Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 264: Sunglasses Man

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Chapter 264: Man

The weekend arrived. Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le were preparing their luggage. Ye Cang watched them curiously. Mr Qin had allowed them to visit the capital for guidance. He figured going to the capital to play was a good idea, so had Little Ye Tian also prepare her luggage. Wu Na heard Zhang ZhengXiong say it was to train, and she was really too busy to join them. There were too many things she had to prepare for her concert.

Ye Cang’s group of four got on a hovering train to the capital. The high-end business cla.s.s cabin was originally packed full of people, but only a few remained after they saw the alarming muscle which was apparent under Zhang ZhengXiong’s black, skin-tight training outfit. They practically ran over each other to get away from his terrifying physique, crowding into the already crowded ordinary cabins.

Among the remaining people was a man with yellow, blond hair, and wearing gaudy beach clothes, who was looking at Zhang ZhengXiong with raised eyebrows, appreciating his strong muscles. When his gaze moved to Ye Cang, he frowned. Those whose strength couldn’t be seen through were the most terrifying.

Ye Cang also noticed him, and indifferently nodded towards him.

“Brother Lil’White, that guy has no style. Wearing beach shorts, flip-flops and a flowery s.h.i.+rt on a train…” Lin Le muttered.

Veins throbbed on the man’s forehead as he replied unpleasantly, “You guys are also wearing beach shorts and flipflops!!”

“My bad, we got in the way of you getting off to the stewardess. Sorry… please continue.” Ye Cang said, feeling rather embarra.s.sed.

The beautiful stewardess suddenly turned around and saw the man with a hand in his pocket. It really looked like he was touching that. Her expression became one of disgust. “…Pervert…”

“Hey! I’m not!!” The man didn’t even get a chance to explain. The stewardess had already quickly left while tugging on her miniskirt.

The man was going to turn and shout, but saw the four people sitting around playing board games. He took a deep breath, then pulled his hand out of his pocket just as another stewardess was walking by. Ye Cang said out of the blue, “Self-pleasuring Brother… shot one off already?”

The stewardess turned her head just in time to see the man pull his hand out of his pocket. The color drained from her face as she quickly left. “Pervert… Sister Li, there was a creep with m.a.s.t.e.r.b.a.t.*ing over there.”

“I really wasn’t…” The man didn’t even get to finish before the stewardess had run far away. Only her disgusted voice could be heard.

“You!!” The man suddenly stood up. Ye Cang, Zhang ZhengXiong and Lin Le all stood up at the same time, making fists and sneering, showing that they would fight him 3 on 1. He gulped. He might not even be a match for just the big man, let alone all three of them at once. He slowly sat down, defeated. I’ll just treat it as my bad luck. He spent the rest of the ride with stewardesses point him out.

“It’s him. Tsk tsk, he looks alright, why doesn’t he just get a girlfriend instead of doing these things on a train. Such a pity.”

“Who knows what he’s thinking. Oh right! You know!? You know!? This reminds me of yesterday where Flasher Uncle jumped out at me with his elephant! Then I won 300,000 at the horse races this morning!”

“So nice. When will Flasher Uncle Flash me, or meet Panty Uncle.”

“Keep dreaming. It’s rare enough to get flashed by Flasher Uncle, and you even want Panty Uncle? You know stewardess Zhang?”

“You mean that sister Zhang?”

“She once had a run-in with Panty Uncle on the train. Now she keeps working the same s.h.i.+fts hoping to see Panty Uncle again. Those undergarments of hers are worth 8 million dollars yet she won’t sell it! She’s one of Panty Uncle’s hardcore fans.”

The man broke out into cold sweat. What’s with all the people from Lin Hai. He turned and looked back at the 4 people playing board games. He crossed his arms and continued examining them. Not bad. That guy with the ahoge’s evil rabbit king has already evolved into a heavenly beast. The white hair is actually playing as the butcher and has evolved into a ghost king. He came over and peaked at the big guy’s side. This Jeanne D’arc is a bit lacking, he doesn’t even have a holy sword or warbanner yet. “Discard the freedom chain and draw three cards. You only have a chance if you’re not afraid of taking risks.”

The banned Little Ye Tian looked at him. The things he said and her own conclusion were the same.

Zhang ZhengXiong nodded. He discarded the freedom chain card, activating a special effect, and drew three cards. He actually got the skill card ‘Fearless in the Face of Death’. He played it facedown beside his character. Ye Cang played the skill card ‘Thousand Spirits’. Lin Le activated an expensive attack. Zhang ZhengXiong flipped his card, Fearless in the Face of Death, over, spending resources for it. His character entered the graveyard, but both Ye Cang and Lin Le’s characters also received heavy damage and lost many resources. Everyone was hanging on by a thread! Zhang ZhengXiong only had 1 life left. His resources refreshed, and he drew the Holy Sword! A super skill card! LUCKY! The saintess has descended! He played it! Full life! Board wipe! “Haha! Bro, Lele, I win!”

The man faintly smiled. I’ve won a local tournament with this hero series game. He suddenly felt two malicious gazes. He looked to see Ye Cang and Lin Le glaring at him. He s.h.i.+vered and was immediately dragged over.

The Capital.

MistyVeil saw her little cousin walk out of the train station looking indignant. She made a strange expression and quickly covered her face with her hat when she saw he was only wearing his underpants. There were words written on his chest. She muttered as she read them, “‘I shouldn’t make irresponsible remarks while people are playing card games. I was wrong. Sorry.’ …Just what happened to him on the train…”

“Those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds relying on their strength in numbers!!” The man shouted indignantly.

Capital, Qin Family Property.

The four of them were in the lounge after each being a.s.signed a guest room.

Ye Cang looked down from a balcony at the courtyard where Mr Qin was guiding and correcting the two. With an indifferent smile, he took out a book and began to flip through it. The book was called ‘Virtual World: The Legends of Lin’. “This heaven defying protagonist…”

Th.o.r.n.yRose walked by his room, saw that white hair which had been dyed gold by the sun, and an indescribable feeling swept through her heart. She stood completely still for a long while, watching him. Coming back to her senses, she recalled she still had things to do. Her face blushed red. There’s no way I’d really fall for that d.a.m.n lowlife…

Mrs Qin was looking through the accounting doc.u.ments. Little Ye Tian, who happened to walk by, glanced at it and said, “The accounts are incorrect. It looks normal but there’s actually a lot missing. It’s been altered. I’ve looked through many company’s values while I was bored, and happened to see yours. There is about a 2 billion dollar difference between this one and the real one. It was done pretty skillfully, difficult to detect…”

Having said that, Little Ye Tian walked away with her doll, wandering all over the house, leaving behind the astonished Mrs Qin, who sat there stunned for a long time. She shook her head and picked up the phone. If it was really as she said, then 2 billion dollars had been embezzled every year! “I want a thorough investigation on the entire finance department!”

Mrs Qin then ran to Ye Cang’s guestroom. “Son-in-law…”

“Aunt Qin, what’s the matter?” Ye Cang asked, turning his head away from the courtyard.

“Lend me your little sister for half a day.” Mrs Qin said. Ye Cang made a strange expression and nodded. He figured something had happened, so might as well help where they could; afterall they were being freeloaders.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 264: Sunglasses Man

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