Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 0362: Orphan Lin Le

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Chapter 0362: Orphan Lin Le

Song Xin started thinking about what happened after. The earth shook due to a fierce earthquake. It was her first time feeling how frightening a natural disaster was. She learned how weak man is compared to nature. Even martial arts pract.i.tioners could only use up their Qi in vain. The building shook, and she felt Sun Shao release her hand. “Sorry, it’s not that I don’t love you, but I can only survive by leaving you behind… You can only blame the heavens.”

Song Xin’s heart fell to the depths of despair. She looked at that smiling face as it apologized to her. Her tears falling like rain. It was as if she was in the abyss, and could only watch as the sun faded further and further into the distance. Finally, she was trapped underground. Her leg had been heavily injured in the fall, so she could only cry on the rugged debris. She heard a voice from nearby, and her heart tightened, afraid it would be some sort of beast.

A dirty Lin Le appeared in front of Song Xin. He turned on his flashlight, showing her a pouting expression. “I saw you fall down, so I came down from another tunnel to save you, but it seems like it was blocked off too.”

“……” Song Xin froze. This was the orphan she had met that afternoon called Lele. The one who had gifted her a crayon drawing. To Song Xin, who had just been abandoned, seeing that it was Lin Le, her tears began to fall even faster. These were tears from being moved. She was only donating for the company’s image. She didn’t think that the only one who would come for her would be an orphan who was helped by her money. She reached out and pulled the short Lin Le into her embrace.

“Umm, don’t cry. You’ll dry out. Let me catch your tears for you, you might have to drink it back in later. Stop wasting it…” Lin Le said seriously, making Song Xing laugh. She stopped crying. What he said made some sense. There was no telling how long the rescue personnel would take, so to be able to last even a little longer was good.

As Song Xin thought back to those times, although they were painful, but they were her most precious memories. She was originally fearful of the earthquake, but now, she thanked the heavens.

Day 1, Lin Le looked all over the place for things to wrap Song Xin’s wounds. “You should know that Lin Le is very good at first aid! Although Little Song is very fierce, but he often gets beat up just like me, so Lele learned chinese medicine! And first aid! I know all the medical plants on the back mountain! But Little Song was crushed to death by a steel bar. Lele wanted to save him, but there was no chance. This is a stinky mushroom, it’s poisonous to eat, but it’s good if you put it on your injury. I learned it when I was pushed into the sewers one time and saw the rats rubbing up against it. It’s my secret medicine. You can’t tell anyone…”

“……” Song Xin looked at this person with the IQ of a primary school student saying that he knows chinese medicine and first aid. This was even more terrifying than those things on the utility poles.

Day 2, Song Xin oddly discovered that her wound really was healing, and very fast too. Most importantly, it hadn’t gotten infected. This stinky mushroom must be a specialty product of XingYun city. The experts seem to think that it was just poisonous and stinky…

Day 3.

Song Xin ate a biscuit that Lin Le handed her. After being together for two days, Song Xin had developed a trust for Lin Le. What made her frown though was that when they first started eating the biscuits, they were still crispy, but now they were moist. It didn’t make sense. They were wrapped in plastic. “How did it get wet…”

“There’s no helping it. It’s just wet. These are the biscuits that Lele has been saving up. We only get one every week. This time, I saved them for one month, and was going to eat a lot, but I didn’t think something like this would happen…” Lin Le pouted. Song Xin felt her nose becoming drippy. She could tell that Lin Le really treasured these biscuits. She took a deep breath. “It’s fine, it’s still really good when moist. Thank you Lele…”

“It’s nothing. You’ve helped us all!” Lin Le said seriously, with an innocent smile.

Day 4.

Lin Le supported Song Xin and they found a good place to wait for rescue. From here, they could see a thread of light making its way inside. Perhaps it was tens of meters above them and just happened to line up in a way that light could get through, but this still gave Song Xin hope. Gradually, the light faded, becoming a thread of moonlight. “Lele, do you still remember your parents?”

“Don’t remember. Grandpa w.a.n.g said, I was picked up at the orphanage’s doorway…” Lin Le shook his head.

Song Xin sighed. Although it was rare for people to throw away their children just because of defects, but those kinds of people do exist. Those parents don’t deserve to have a child as honest and kind as Lele. It had already been about 4 days since they had fallen underground, but he had been constantly taking care of her. He would give her the best water and biscuits, while she had never seen him eat anything…

Day 5.

Due to her suspicions, Song Xin quietly followed Lin Le, watching him. He took a moist biscuit and snapped it, keeping only a fifth for himself. She watched as he ate his tiny share and drank the dirty half of the water before running over to her. She couldn’t stop her tears.

Lin Le found her crying once again, and quickly took out a bottle. “Little Big Sister. I already told you not to cry. It’s a waste of water…”

Hearing Lin Le’s words, Song Xin hugged him tightly once again, and cried bitterly. As for Lin Le, he twisted in her embrace, doing his best to catch the tears, while comforting her, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Later, Lele will go and see if he can catch a rat. Although it’s gross, it’s still good to be able to eat some meat…”

Day 6.

Song Xin insisted that Lin Le ate half. Lin Le ate half of it in front of her, then walked away and spat it out, putting it aside before going to hunt rats. However, the rats had already migrated away after the natural disaster.

Day 10.

With no food left, Song Xin had given up all hope. She looked at the weakening, but still optimistic Lin Le, and couldn’t help smiling. He was just like his name, happy. Lin Le got up. “We still have a bit of water. I’ll go look for more food and water…”

A long time later, Lin Le returned. “We’re really lucky, I found a mouse! There’s also some dirty water. It’s a bit stinky, but it will last us a few days! The rescue team will definitely come!”

Lin Le started a fire to roast it. Smelling the flavor of cooking meat, Song Xin couldn’t bear it. She ate a bit of it, then Lin Le took the rest and pretended to take a bite before putting it away. He then pa.s.sed her the water that was a bit sticky and had a faint fishy smell. He pretended to drink after her, but actually didn’t drink any at all.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 0362: Orphan Lin Le

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