Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: First Field Training

Night market, Old Li's ramen store.

Zuo Yiyi sighed when she realised that all her soup had disappeared. This was the most delicious ramen she had ever eaten. It was even more delicious than those famous stores on the island nation. SpyingBlade also couldn't help sighing at the deliciousness. Even Little Tong was drinking the soup without holding back. Old Li saw that everyone was eating so happily, which made him satisfied and proud.

That night, Ye Cang returned to half-moon lake and taught Zuo Yiyi to dance. He conveniently checked up on Zhao XiangYu.

The current Zhao XiangYu could barely last two moves. However, as before, she would end up screaming for her life under Zhang ZhengXiong's a.s.sault…

Every time Zuo Yiyi looked over to that side, she would rejoice. Luckily she didn't ask to learn martial arts. She stepped onto the lake and slowly walked, then rose to her tiptoes and performed a spin. Plop, she once again fell into the water. Luckily, she was smart and wore a swimsuit underneath.

Elsewhere, SpyingBlade and Fang Ci were on a hovering train going to the Imperial City. They met up with Cold Moon at the station, and finally saw how Cold Moon looked in reality. She was definitely not much older than Fang Ci, but that chilly atmosphere around her couldn't even be compared to the one in the virtual world. It was even more substantial in reality. Beside her was a cute twenty something year old girl with short, ear length hair. However, the two of them could sense an extremely dangerous aura from her even though she was always showing a pleasant smile.

The four of them transferred to a train heading to Russia. With Cold Moon's introductions, the two learned that the girl was her a.s.sistant, codenamed Bones.

Cold Moon closed her eyes and rested. Bones explained to the two of them that their mission was to annihilate some mutant factories in Siberia. Originally, it was beneath Cold Moon to go on this kind of simple mission. The only reason she set out was so that the two of them could have a chance to observe. Bones gave them the 10 Commandments' standard weapons. Considering their lack of strength, she also handed the two of them unusual looking, silver, large caliber pistols and matching ammunition. The material of all these equipment were specially researched and made to be effective against artificial life-forms and mutants, but it could still be used against a normal person.

Inside the train, both SpyingBlade and Fang Ci were feeling nervous and a bit curious. Just what would the mission be like? They both knew it would be a ma.s.sacre. Bones also looked at the two of them curiously. These two are candidates that boss Silver Devil is training? They don't seem very strong. She shook her head, this wasn't something she could judge. After all, both boss Cold Moon and boss Hunting Flame were trained by boss Silver Devil. Everyone in the organization was afraid of his power and influence.

"Since leader thinks highly of you two, then I will guarantee your safety, so don't worry…" Cold Moon said emotionlessly with closed eyes. Although nothing in her tone could possibly make anyone feel calm, the two of them still felt more resolute.

Even though it was summer, Siberia was covered in ice and snow. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci were both wearing thick winter coats, and bundled up warmly. They looked at Cold Moon who was still wearing her usual white jacket. As they reached the base's entrance, they saw many big mercenaries with guns standing outside. While the two of them were thinking of ways to enter, the two women directly walked over. The two of them quickly quickly caught up, taking out their guns. They watched as countless laser bullets came at them and immediately ducked to the ground, but after a long while, they still couldn't hear the sound of a single bullet hitting. The two of them looked up and saw Bones smiling with her hand outstretched. All of the laser bullets and guided missiles had been blocked by a formless wall. They were stuck in the wall, unable to escape. As more bullets entered, they sent rippled through the wall, but were not able to pierce through. Bones snapped her fingers, then countless frozen bullets and missiles all shout out. All that was left at the base entrance was a mess of bones, flesh, and rubble.

Seeing this scene, the two of them couldn't help recalling her codename. Bones…

If Cold Moon's a.s.sistant was so strong, then how strong was Cold Moon? The two of them began to wrack their brains. SpyingBlade looked at the countless corpses, and sighed. Am I too soft-hearted?

When they reached the large metal doors, SpyingBlade stood out. "I'm pretty good at code-breaking…"

"Unnecessary…" Cold Moon said. There was a cold flash, then she pushed and the door fell into countless metal, allowing her to directly enter the base.

The two of them touched the metal SpyingBlade frowned. This is a super-strong alloy! One that doesn't even fear nuclear warheads, yet it was so easily cut up. Cold Moon, Cold Moon. Is that the meaning of her codename? It really is like a cold moon. He thought as he recalled that flash and her cold, expressionless face. The chill in his heart became increasingly stronger.

Fang Ci saw that the moment any ambus.h.i.+ng mutants appeared, there would immediately be a flash, then the mutants would be reduced to blocks of meat. SpyingBlade saw that not a single body they left behind was complete. It was like a scene from h.e.l.l. This was something one couldn't even see on TV. Everything was covered in blood, flesh, and organs. He felt his stomach roiling, then turned and saw Fang Ci's unconcerned expression. "You…"

"I'm use to these scenes from the game, it was much less grand though…" Fang Ci smiled bitterly.

"Game?" SpyingBlade asked doubtfully.

"I'll tell you when we get back. Let's go." Fang Ci sighed.

They went deeper into the factory and arrived at a lab. The two saw that the place was covered in culture pods, with all kinds of embryos that had been mixed with other organisms. They were in various states of development. Some were infants and some were even almost fully grown.

"Bones, get the data…" Cold Moon instantly reduced the researchers to corpses, then gave the order. Bones nodded and began gathering the research data.

Cold Moon's hand was still on her blade. She took a deep breath, then instantly, the room was filled with cold crescents. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci only felt like something had brushed past them. Merely a ray of light. Before they knew it, all the culture pods had been shattered, and the creatures inside reduced to chunks of flesh.

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci had complex feelings about this, especially SpyingBlade. He watched those mutants inside the culture pods being turned into chunks of flesh. Was this really the right thing to do? To so easily extinguish lives? Fang Ci looked at SpyingBlade's eyes, which were full of pity. "You haven't experienced the catastrophe of ZhenTan City, so you don't know how terrifying they are. Both me and Little Tong's parents were torn to shreds by these half monster half human things. They are merely weapons…"

SpyingBlade sighed. Perhaps he really was too naive. Millions of people had died in the ZhenTan city catastrophe. It was the greatest terrorist attack in the last dozens of years. He looked in the corner and saw a child mutant with the head of a crocodile. It was staring at him in a stupor. He was curious. He lowered his guard. His heart could not bear it. Suddenly a blade stabbed through the back of the child's head, between its eyebrows, spraying blood all over him.

SpyingBlade watched Cold Moon pull her blade out and fling the blood and child off. It's organs, which were entirely different from a human's were spilled out. "Don't be soft-hearted, otherwise you won't live long. You should know, he had already locked onto you and was preparing to spit acid. If you were hit, it would be a pain to heal…"

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 371

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