Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Divide and Conquer

"Brother hero, is that true? Then let us see who will be the first to reach it…" LordAsked said as he led his elites down a hole.

"We're splitting up?" NalanPureSoul didn't object and led his own people into another entrance.

Ye Cang's group continued going deeper. The tunnel began to violently shake. SpyingBlade signalled everyone to stop. They all watched as a stampede of bagu beatles appeared in front of them…

"The higher-cla.s.s bugs must have ordered them to go to the various exits…" Little Ye Tian a.n.a.lysed. Ye Cang held his two guns in his hands. "Lele, set this part of the tunnel on fire, take out as many as you can…"

Lin Le swung his bag and 5 molotovs blocked their tunnel with flames. He then threw a bottle of glue at the edge of the fire to protect against the beetles' charge. The swarm of bagu bugs charged through the sea of flames towards them; however, the front row got stuck on the glue, and the rest began to crash into them. They became extremely disordered.

With a flick, two acid bottles were tossed out. Acid sprinkled over the bugs that were struggling in the glue causing their to corrode. Ye Cang raised his two guns which madly absorbed energy from the magic crystal as he used Rapid Fire. His two guns unleashed a hail of energy bullets which penetrated through their targets. SpyingBlade saw his experience continuously increase. Ye Cang pushed the b.u.t.ton on his pistols. Two empty magic crystals fell to the ground and he inserted two new ones. He pushed the b.u.t.ton again after reloading, then aimed with his right hand and activated the skill Multishot! The magic crystal sensed Ye Cang's mana, extracted the appropriate amount of energy, and performed a Multishot. Tens of bullets shot out. Meanwhile, his other hand stored power for an Explosive Bullet!

Wu Na and the others saw his awesome new weapons and chose to sit back and watch. After the explosive bullet, Ye Cang holstered his guns and took out his ballista. He aimed it down the tunnel, and fired a Meteor Shot! The spiralling queen bee bolt went all the way to the far wall. All the bagu bugs that had come down the tunnel were exterminated. SpyingBlade looked at the system messages. There were 105 of them… There were even 10 elites among them. Such powerful ranged firepower. This was probably his most powerful burst damage. "Next time you go to the high-end auction, keep an eye out for us too…"

"Alright…" Ye Cang put away his ballista and once again took out his dual guns. These things were really handy. Their burst speed was pretty fast, shooting a shot every 1.3 seconds. He committed the Farsarqi Harbor to memory, vowing to go there to resupply in the future!

"Brother Lil'White. Let me play with the new toys…" Lin Le ran up to Ye Cang and pouted. Ye Cang made a 'what do I do with you' expression and handed them over. "Give them back when we fight a boss…"

"Mm!!" Lin Le happily put away his giant sword, and held a gun in each hand. He saw a captured bagu bug, rapidly leapt over, then fiercely smashed it with the b.u.t.t of the gun. He pistol-whipped it two more times, killing it, then raised them high, "They're pretty good…"

"That's not how you use them!" Everyone roared.

"Father, when we get back, lend me the guns. I'll bring them to the laboratory to a.n.a.lyse them. Perhaps we can even reverse-engineer its design structure and recreate the blueprint…" Little Ye Tian's words made Ye Cang very happy. Right, Little Tian is an engineer. "As expected of Little Tian, I'll leave it to you…"

"Of course father, this is my duty…" Having received his praise, Little Tian was very happy.

Lin Le saw Little Ye Tian raise her chin proudly at him, and he pouted. Bad Little Tian…

Little Ye Tian sneered. In the laboratory, my first product, the amplification devices, are about to be completed. Father will definitely be very happy. d.a.m.n Lele, although your alchemy is useful, but they're all low-end goods. I'll show you what advanced science is!!

Lin Le smelled a conspiracy. What is that baddy Little Tian plotting. However, Lele isn't isn't easy to mess with! Humph!

SpyingBlade and the others saw the two of them and sighed. Those two brats…

The insect swarm gradually pa.s.sed and they killed their way into the main tunnel. Ye Cang retrieved his queen bee bolt and reloaded it. Everyone advanced through the tunnel in the direction the bugs had come from and found a downward hole. SpyingBlade suddenly stopped. He looked up towards the upper right where there was something in a pouch of sticky fluid. "There's a treasure chest…"

Before he could finish speaking, Zhang ZhengXiong moved to intercept. FrozenCloud supported him. Wu Na positioned herself between Ye Cang's and the chest, blocking him. Lin Le raised a gun and shot, shooting open the sticky pouch. The chest immediately fell to the ground. He jogged over and opened it. "We got a skill book and blueprint!"

"What! Skill book + Blueprint!?" SpyingBlade was surprised. Equipment would eventually be replaced, but some skills would remain forever useful. There weren't that many skill books, and not everyone could be like Team Leader with his numerous diverse skills. Even with how many he had, he could still use more. As for blueprints, they were extremely rare…

"Hah, why don't you trust me…" Ye Cang grumbled as he took the skillbook and showed it to everyone.

Fearless Charge (Bagu Bug - Uncommon):

Charge fiercely towards a target location with a big increase in speed. Every time you crash into a target, speed is decreased by 15%. Lasts until the destination is reached or speed falls below a certain point. Deals strength + const.i.tution / 2 damage. Every target hit reduces damage by 15% (damage is affected by speed). Chance to cause stun or knockback.

Cost: 25 rage.

Cooldown: 1 minute 30 seconds.

Bagu Beetle Mixture:

Use to increase strength and const.i.tution by 15 points, defence by 12 points.

Lasts 4 hours.

SpyingBlade was amazed by the drug. The materials weren't hard to get, and Lele's crafting would give it increased effectiveness. With this drug, their survivability could be upgraded a little more.

"For the skill, it's better to give it to Shaking Bear. The blueprint, only Lele can concoct…" FrozenCloud proposed. No one objected. Ye Cang directly handed them out.

"Brother Lil'White, wait for me to find the ingredients in the cart and make some drugs before going down…" Lin Le began to make the Bagu Bug Mixtures. He made about ten and distributed them to everyone. After they used it, they all entered the hole into the depths.

Meanwhile, LordAsked's side had avoided the insect swarm and had also continued deeper. At an intersection, they actually ran into the Flame Dragon Union's branch members, who were fighting an elite beetle. Without saying a word, he activated his AOE attack and cleaned them all up.

NalanPureSoul also aimed for the Mad War branch members who were locked in a fight against a large amount of bagu bugs. With a faint smile, a rain of fire was unleashed, followed by a grasp into the air and a violent explosion. The area was only left with a bunch of burnt corpses… He waved his hand and they continued advancing…

As for Th.o.r.n.yRose, she was advancing very cautiously.

"Sister Rose, why aren't we following Team Leader and the rest…" Little Jade grumbled.

"Those guys ran too fast. Also, if we can, then we should do our best to explore it by ourselves. Secondly, we can find clues more quickly by splitting up, then meet up later." Th.o.r.n.yRose said unhappily.

Please support the translator and read this novel at syzctranslations(DOT)github(DOT)io/

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 423

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