Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 369: Slapping Taoist

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Chapter 369: Slapping Taoist

MistyVeil was also shaken by Little Ye Tian’s calculation ability. That girl was extraordinary. She looked at both Little Ye Tian and Ye Cang’s indifference. As expected of siblings…

“Well done, Little Tian…” Ye Cang patted her head and smiled.

“Mm!” Little Ye Tian nodded very happily.

In the end, Thorns and Roses got 9 points while Heavenly Oath got 3. The event ended with the two leaders shaking hands.

BrilliantZhuge looked at Little Ye Tian and reached out a hand. “Truly amazing calculating ability. I admire…”

Little Ye Tian nodded courteously and shook his hand for a moment before directly leaving.

“You truly found a bunch of monsters. Good luck…” BlackForestMoon looked at Th.o.r.n.yRose and smiled.

“Hah, it’s a pity they are so hard to deal with…” Th.o.r.n.yRose sighed. The two of them exchanged a smile.

The Thorns and Roses members returned to their lounge and waited. The top 16 was released. Thorns and Roses successfully entered the list in 7th place. The top 6 clubs had complete victories in all their matches. They were Flame Dragon Union, Mad War, Freedom Alliance, Lord’s Reign, Mist Rain House, and Heavenly Dragon Pavilion…

“This year’s Heavenly Dragon Pavilion is very eye catching. They also have a few rookies who are very powerful. They were not sloppy at all as they slaughtered their way into the top 16.” Brother Zhong looked at the data and said.

“Mm, the Heavenly Dragon club’s overall evaluation this year probably puts them up with the four great guilds, making them the other dark horse. The Heavenly Dragon Pavilion is already strong before. It was established at the same time as the Flame Dragon Union. The two guilds used to always feud against each other, refusing to get along. Although Flame Dragon Union has always suppressed them, but they formed an alliance with Mad War and no longer fear them. This was until the Chrysanthemum emperor took away the golden generation, then the relations.h.i.+p between the two guilds advanced by leaps and bounds as if they had been tied together by marriage. The two guilds are now inseparable. They even have a shared building, the Double Dragon Hall. The interesting thing is that the current Flame Dragon Union president - Flame Emperor, and the current Heavenly Dragon Pavilion president - AzureSky, both came from the Double Dragon Hall…” Brother Zhong began to explain the two guild’s history.

Zuo Yiyi nodded. She knew about these things. The Heavenly Dragon Pavilion represented the capital’s Jiang family of the 10 orthodox families (Li, Ji, Qin, Nalan, Sun, Gongsun, Zhang, Zhong, Zhao, and Jiang). Her own family was considered one of the lesser families (Zuo, Xiao, Yin, Song). Although they were one of the lesser families, it didn’t mean they feared the main families, because the four lesser families were closely related to the Shen family of the three great sects (Devil’s Gate - Shen, Heaven’s Sword - Lin, Hundred Flowers - Yu).

“They’ve begun to allocate the new divisions…” Zuo Yiyi saw that the system had begun matchmaking.

“Thorns and Roses is in the C block. Their first round opponents will be the League of Tyrants. If nothing unexpected happens, they will face Lord’s Reign in their second round. This will be fun. Both their opponents will be powerful teams. Especially Lord’s Reign. They are publicly acknowledged as not being any worse than the four great guilds. There is no doubt that their president, LordAsked, is strong…” Brother Zhao looked at the new compet.i.tion schedule. “Haha, Beauties at the Crossfire really have it bad. They are facing the Flame Dragon Union in their first round…”

Beauties at the Crossfire lounge.

BornFlirty bit her lips. It seems like they would once again be stopped here. To meet the final boss the moment they entered the top 16… She looked at Thorns and Roses. She’s really lucky. She managed to recruit people like Really New Village’s Three Brothers and the Berserk Shadow. She might even stand a chance against the League of Tyrants. She began to bite her nails, because she saw Th.o.r.n.yRose rejoicing at her misfortune. That sl*t…

Thorns and Roses lounge.

After Th.o.r.n.yRose basked in BornFlirty’s misfortune, she turned and frowned. “Our first round opponent is the League of Tyrants. It starts next wednesday. During this time, I want everyone to train hard. Their club’s battle style is a bit wild and mean…”

“Lele hates mean people the most…” Lin Le said full of contempt. Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong bother crossed their arms and agreed.

Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others were all speechless. You three are the most morally corrupt, fierce, and evil out of them all! Especially you two!

“Alright alright, let’s all take a break. Shaking Bear, remember to be ready for tomorrow and come complete your promotion exam.” Th.o.r.n.yRose always felt abnormally tired after dealing with them. She watched as the Happy Firmament members signed off. ElegantFragrance thought of something. “Oh right, Rose. Shaking Bear isn’t going to promote the Fist Hero. He wants to promote the Street Fighter to S and then SS…”

“Perhaps it’s only them and those other abnormals that can have such confidence. But it’s true that the Fist Hero’s style leans towards the softer side, so doesn’t fit him that well. Alright…” Th.o.r.n.yRose nodded.

The next day, at dawn.

Thorns and Roses club.

Zhang ZhengXiong chose the Street Fighter, and advanced from A to S under the federation’s supervision. Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others watched as Zhang ZhengXiong used the Street Fighter to beat up a famous S rank character - Cyclone Girl - until she was covered in cuts and bruises. ElegantFragrance didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Dammit. When I advanced to S rank, I had to fight a hair-raising battle, but this guy is using and A rank character to toy with an S rank…”

Zhang ZhengXiong’s Street Fighter successfully advanced, obtaining a new ultimate and main move. His melee stats improved, as well as his qi and grappling skills.

“S rank is fine. Now is the crucial SS rank promotion. Let’s see who…” Th.o.r.n.yRose shook her head.

Ye Cang yawned, then saw a hooked nosed guy appear on the field. He was an old man with long grey hair and a long grey beard. He wore an ancient styled robe, and on his robe was a taoist hat. His eyes were very sharp.

“This is the China Hall of Fame’s character! The Slapping Taoist! Affiliated with Mad War. He was number 1 in china in the ‘Martial Doctrine’ game and one of the most famous cases of a normal person rising to fame. The user was a man in his 30s called Fang DaLi who worked for an insurance company. Moreover, he was already balding. Not only that, he was a father of two children. Anyways, he was just a very normal working cla.s.s middle aged man with a family. Because he worked for an insurance company, he often had to put on a fake smile. According to expert a.n.a.lyses, this was the reason he killed everyone he met in the game no matter who it was. He never once listened to a word anyone said, and never formed a team with anyone. He followed only one principle, kill everything. This went on until the event at Heavens Mountain where he was besieged by 10 great sects, and against all odds, he killed the heads of all 10 schools before dying in battle. After that, Mad War extended their sincere invitation, and he joined the club. In those days, even the top 10 beauties died over 20 times trying to greet him. It seems he was jealous because his wife was not very pleasing for the eyes. The Lightless Blade’s three win streak was ended by this man. He then proceeded to lead china to victory 5 times in a row. However, because his wife had another child, he chose to retire to raise his kids which made everyone both speechless and filled with regret. He was Mad War’s most powerful martial artist type athlete after Mad War’s twin mights. His motto was ‘I’ll f*cking slap you to death’. These were the last words that one would hear before he killed them, thus the name Slapping Taoist…” FrozenCloud recognized him. As a grappler, she was very familiar with legendary figures who played the same cla.s.s as her.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 369: Slapping Taoist

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