Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 413

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Chapter 413: Burn Down the Temple

"It'll definitely taste good…" Ye Cang covered it with a lid as if sealing a demon beast. He began to make the next one by taking out the leftover poisonous food from last time. "We still have lots of rice from last time, perfect for fried rice…"

While frying it on a large fire.

"Withered as.h.!.+ This stuff will definitely improve the flavor!"

He grabbed a handful and threw it in.

"Then add my special secret sauce…"

He poured in half the bottle.

"How can fried rice not have meat!!"

Zombie meat was thrown in.

"It's a bit dry…"

Slime gel mixed with oil was poured in.

"Go wild! My fried rice! [email protected]#$! It's missing egg! There are no eggs!!!"

Ye Cang activated his speed boost and charged down the hall. He carried a medium sized egg back. It was partially cracked open, insect embryos could be seen inside. He tore off the egg sh.e.l.l and poured everything in. Everyone covered their mouths, trembling… Especially the kagu bug Little Rations. Little Ye Tian calmed him down, "You should be happy everyone pleaded for your sake…"

Ye Cang began to madly swing his ladle, as if brandis.h.i.+ng a sword, rapidly stirring in high heat. Everyone watched this spectacle that was too horrible to endure. The insects were wailing and struggling. Finally, everyone looked at the big pot of fried rice, a pile of stinking fried lumps, and a bone and mushroom soup that ravaged all their senses.

"Looks like the method to use the withered ashes still needs to be researched. There were a few mistakes…" Ye Cang pinched his nose tightly and said seriously in a strange voice.

This was absolutely not a small mistake. The moment he learned his rare cooking skill was the biggest mistake… Zhang ZhengXiong's stomach was regretting it. Why hadn't he spared 5 const.i.tution for intelligence at that time. Then he could have learned that cooking skill. The tigerkin Little Ren quietly tiptoed backwards planning to escape, but Lin Le grabbed his tail pulling him back. "Don't think of running away by yourself… Little Ren…"

Tigerkin Little Ren showed a terrified expression as Lin Le pulled him over by his tail and gave him a full set. He died miserably. The useless Little Blue Feather and Weak Sauce as well as everyone else all gulped. As the supervisor, Little Ye Tian believed that it was her duty to make sure everyone ate before eating herself… She was also in charge of feeding the young pets. If one called Ye Cang the murderer, then Little Ye Tian was the primary accomplice. At least, that is how the young pets felt…

While everyone was struggling internally, Ye Cang was staring off at a wall. Right now my cooking is advanced level. The time I surpa.s.s advanced will be when I prepare my first top quality feast. Those rare ingredients have been left alone for too long… He picked up a plate of fried rice, placed a few pieces of deep fried meat on it, and poured some soup into a bowl. Everyone could swear they heard some sort of howl of grief.

Ye Cang quickly ate some fried rice and a piece of deep fried meat. Before his consciousness faded, he poured a mouthful of soup into his belly. His entire body felt like it was being torn apart by the stink, and he instantly fell to the ground and began to thrash about.

SpyingBlade took a deep breath, and also ate all three kinds of food in a single breath, then collapsed. Most of them had finished eating. However, Fang Ci, Oldw.a.n.gFromNextDoor, and Wu Na weren't so lucky. They lost their consciousness the moment they ate the rice and deep fried meat. Little Ye Tian sighed. She looked at the three who were still too inexperienced. When one ate her father's cooking, one had to be fast. Suck it up like a tornado. It didn't matter how much they ate, but one had to eat all three! Like this! She grabbed the extremely frightened Weak Sauce and Little Blue Feather, and began to stuff them. Finally, it was her mount Little Ration. She inspected everyone and saw no one had died, their luck was pretty good. She came to Ye Cang 'corpse' and slowly closed her eyes. She rapidly obtained the three food buffs as well as the set meal effect, then collapsed onto his chest, twitching together…

After a long time, everyone woke up feeling more relaxed. They didn't expect the set meal effect to be an increase of 5% in speed and reflex. It was even a percentage increase in attributes. The three food buffs not only gave pretty good attribute bonuses, the poison resistance and dark resistance were very high, over 65! If they were hit by an ordinary poison attack, they would only take very limited damage. When they recalled what they had eaten, they immediately felt relieved…

As for Wu Na and the others, they watched as Ye Cang pa.s.sed them a bowl and looked at them with concern. "You're still missing this dish to get the set effect. Drink up, while it's warm. Everyone is waiting…"

After obtaining the powerful food buffs, Ye Cang began putting away his cooking tools and saw that there was still a lot of leftover fried rice and soup. He began to work his mind and made an expression that said 'I can't help but be impressed by my own genius.' "I have a new creative idea. It can both improve the quality and economize. Next time I'll mix the soup and rice together. I'll make korean style rice porridge! It'll definitely taste good! The rice porridge we had in korea was pretty good…"

Everyone was originally trying to turn their pain and sorrow into strength, but now they became even more dispirited. The food buff lasted 6 hours. Wu Na covered her face. Why had she chosen Black Rock City. Why couldn't her hand have trembled and chosen another city… The only good thing was that in reality, she was the cook. The position hadn't been taken by him, otherwise… she couldn't even imagine it.

"Let's continue exploring…" SpyingBlade said in a powerless tone.

Walking in front, Ye Cang was excitedly harvesting. Following behind him, everyone sighed with sullen faces and tingling scalps as they thought of their next meal. They all prayed, while trembling, for an emergency to call them away…

They returned to the previous pa.s.sage and entered the temple hall. Their visibility wasn't good, but they could all see the many eggs. Only Ye Cang could see clearly that the fleshy walls on two sides and the ceiling were also full of eggs. An enormous G.o.ddess sculpture was also covered in eggs and sticky liquid. His Eagle Eyes turned to the hole near the G.o.ddess statue. It was at least 10 meters wide, and was so full of eggs that it looked like it was spilling out. When everyone was shocked by this sea of eggs, a sharp sound pierced their ears. All the eggs began to break.

"Lele! Burn the left and right! Leave us a path to the cave! We'll use fire to block it up!" Ye Cang shouted.

"Mm!" Lin Le began tossing molotovs left and right. The eggs didn't even completely break before they were engulfed by a sea of flames. The entire temple hall was like a h.e.l.l filled with cries of suffering insects. Everyone ran as Lin Le threw more molotovs to the side and towards the G.o.ddess. They almost set the entire temple hall ablaze. The fleshy walls cracked and the floor shook.

"Lele, hurry! Something is coming out!" SpyingBlade sensed that a boss should be coming out of the hole!

Lin Le quickly used Leap. He crazily swung his bag, tossing molotovs towards the hole! Six bottles and then another six bottles. He rapidly threw molotovs until not even ten were left, then retreated back to the group. They turned to the bagu bugs around the G.o.ddess' statue that hadn't been burned…

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 413

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