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Chapter 277: Rescue Mission

NalanPureSoul watched as the fighter with the enormous blade looted the corpse. Out of the three brothers, only Ye Cang showed a strange disappointed expression. Ye Cang motioned for him to take the loot. In all there were 3 items, one of which was a very useful skillbook. He couldn't help but sigh. NalanMoon really was correct, this so called HappyAndCheerful's luck was very good. He said with a smile, "You first."

Ye Cang didn't argue. He looked at the three items, but his eyes were ultimately drawn to the skillbook.

Stone Skin (Super Rare - Beginner Level - Pa.s.sive): +20 Defence, 15% damage resistance, restore 1 health every 5 seconds. Effect is removed after taking 3 hits. Damage must exceed a certain threshold to reduce the count. Once broken, it will restore after 30 minutes without taking damage.

Ye Cang took the skillbook and let Zhang ZhengXiong learn it. NalanPureSoul didn't say anything. NalanMight was dissatisfied, but couldn't oppose it.

NalanPureSoul distributed the remaining two pieces of equipment, then his beautiful eyes looked up Ye Cang. "May I inquire as to why you are here?"

"Oh~ just some camping and moongazing, maybe see if we can help people, that sort of thing. Nothing much really…" Ye Cang said sloppily. NalanMoon rolled her eyes. Liar! Keep Lieing! To her, Ye Cang was the type of person who would go to the public washroom and take away all the free toilet paper. How could he come here with no purpose. Bullsh*t.

"Is that right? Brother PaleSnow has some good hobbies. Would you perhaps know of anywhere to stay nearby?" NalanPureSoul said, continuing to smile gracefully.

Ye Cang looked at NalanPureSoul's beautiful smile and frowned. How does he know? Did he hear it from the travelling merchant too? This not male yet not female thing is harder to handle than CloudDragon. They have different kinds of strength. This guy gives off a strange feeling. He switched to a friendly smile, "Of course, but we're also still looking for it. Let's go together?"

Little Ye Tian hesitated, but her father's decision was correct. If they were to refuse but meet again at the village, things would get awkward. Whatever the case, the Freedom Alliance and Lord's Reign would inevitably become the biggest powers in Black Rock City.

Ye Cang brought NalanPureSoul's group and found the village that the travelling merchant spoke of - Bal Village. Judging by the lights, it had a population of about 100 households. Besides a crude sentry tower, the town was made up of little wooden huts. They informed the guards that they had come from Black Rock City, and they were allowed to pa.s.s. Little Ye Tian looked around. This should be a hunting village, as the wooden houses were mostly decorated with things like animal pelts.

"Since we've found a resting place, then we'll be taking our leave…" Ye Cang cupped his fist and brought his team away. They scattered to look for quests or clues.

Ye Cang wanted towards the nearby bonfire. Many people were surrounding it. A stick-like old man saw Ye Cang baron medal, and walked up to meet him. "This old man is Bal Village's chief - Fayr…"

Ye Cang's heart shook. It's the village chief! He was just thinking of looking for him. "Me and my companions are planning to go adventure in the mountains and rescue someone called Verali…"

The old village chief began to weep. "Finally, someone has accepted my commision to save my granddaughter…"

Ye Cang raised an eyebrow. The girl that needed to be rescued is this man's granddaughter? It seems that he had gone to Black Rock City to make the commision, but the details needed to be obtained from him personally. The chief gave Ye Cang some background information. The goblin tribe boss is called Gotano. They lived in the depths of Black Peaks' Caldo Peak. The village head then gave Ye Cang directions to Caldo Peak.

The surrounding villagers learned that Ye Cang was planning to rescue Verali and came over one after the other. Ye Cang saw that they were mostly elder, woman, or children, and learned that the fit men were all out earning money, just like that travelling merchant they met on the way. The remaining men were just some ordinary hunters. Although they had a bit of fighting strength, but what they could do was limited. Ye Cang spoked with a majestic expression, "Everyone, be at ease. I will do my utmost to help…"

"Your actions have earned the respect of Bal Village. Congratulations, you've unlocked prestige with Bal Village - Respected."

Ye Cang learned that a majority of their food had been stolen by the goblin tribe. He called everyone over, and had Lin Le hand out disaster relief goods. They had everyone line up as they distributed the maggot and bug meat. Their prestige quickly jumped to Revered.

While doing their own thing, NalanPureSoul happen to see these actions. Farming prestige? Those meats he has are probably insects. To have so many, they must have found an insect nest somewhere. He didn't watch for very long though, and continued his own tasks.

Ye Cang, Lin Le, and the others quickly finished distributing food to all the villagers. The villagers then all scattered. The village chief thanked them again and again, but Ye Cang made the old chief go back and rest. Everyone sat by the bonfire and began to discus.

"Father, according to what you said as well as the tribe's general position, I have a general idea now." Little Ye Tian said, circling an area on her map. She then began to arrange things. SpyingBlade looked at Little Ye Tian's map. All the areas they had seen of Black Peaks had been recorded. The location of Bal Village as well as a 3D model of the mountains were also there. I'll wait until we explore a bit more so that the map I get from her will be even more complete. It's much too good.

"Since we met NalanPureSoul here, I believe there is no harm in asking if they would like to partic.i.p.ate. It is afterall a B difficulty mission, and we'll have to slay an entire tribe. Although it's a small tribe, it'll still be a bit difficult with just the few of us. As for distribution, we should decide on an appropriate price." SpyingBlade suggested.

"I approve of brother SpyingBlade's idea. Father, our main goal is the treasure, which happens to be in the same direction. If we're able to subdue the area, it'll be easier for us to dig for the treasure…" Little Ye Tian added.

"Boss, I also think this way is more reliable…" w.a.n.g agree. FrozenCloud also expressed her approval. As for Lin Le, he was busy playing with Little Ren's tail.

Ye Cang shrugged, "If you all say so, then let's do it that way."

Ye Cang called NalanMoon. "Guess who?"

"……" NalanMoon, who was still in the village, s.h.i.+vered. "What do you want?"

"It's been so long, can I not call and chat? Little Moon, you're acting so distant…" Ye Cang sobbed, speaking like an old friend, making NalanMoon want explode at him. F**k! We literally just met! And I'm distant!? Every time you call, if it's not to cheat me of money, it's to invite me to eat your biological weapon! Yet you blame me for acting distant!? "Spit it out."

"It's like this. We have a quest to save the mayor's granddaughter. Are you guys interested in coming? If so, come to the bonfire." Ye Cang leisurely said.

"I got it…" NalanMoon said, then hung up. She forwarded Ye Cang's proposal to NalanPureSoul, who happened to be by the bonfire.

"Let's head over, we have to head deeper into the mountain range anyways. It's in the same direction, and doesn't interfere with our quest. We might even need to borrow their strength…" NalanPureSoul smiled.

Please support the translator and read this novel at syzctranslations(DOT)github(DOT)io/

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 277

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