wu Na became interested. Panty Uncle was as famous as Flasher Uncle in the eastern district, maybe even more as he was a Mr Perfect.

FrozenCloud was somewhat confused. It sounded like they were talking about a pervert. Wu Na saw her expression and knew what she was thinking. She showed a picture of Panty Uncle. FrozenCloud took one glance and her face immediately became a little red. Such a handsome uncle. So cultured and refined. Those deep eyes that she couldn't help but get lost in. "He's?"

"Lin Hai's most eligible bachelor and at the same time, a super underwear thief. He doesn't steal the ones you hang out to dry, but directly off your body. You won't even notice it happen. When you get home, you'll discover a grade and signature on your undergarments. S grade panties can be sold for over 12 million dollars!" Wu Na explained.

"That… You're sure they're the same…" FrozenCloud froze. This uncle was really too handsome. Not just an external handsomeness, but he gave off this sort of reserved and comfortable aura. If he was an actor, he would definitely be extremely, extremely popular…

"You just don't know Panty Uncle's story. You know that thing that became a global sensation, Venus's Smile? Those gorgeous panties? They were made by Panty Uncle for his wife. However, just as he finished it, his wife died while undergoing chemotherapy. She wrote in her will that she hoped he would treasure that pair of panties, making him promise to bring it to her in the next life. Panty Uncle was heartbroken, and put the panties in his friend's art exhibition. In order to deal with the pain in his heart, Panty Uncle walked the path of a great Panty Thief, and finally found his true calling. He became like a G.o.d among Lin Hai's middle-aged men." Wu Na's voice was choking with emotion, making FrozenCloud also feel somewhat moved. Such an infatuating man, but why did the story seem weird.

"Um, that story was something Panty Uncle's fans came up with. But it's true that Panty Uncle made Venus's Smile…" Zhang ZhengXiong said with a tremble. He, Ye Cang, and Lin Le were pretty close to Panty Uncle, so knew the truth.

"What do you understand! Panty Uncle is so handsome! He must have definitely experienced something like that! Handsome is justice!" Wu Na pouted with righteous fury.

"……" FrozenCloud frowned. I was truly too naive.

TN: Poor FrozenCloud thought she finally found someone normal…

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 260

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