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Chapter 451: Aboriginals

Everyone combed through the mountain. They went all the way to the top then looked down. A very wide stone forest caught Ye Cang's attention. He signalled Little Blue Feather to fly around it once. Little Ye Tian began to rapidly process this area into a scaled copy on her map. "Father, besides the stone forest; the lake, the swamp, and the pit, are also worth exploring… This is a basin among the mountains, a very important buffer, in other words, it's exploration value is high…"

"Little Blue Feather saw some of the previous creatures at the stone forest…" Ye Cang heard the falcon cry and said excitedly, as if he were looking at treasure chests and bosses beckoning to him. He slowly pushed aside his wolf-head hood and pulled out his longsword. Taking a step forwards, he pointed to the stone forest and shouted, "Our target! Set off!"

"Set off!!" Lin Le echoed.

FrozenCloud and Wu Na facepalmed. h.e.l.lo, everyone here is on our side, there's no need to show off.

Creatures like demon rock bears were unable to pose any threat to them. They fell quickly to Ye Cang's ballista and then were flayed for materials. Not a single herb or interesting vegetation could escape Ye Cang's hands. What made SpyingBlade, FrozenCloud, and the others rejoice was the fact that these things were to be planted and grown. However, as for what they would become after they grow, no one knew.

Having already finished her virtual map from the mountain top, Little Ye Tian led everyone to the rock forest. She had marked their exploration route, from the rock forest, to the lake, then the swamp and finally the sinkhole like cave.

Arriving before the rock forest, everyone felt that looking at it from the mountain top and from up close were two completely different experiences. Every rock pillar was at least 30 meters tall, while the tallest towered over 100 meters. They pierced out of the earth like spears; slanted, vertical and even horizontal.

Everyone walked into the rock forest. As they went, they discovered some violent movements from deeper inside, so they quickly drew their weapons and increased their pace. The closer they got to the sound, the more intense the quakes became.

Ye Cang was in the lead and was the first to see a group of what appeared to be aboriginals; black skinned humans. They worked with a 20 meter tall, enormous stone giant to resist the dozen or so, one eyed ogres. Among the ogres, there was one which was only a tad smaller than the stone giant.

"Bro, which side do we help?" Zhang ZhengXiong asked while lowering his stance and holding his heavy axe, ready to charge.

"Isn't it obvious? It's definitely the human side!" FrozenCloud said sharply.

"Not necessarily. Thinking from different point of views is important in games. If we help the one eyed ogres and earn their approval, we have a chance to lead the story in a completely different direction. Even if we succeed in helping the aboriginals and stone elemental, we might not get a reward. You can't use race to differentiate between good and evil…" Little Ye Tian a.n.a.lyzed seriously.

"There's another possibility…" Lin Le acted like a wise man, and stared off at the sky.

"Which is?" w.a.n.g asked.

"Idiot, it's killing both sides…" Lin Le rolled his eyes.

"True, there is that choice." Little Ye Tian nodded, but there probably wasn't anyone who would make that choice. Normally, helping the aboriginals and getting a reward would be better than helping the one eyed ogres, which was was better than eliminating both sides. The difficulty was also in that order. Finally, another option was to take advantage of the time when both sides have suffered.

"Make a decision, team leader." SpyingBlade appeared indifferent.

Ye Cang looked up and thought for not even a second, then said calmly, "Precisely speaking, there is still one more option, which is to stop both sides, but it doesn't fit this situation… Let's help the aboriginals. Those creature's aren't intelligent enough, so will be difficult to communicate with or handle. Moreover, they are extremely quick to anger…"

Ye Cang took out his ballista and jumped onto a slanted pillar. Climbing to the top, he chose a sniping spot, then summoned his shadow weapon - heavy crossbow. The queen and king bee bolts were ready. He aimed at the one eyed ogre boss and began to channel power for a Meteor Shot.

Zhang ZhengXiong took the lead to launch an attack. He crashed into the back of one, knocking it onto another. Activating his axe's ability, a crescent moon flashed, then blood shot out. After the last battle, while dissecting, Ye Cang had discovered that only the skin around their waist was thinner. Their other weakness would be their eyes.

Among the aboriginals, was a s.e.xy woman whose face was covered in tribal paint. Her beautiful face was filled with a wild determination. She wore animal bones as jewelry and held a bone spear in her hands. Seeing Zhang ZhengXiong and the others coming to their aid, she slightly lowered her vigilance. Jumping along the stone giant's arm, she struck at the enormous one eyed ogre boss.

The stone giant's punch smashed into the one eyed ogre's chest, slightly stunning it and knocking it back. Just at that time, Ye Cang pulled the trigger. A shooting star shot out, accurately hitting the bosses only eye. The shadow weapon's bolt also hit. Hearing a violent howl, Ye Cang hung his ballista on his back and drew his two guns. Taking advantage of the heavy injury he had caused, he unleashed a violent barrage.

The aboriginal wild woman suddenly turned and looked at Ye Cang on the top of a rock pillar. Wearing a wolf-head hood, tiger-skin robe, his cheeks that were hard to see under the scorching sun and his dazzling eyes, it all worked together to give him a heroic aura, making her heart tremble.

Taking advantage of the heavy injury that Ye Cang had caused, Lin Le rapidly leapt up to its shoulder. Holding his handcart, his Handcart Home Run smashed onto its eye. He then drew his enormous sword and slashed wildly. Zhang ZhengXiong saw that the boss was about to awaken, and rushed over with Fearless Charge, triggering the ring's Super Speed. Arriving instantly, he crashed into its foot, knocking it off balance onto the ground.

"Ados!!" The aboriginal woman shouted. The stone giant's fist smashed onto its head, making the ground shake fiercely. Ye Cang steadied himself and put away his guns which had just finished overload mode. Opening his magic tome, he drew out a spell that he had recorded inside - Flame Burst. He immediately started casting alongside his own flame burst. One fireball, followed right after by another, exploded.

After the explosions, SpyingBlade charged into the smoke. His swords danced in the smoke, dispersing it with blood.

w.a.n.g wretchedly controlled his Water Elemental to cast speed reducing spells. Wu Na also used control abilities. The moment the boss had fallen, she casted her Ice Spear which stabbed right into the back of its head.

Fang Ci, besides casting curses, was mainly helping Wu Na and w.a.n.g control the smaller ones.

As for FrozenCloud, she was intercepting the one eyed ogres that went towards Wu Na and the others. Wyvern Kick, Shoryuken, a.s.sault Charge; as the second tank, she displayed her finest.

Just as the boss wanted to try and get up, it felt the ground becoming hot. Before it could even react, flames shot out, instantly engulfing it. The aboriginal woman looked at the raging flames before her eyes, then once again looked to Ye Cang on the rock pillar. The light of flames still flickered on his hands, as the blazing embers continued to scatter.

"Congratulations, you've slain a large one eyed ogre. Obtaining 3800 experience."

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 451

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